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What Does It Mean When a Guy Holds Your Hand?


When a guy holds your hand, it feels incredibly wonderful. You have had a crush on him for so long, and it now feels like your dreams are coming true. Sometimes, this behavior can be disconcerting. If you are only friends or never thought of him as a love interest, you may be wondering what his intentions are. If you are just starting to date, you may also wonder if this shows strong feelings, a desire for a just physical relationship or affection. Read on to find out what it means when a guy hols your hand.

 The Many Meanings Of Holding Hands

What Does It Mean When a Guy Holds Your Hand?


No one accidentally holds hands. If he took your hand in his, it was definitely because he wanted to. Now, the only problem is figuring out why he did it. The following are different kinds of hand holding and what they generally mean. There can be some variation among different individuals, so the following descriptions are really just a loose guideline.

Grabs Your Hand Quickly Without Lacing Fingers

For this type of hand holding, he grabs your hand for a very quick squeeze. He doesn’t lace his fingers in yours at all. Often, people use this kind of hand holding to show support. You may have gotten bad news or there might be something scary in a film. Whatever the case, he grabbed your hand so that you know he is there for you and that he supports you. This type of hand holding rarely lasts more than a minute or so, and it may only occur because of the situation. He probably feels affection or fondness for you, but he does not necessarily like you as more than a friend.

Hand Brushing

This would be better known as the “not quite” hold. It generally happens for just a millisecond. You might be walking along next to him, and your hands suddenly brush together. All of a sudden, you are confused and unsure about what to do. Is he trying to hold your hand? Should you try to hold his hand back or ignore it? Was it just an accident?

If he tripped or wasn’t paying attention while he was walking, then he may have brushed his hand against yours on accident. If there is no obvious reason why or how he could have accidentally done so, then it was most likely on purpose. When a guy deliberately brushes his hand against yours, it is because he wants to be close to you. He may be trying to work up the courage to hold your hand, but he feels too shy to make a move. At the last second, he backed out and decided to wait on making a move.

If you are unsure if this was an accident or not, think about the rest of his behavior. If he has never brushed your hand before or he instantly pulls his hand back, it was probably just an accident. When he always brushes his hand next to yours, then he is definitely experiencing some feelings for you.

Holding Hands in Body Language

Interlaced Fingers and a Loose Hand Hold

With this type of hand holding, his hand feels very casual. His fingers are laced around yours, but the hand hold is very loose. Your palms might not even be touching, and it feels like a slight movement would pull your hands apart.

Often, guys will do this early on in a relationship as they start to develop feelings. You might not be an official couple yet, so he feels uncomfortable having too public of a display of affection. He may also be worried about people noticing that he is holding your hand. At the same time, this type of hand hold definitely shows that he is starting to develop feelings for you and wants to become closer to you.

A Tight, Firm Grip With Interlocked Fingers

Body Language of Men in Love

If this is the way that your guy is holding your hand, you can basically guarantee that he likes you. This type of hand holding is never an accident. With this hand hold, he takes your hand in his and interlaces his fingers. He holds your hand firmly as you walk along. As you hold hands, he may even squeeze your hand every once in a while as a sign of affection or a reminder that he is always there for you.

While this type of hand holding can happen in short-term relationships, it is also common in long-term relationships. In almost every instance where this occurs, it is a sign that the guy genuinely likes. He likes be around you and is not afraid to show the world how he feels. If he has not made any other moves yet or asked you out, you can at least bet that he is planning on it!


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