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What Does It Mean When a Guy Makes Fun of You?


When a guy makes fun of you, the meaning depends on what he is teasing about, his general behavior and the situation. When you were in kindergarten, people always said that a boy teases girls that he likes. As guys grow up, they can sometimes keep this immature tendency. It is one of the ways that guys will flirt, but it can also be something that a guy does to his friends as well.

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What Does It Mean When a Guy Makes Fun of You?

To help you dissect this behavior, we will cover the different reasons why a guy makes fun of you and what it can mean. The situation can play a huge role on what his teasing really means. If you made a silly mistake or were already joking around with him, then he might just be continuing the jokes. If he always teases you and doesn’t seem to do that to anyone else, then he might like you as more than just a friend.

1. He Thinks of You as a Friend

People typically tease their friends. When you feel close to someone, it is only natural that you would joke around and have fun when you are around them. If the guy has been your friend for a long time or you are already a part of his friend group, then his behavior might only be a sign that he sees you as a friend and enjoys your company. He likes being around you and joking with you, but he might not have stronger feelings than just friendship.

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2. He Has Feelings for You

Look at how he acts around everyone else. If you are the only girl that he teases, then there is an excellent chance that he likes you. You should also consider the way he teases you. If it sounds mean or rude, then he is just a jerk. If his teases are meant to be fun and are done in a joking manner, then he definitely could like you.

While some guys grow out of the childish tendency of teasing the girl they like, other guys never really grow up. They continue to tease the girl they like no matter how old they are. He might be teasing you as a way to get you to open up around him and laugh. He may like seeing your smile, so he is trying to be playful to get you to laugh and enjoy yourself more. Unless he is teasing you in a mean way, it could just mean that he likes you.

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3. He Is a Jerk

When a guy teases you in a way that hurts your feelings, then he is probably just a jerk. Unless he just has a terrible sense of humor, derisive statements and cruel jokes are not a sign of a friendship or flirtations. He might be one of those cruel people who enjoys making other people angry or embarrassed. Some people try to hurt others because it makes them feel better about themselves. They basically have to cause harm to others and put other people down to make themselves feel better.

Even if the guy actually likes you, you should move on and forget about him. Mean-spirited jokes are a sign that he has to put people down or be cruel to feel good about himself. If you were to have a relationship with him, he would constantly try to break down your self-esteem to make himself feel good. Sometimes, guys do this in abusive relationships because they want the woman to develop such a low self-esteem that she never leaves. No matter what his feelings are, you should ignore any guy who has to put you down to feel good about himself because he just isn’t worth it.

4. He Feels Vulnerable or Threatened

Some people are great at social situations, but other people feel intensely uncomfortable. He may feel awkward and vulnerable, so he tries to make a joke to lighten the mood. If he laughs nervously after the joke or seems uncomfortable, then he might just be shy and awkward. He may not know how to talk to a woman, so he tries to make jokes instead.

In other cases, a guy makes fun of you deliberately because he is deflecting from his own vulnerabilities. He doesn’t want anyone to realize that he isn’t the macho man he appears to be. If his teasing is because of this, you should just move on. You don’t have time to wait for him to grow up, and you definitely do not want to deal with someone who has an ego problem. If his teasing is just because he feels uncomfortable and awkward though, give him a chance to relax and open up before you make your decision.

When a guy makes fun of you, you should always look at the rest of his behavior. If he tries flirting in other ways and treats you well, then he probably likes you. If he is generally rude or mean, then he may be trying to hurt you. Look at how he treats other women in his life. If he teases everyone, then he might just like to have some fun and joke around. If you are the only woman he teases, then he could really, really like you or really, really dislike you. By looking at the entirety of his behavior, you can figure out what is really going on in his mind.


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