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What Does It Mean When a Guy Compliments You?


When you hear a compliment from someone, it always feels awesome. You suddenly feel more confident because someone else thinks that you are pretty, smart or kind. Compliments are almost always a good thing. People only tell you a compliment to show that they think highly of you in some way. If a guy compliments you, you can definitely take it as a good sign.

The only problem is figuring out what it means when a guy compliments you. Does he genuinely like you? Does he just want to sleep with you? Does he think of you as only a friend? Depending on the situation, the guy and the type of compliment, it can mean a variety of different things.

Compliments Guys Give You and What They Actually Mean

What Does It Mean When a Guy Compliments You?

1. He Compliments Your Looks

This is one of the most common kinds of compliments to hear from a guy. He compliments your outfit, how amazing you look today or how pretty your smile is. In general, this type of compliment generally shows that he is interested in you on some level. The type of interest depends on the circumstance and the feature that he compliments.

If he tells you that you have a sexy body or an amazing butt, you can bet that he is interested in sleeping with you. He might want something more later, but his primary interest is definitely your body. When a guy compliments you on your outfit, it might just mean that he finds your outfit attractive. He also might be shy about seeming too forward, so he picked something safe to compliment about your looks.

If a guy is interested in more than just your body, he will generally compliment things like your eyes or your smile. Of course, he could still be interested in a primarily sexual relationship, but your chances of having an actual relationship are better if his compliments are focused on less sexual aspects of your looks. He might tell you how great you look today or say how beautiful you are. When a guy compliments your looks, you can bet that he thinks that you are attractive.

2. He Compliments Your Personality

Instead of complimenting you on your looks, a guy will sometimes compliment your personality or your attitude instead. This type of compliment is much harder to interpret. He could view you as a friend and really appreciate your positive attitude. He might be a boss who appreciates your work ethic, or he may just appreciate that you are always there to help out.

If a guy likes you and compliments your personality, he might do so because he is afraid of sending the wrong message. He might realize that complimenting your looks could be misinterpreted as wanting a one-night stand. In general, a guy who compliments your personality is interested in more than just sex. He might just see you as a friend and not a lover, but he definitely thinks of you as a person and not just a sex object.

when a guy compliments you on your clothes

3. He Compliments Your Work Ethic

When a guy compliments how hard you work, he definitely means it. If you were hoping that he likes you, this type of compliment won’t help. Most likely, he views you as a valuable co-worker or employee. When a guy compliments your work ethic, it is generally not a sign that he likes you. There is rarely a romantic feeling behind it. He either wants to show his appreciation for your work, or he wants to motivate you to work even harder. In some cases, he may be just a co-worker who is trying to support you while you try to do your best at work.

4. He Compliments Your Sexual Talent

Sometimes, a guy will compliment you on how you kiss or touch him. If he is complimenting you on some part of your physical intimacy, he probably means exactly what he says. He likes how you kiss him, and he wants you to know it. If you are already having physical interactions, it is safe to say that he is attracted to you. If you want to know whether he wants more than just a physical relationship with you, you would have to look at the rest of his behavior as well.

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5. He Compliments Your Talent

In other cases, a guy compliments you on your talent. He may tell you how artistic you are or how intelligent you are. This type of compliment is hard to interpret because it could come from any relationship. He might think of you as a friend and just wants to encourage you to keep doing your favorite hobby. He might also just notice how amazing you are at doing something, so he wants you to know it. If he likes you, he could be complimenting you because he likes you and thinks that you are exceptionally talented. This type of compliment could come from a crush, friend, co-worker or boyfriend, so you should not read too much into it.

When a guy compliments you, it can mean many different things. He may just think that you are good at doing something, or he may like you. To figure out exactly what he means, you have to look at the type of compliment, how he said it and his overall behavior. If he gives you a primarily sexual compliment, then he is attracted to you on some level. When the compliment is about your work or talent, then it may just reflect a friendship or be a sign of respect.


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