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What To Do When A Guy Blocks You


So, he blocked your number and blocked you on social media. Obviously, this is a huge sting to your ego and if you have feelings for him it hurts even more. Now, there are a couple different reasons as to why he blocked you and you probably figured out what his reason was. But now you’re left with the emotions and how you’re going to handle this. Of course, you’re hurt but you don’t want to do something that will make things worse and take you down a road that you don’t need to be down. So, I’m going to tell you what to do when a guy blocks you. That way, you’ll be able to go through this relatively smoothly without too much drama.

he blocked my number for no reason


Understand why you were blocked

There are a couple reasons why he blocked you. Maybe he does this all the time as part of his mind game or maybe you two broke up and he feels the need to move on. The point is, before deciding on what to do, you need to understand his actions. That way, you can respond accordingly, even though, the best thing to do is nothing. But, I understand, it’s emotional and hurtful.

What To Do When A Guy Blocks You

Calm down

Listen, I know you’re hurt, I get it but you need to take a step back and breathe. When we’re emotional we tend to do things that we think may be a good idea at the moment, however, if we were calm, we’d never do that. When you’re planning on doing something, ask yourself if you would give this advice to a friend if they were going through the same thing. If not, then don’t do it. You’re simply emotional right now and doing things based off of ego. Instead, take a night to sleep on it and when you wake up in the morning you may have a different viewpoint.

Do nothing

This is my first suggestion. Don’t write him, don’t try to call him, don’t get a friend to contact him for you. Don’t do anything. Why would you say anything anyways? He handled the situation poorly, instead of talking to you and telling you why he needs space, he blocked you. So, though I know you’re hurt and angry, you need to look like the bigger person here. If you react to this, it’ll show him that he was right. Instead, make him look like he’s the one that made a mistake, not you.

Block him

If he’s the guy who loves to block you and unblock you in a way to emotionally manipulate you, well, beat him to his own game and block him. You’re not trying to start drama, you’re simply showing him that you’re tired of his games and aren’t interested in them anymore. He’ll be so surprised when he decides to unblock you, only to find that he’s been blocked himself. You know what they say about karma, what goes around comes around.

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Do not try to get back at them

There’s no point trying to get back at them. If they choose to block you, fine. If you decide to block or delete them to get some space, fine. But you shouldn’t have to do anything else. Don’t try to make them jealous, don’t call them and say hurtful things. You’re not actually teaching them anything, you’re just showing them that you’re hurt. If you post statues on Facebook about it, trust me, you’re not going to get the response that you were hoping for.

Know that they’re doing this emotionally

They blocked you because they had an emotional reaction. Now, maybe they find you annoying, they want to hurt you, or they want some space, but regardless, this is an emotional decision. When people calm down, they tend to analyze their actions and see that maybe they were overreacting. So, there is a chance that they’ll unblock you. When that happens, then you can talk to them about it and ask them why they did it. There’s no point in arguing or attacking them verbally. Instead, by talking to them about it, you’ll get to see where they’re coming from and understand their position. Though, if they’re doing this as a mind game, which you’ll notice right away, I wouldn’t even bother wasting any time on them. Emotions make people do stupid things, including blocking other people. You just need to decide if you want to invest your time in them after they do something like that to you.

When it comes to human interaction, we really can never know the true reason as to why someone does something. Sure, you can speculate and theorize why they did this and that, but at the end of the day, you really don’t know. The only thing you have control over is your reactions to situations. If someone is blocking you from their life, all you can do is react appropriately, in a way which won’t cause you more stress. I know it hurts because it feels like rejection but reacting in a way which shows that you’re a bigger person will work by making them feel small and unimportant. The next time this happens to you, try some of these methods.


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