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What Does It Mean When a Guy Uses Emojis?


When a guy uses emojis, you may wonder what he is really try to say. When he writes out what he wants to say, you can easily get his point. If he uses a smiley face or a winking emoticon, you waste countless minutes trying to figure out if he is joking, trying to flirt or just being nice. If your crush keeps using emoticons, there might be a reason why.

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What Does It Mean When a Guy Uses Emojis?

People think and talk differently. If understanding someone’s body language is hard enough, understanding their emojis is even more difficult. It is far too easy to read too much into the emojis and assume that a guy likes you. While it is possible that he is flirting with you, it is also possible that he was just joking around or using emojis to express his thoughts. Some people also really love using emojis and stickers, so it is entirely possible that they mean nothing at all. We will quickly cover the different reasons why a guy uses emojis as well as what specific emojis might mean.


He Is Short on Time or Lazy

You have probably done this yourself. You were busy with schoolwork or cooking dinner. Suddenly, a friend messaged you, but you had very little time to message them back. You used a quick emoji to respond because you were short on time. It is entirely possible that he doesn’t have the time or focus at the moment to respond fully. If he only ever responds with emojis, then he just might not care about the conversation enough to ever put any wort into it.

He Is Trying to Help You Understand What He Is Saying

Sarcasm and humor can translate terribly via text. Most people use emojis to express themselves and to show off exactly what they are trying to say. If he just made a joke, he might be using emojis to make sure that you know it. He is trying to show you the emotion behind what he is saying so that you do not misunderstand.


He Wants to Flirt With You

This is certainly a possible reason why a guy uses emojis. Winking faces, heart emoticons and flirty emojis are all a sign that he could be interested. You should never assume that a guy likes you based on just emojis, but you can definitely consider it a good sign!

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What Do Specific Emojis Mean?

If your crush is sending you emojis, you obviously want to know why and what each of the emojis mean. While the meaning can vary based on the person and the circumstance, the following are general guidelines behind the most common emojis.

The Tongue Out: This one can carry a number of different meanings. It might be used as a way to show that he is teasing. Sometimes, guys will do this if they are trying to flirt too aggressively. He doesn’t want to take time to flirt slowly, so he would rather be raunchy and skip to the sexual side of the relationship. To see what his real intentions are, the only thing you can do is keep talking to him and see how things play out.

Winking Face: When a guy uses emojis like the winking face, it could be because he is flirting. It might also be because he is teasing, telling a joke or just having some fun. There are many different interpretations behind this emoji, so you really have to understand the circumstances and what he is generally trying to say.

Heart: Th heart emoji is thought to mean love, but it can be sent by a friend as well. One heart might just mean that he is supporting you when you are having a hard time. If he sends you multiple hearts in a row, there is an excellent chance that he is starting to have more feelings for you.

Kiss: Let’s be real: can you think of a scenario where a guy sends you a kiss emoji without having feelings for you? Unless you have been close friends for decades (and even then), it is unlikely he is going to send you a kiss unless he has feelings for you on some level.

Smile: If he sends you a basic smiling face, you shouldn’t read too much into it. He is probably just clarifying something he said so that you know he meant it kindly or was just joking. Just about everyone uses happy and sad faces in their messages, so you should definitely not read anything into it.

The Super Happy Face: You don’t see this one nearly as often as the other emoticons on this list, but it still happens from time to time. This face means exactly what it says. He is obviously extremely, extremely happy about whatever he is writing about. He might be making a joke, but he might also be exceptionally happy because he gets to talk to his crush.


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