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What Does It Mean When a Man Touches Your Hair?


It can be confusing when a man touches your hair. It is a very personal thing to do, so you immediately wonder if he is interested in you. If he is significantly older than you, it may mean that he feels paternally toward you. No matter what the situation, having a man touch your hair can leave you feeling uncertain and confused. 

The circumstances can determine what it means when a man touches your hair. Tousling your hair or pushing it out of your face can mean different things. It also depends on who the guy is. It is possible that he just feels close to you like a friend or brother. If it feels romantic when he touches your hair, then it is also possible that he has feelings for you and is trying to flirt with you. We will cover the different ways that a guy can touch your hair and what each action means.

1. Pulling

Pulling your hair can be done in three main ways. It can be done playfully, aggressively or sexually When a guy is immature and doesn’t know how to flirt well yet, he might pull your hair as a way to get your attention. Some guys pull your hair during a make out session to show how much they desire you and their passion. It is also possible that a guy might pull your hair playfully as a way of flirting. If a guy ever pulls your hair aggressively, stay away from him. Aggressive behavior tends to escalate, so it is not a good sign if he is showing any violent tendencies early on.

2. Brushing

Sometimes, a guy will tuck your hair behind your ear or brush it out of your face. Often, this is done very gently or romantically. When this type of hair touching happens, you can generally assume that the guy has feelings towards you and is trying to flirt.

3. Tousling

For some reason, there are people who like to tousle hair. When this is done, they are using your hair to playfully mess up your hair. In some cases, a guy will do this as a way of being flirty and playful. If you are younger than him or he feels like a brother to you, he might do this as well. You often see people tousle a child’s hair, so it may just show brotherly feelings. This could be a sign of encouragement, flirting, friendship or just playfulness. Because it can be more than just flirting, you should not just assume that he likes you because he does this.

4. Playing

Playing with your hair can happen in a variety of ways. He might wrap your hair around his fingers or rub your scalp in a circular motion. He could also run his hands through your hair. In the majority of cases, a guy will do this because he likes you. Intimate touches like this are a sign that someone feels close to you or would like to be close to you. In almost every case, a guy who likes to play with your hair is probably starting to develop feelings for you or already has feelings for you.

What Does It Mean?

Now that you know the different kinds of ways a man can touch your hair, it is time to figure out what he means. The following are a few of the different meanings behind this behavior.

1. He Is Attracted to You

When you like someone, you naturally want to be close to them. Your guy is just the same. If he keeps touching your hair, there might be a part of him that finds you attractive. He may also tell you how beautiful, soft or pretty your hair is.

2. He Is Trying to Flirt

Someone might touch your hair subconsciously because they are attracted to you, but they might also be deliberately doing it as a way of flirting. Unfortunately, flirty guys might do this without realizing that he is giving you the wrong impression. You might have to judge by the rest of his behavior whether he is interested in you or not.

3. He Has Paternal or Brotherly Feelings

This is another common reason why a man touches your hair. If he is significantly older, he may feel a paternal, fatherly instinct toward you. Likewise, a close friend may tousle or touch your hair because he feels like a brother. In general, you will be able to figure out if he has paternal or brotherly feelings toward you by looking at the rest of his behavior.

4. He Loves You

Telling someone how you feel can be hard. Sometimes, it is easier to show them through actions instead. The guy might be playing with your hair, making direct eye contact and gazing at you because he is starting to fall in love with you.


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