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What Does It Mean When a Guy Drunk Texts You?


As soon as texting was invented, drunk texts quickly followed. When you are drunk, your inhibitions are lowered and you do things that you would not normally do. If you start getting drunk texts from a guy, it can be annoying, confusing or thrilling depending on what he sends you. He might tell you how much he likes you or that he wishes you were at the party. Even a shy guy might suddenly seem outgoing once he starts drinking. The only problem is knowing what the guy really means. Is he telling you his feelings because he likes you? Or is it just the alcohol talking?

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What Does It Mean When a Guy Drunk Texts You?

Unfortunately, we can’t just read the guy’s mind and figure out what is really going on. Since he has been drinking, there is an excellent chance that he doesn’t even know what is going on in his subconscious. While the reasons for these drunk texts can vary from guy to guy, there are a few common reasons why he might be sending you drunk texts.

1. He Would Like a Late-Night Meet Up

This is a fairly common reason for drunk texting. At some point in his drinking, his thoughts turned to you. He realized how much he would like to come over to your house, get undressed and have some fun. This is especially likely to be the reason if his drunk texts are overly flirty or sexual in nature. In many cases, drunk texts happen because the guy wants a booty call. While it is possible that he could want a deeper relationship at some point, you should probably assume that he only wants a one-night stand at the moment. If he likes you as more than a fling, then he will make a move when he hasn’t been drinking.

2. He Doesn’t Realize What He Is Doing

Do his texts make logical sense? If there are just random letters or “What’s up?,” then he might not mean anything by his messages at all. He may have started scrolling through his phone while he was drinking and is texting everyone at random. If the messages do not seem to make sense, then he might be too drunk to have any conscious realization of what he is doing. This is especially likely if you have not talked to him for a long time or if you don’t have the kind of relationship where you text a lot.

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3. Liquid Courage Made Him Brave

The good news is that these drunk texts are sometimes a sign that a guy genuinely likes you. Guys are just like ladies when it comes to a crush. Even if he is outgoing with everyone else, he may feel intimidated, shy or nervous around you if he really, really likes you. Because of this, it may have felt impossible to make a move on you normally. Now, he has a bit of liquid courage making him brave. Plus, texting is less intimidating than talking because he has time to rethink his wording and doesn’t have to worry about being rejected in person. If this is the reason, you can always text him back—just wait until he is sober to meet up so that you can better figure out if he actually likes you or not.

4. He Wanted to Show Off

Guys can be infuriating creatures at times. For some reason, there are guys out there who feel the need to show off and demonstrate just how attractive they are to all the ladies. If he is drinking with a bunch of friends, he might be telling them about all the hot girls (or, possibly, just the one hot girl) who he has in his contact list. He messaged you just to prove that a hot girl really does text him. He might even ask for a photo so that his friends can see how attractive you are. If this is the reason, it is up to you whether you message him back. He is obviously attracted to you, but you don’t have to let yourself be used as some kind of trophy that he shows off to his friends.

Reasons Why He Only Texts You When He's Drunk

5. He Is Lonely and Wants to Talk

Sometimes, people become bubbly and happy when they drink. In other cases, drinking can make someone feel lonelier than ever. There is also a tendency for your mind to circle through the same thoughts over and over again when you drink. Even if he is at a party, he might feel like he has no one to talk to who really understands him. Because of this, he reached out to you just to talk. If this is the case, there won’t be picture requests or sexual messages. He’ll just talk about things that are going on in life and generally treat you like a friend.

If you are receiving drunk texts, it is entirely up to you whether you respond or not. Now that you know what he might mean from his drunk texts, you can better determine whether you text back or not. If he is just sending gibberish, put the phone down because he is too drunk to text or remember his texts. If you are uncertain about his intentions, wait until he is sober to talk to him. People often reveal their true feelings when they have been drinking, so this could also be a chance for you to find out how he really feels about you.


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