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What Makes a Man Emotionally Attached to a Woman


While men might not show their emotions as readily, they still have them. Over time, a man will naturally become emotionally attached to a woman. While what makes a man emotionally attached to a woman can vary from guy to guy, there are a few things that can make a lasting bond happen. If the man is ready for a relationship, then he is in a good place in life to become emotionally attached.

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What Makes a Man Emotionally Attached to a Woman

Once a man is emotionally attached to a woman, he is ready to commit to her. He might not be ready for marriage yet, but he views the relationship as a serious commitment. Getting to that place is the hard part.

Nature Plays a Big Role

Part of what makes a man emotionally attached to a woman is his body chemistry. Scientists have figured out that there is an initial infatuation stage in relationships. During this time, your body releases a bunch of intense hormones and chemicals that make you feel in love. You can’t eat or sleep because all you can think about is the other person.

While this is a fun stage in any relationship, it is not actually sustainable for your body. You can’t continue to forget eating, sleeping and other important things in life forever. Because of that, your body and mind gradually transition to new stages in the relationship. If you stay together, you will start to reach a more affectionate stage. The intense infatuation passes and what remains is a lasting, sustainable relationship.

How to Make a Man More Emotionally Attached

If you just let the relationship continue naturally, he will sooner or later become emotionally attached on his own. Unless you break up, the affection and love will continue to grow. If you want to speed things up a bit and get a guy to really love you, there are a few things that you can do. From listening to him to boosting his confidence, you can help your guy really fall in love with you and become emotionally attached.

Focus on His Interests

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You don’t have to give up all of your hobbies for the guy you are with, but it is important that you have some shared activities. For a relationship to last, you need to have quality time together. One way to make sure that you have quality time outside of the bedroom is to engage in his interests. Try doing one of the hobbies he loves. Go with him to a basketball game or start hiking together. Whatever you do, work on create shared experiences around mutual interests.

In addition to doing things with him, show some interest in the things he enjoys. Everyone naturally likes to talk about themselves and to tell other people about their passions. By asking about his interests, you show that you care about him and what he likes. It gives him a chance to open up emotionally because he is talking about the things he cares about most in life. Before long, he will start associating you with his favorite hobbies, which is a definite benefit to your relationship.

Boost His Confidence

If you think that your partner is cheating on you or has many other romantic options, it will be much harder to become emotionally attached. If it feels like your boyfriend could easily leave at any moment, then you aren’t going to invest yourself in the relationship. Your boyfriend is the same way. He needs to feel like you are committed to him, and he is the only person in your life. If he thinks that you are ready and willing to just move on, then he is going to be naturally hesitant to focus too much on the relationship.

Another way to inspire his confidence is to boost his actual confidence. Everyone has doubts and insecurities. He is probably more than aware of all the reasons why someone might not want to date him, and it can hurt his ego. If you boost his confidence and make him feel awesome, then he is going to feel more confident in your relationship and you. Plus, he will start to associate all that confidence and positive feelings with you. Whenever he is around you, he will feel like he is the best person he can be and will want to spend more time with you just to get that feeling again.

Show That You Appreciate Him

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No one likes being taken advantage of. When you do something nice for someone, you expect at least a “thank you” in return. Your boyfriend is exactly the same way. When he goes out of his way to do something nice for him, show that you appreciate the gesture. He is trying to be a kind, thoughtful boyfriend in the best way that he can. If you ignore the little things or treat his gestures like they are expected, then he is not going to want to do them again. When you show your gratitude and appreciate, he feels good about himself and wants to do it again.

Make Sure He Has Space

For a relationship to work, there needs to be a good balance. You might be able to spend every moment together for the first few months, but that won’t be sustainable for long. For both of you to be happy, you need to be able to spend time with your friends and enjoy your favorite hobbies. Make sure that you give him the space and freedom he needs to be happy.

This is also a good thing to do for another reason. Freedom and space will make him happy. A lack of space will definitely make him unhappy. If you are constantly demanding that he spends more time with you and skips out on his friends, he will feel constrained and disgruntled. He will feel like the relationship is work instead of something he enjoys. In the worst cases, this behavior can also feel needy and clingy. Show that you love and trust him by giving him the space that he needs to be happy.

Get Along With His Friends and Family

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You may have experienced what it is like when your friends hate your boyfriend. Worse still, you may have experienced what it was like when they are right. When you are infatuated by someone new, it is hard to see their flaws. Your friends and family members can easily see the problems though. If you are dating a guy and want him to become emotionally attached, you need to get his friends and family members to like you. He will probably listen to his friends’ opinions of you, so your relationship’s future could be in jeopardy if they hate you.

Another facet of this is how you feel about his friends. If you tell him how much you hate his best friend, he will listen and judge you for it. He has spent a lifetime developing these friendships, and they are a part of him. If you hate that part of him, he might take it personally. Plus, disliking his friends can lead to arguments and problems in the relationship.

Make an Intimate Connection

A physical connection is great, but it is not the only (or even best) way to form an intimate connection. A guy likes to have sex, but you need to leave the bedroom if you want to make a man emotionally attached to you. If you only show up for sex, then the chances of any emotional attachment are minimal. You need to make sure that you are talking about your interests, sharing your dreams and communicating. There has to be an emotional and intellectual side to the relationship if you want it to last.

That isn’t to say that sex isn’t great. If you are amazing in bed, it can definitely help him stay interested. Plus, guys (and ladies) like to feel attractive. If you treat him like he is the most attractive person in your universe, then he is definitely going to enjoy being around you. Just make sure that you have other facets to your relationship than just sex.

Listen to Him

how to know he is attached

Everyone always thinks that women love to talk and be listened to. While this is true, guys want to be listened to as well. He might not spend as much time talking or communicating with you, but he does want to be heard. Make sure that you give him space in conversations to say what he thinks and listen to him. Respect his opinions and ideas. If you can’t listen to him, the relationship won’t last.

Treat Him How You Want to Be Treated

The golden rule of any relationship is to treat your partner how you want to be treated. If you would not like him to party without telling you, don’t do it to him. If you want to be listened to, start by listening to him. If you hate when someone judges you, yells at you or hates your friends, don’t do it to him. Most of the time, this golden rule will prevent or fix your major relationship problems.

When in doubt, spend some time talking to your partner. Most problems can be solved by open, honest communication. Listen and understand how he feels before you respond with how you feel. While you can’t make someone become emotionally attached if they aren’t ready for a relationship, you can definitely speed up the process. If you are right for him and he is ready for a relationship, he will eventually develop an emotional attachment sooner or later.


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