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What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You My Love?


Terms of endearment and pet names are common in friendships and relationships. Often, the type of pet name that is used indicates the type of relationship. A term like “babe” or “baby” probably indicates a different relationship type than “my love” or “beautiful.” “My love” is something you often here in intensely loving, strong relationships. Whether a friend or a lover says it, you can be certain that he thinks highly of you.

What does it mean when someone calls you My love

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You My Love?

If you are dating someone, you generally know what they mean by calling you “my love.” The biggest source of confusion happens when just a friend or casual date uses that term. You know what it means when someone has actually confessed their love for you, but what about when they haven’t? What does it really mean when a guy calls you “my love”?

This Is Just How He Talks

Some guys love old-fashioned novels and literature, so they might use terms from yesteryear. In other cases, the guy has a flamboyant, loving demeanor. If your friend calls everyone “my love” or something similar, then it might not mean anything at all.

He Loves You

This is one of the most obvious reasons why someone might use the term “my love.” If he is in love with you, he is obviously going to want to show it by using terms of endearment. Don’t jump to conclusions too soon though. Telling someone that you are in love with them is different than calling them “my love.” “My love” could just be a term of endearment, so he might not be completely in love with you yet. You can bet that he is starting to develop feelings for you!

If he is in love with you, he may be afraid to tell you how he feels. He may not even know for sure how strongly he feels just yet. Give him some time to sort out his feelings, and then see what happens.

what does my love mean when a guy says it

He Uses That Term for Everyone

There are some terms of endearment that people like to use. While some guys stick to “bro” or “dude,” other guys have more caring, personable terms of endearment. It is entirely possible that your guy uses “my love” because he uses it with everyone. If he does use this term with everyone else, then don’t read too much into it. It means he uses you as just as much of a friend as everyone else, but he does not necessarily see the friendship transforming into anything else later.

He Likes You

Telling your crush how you feel is never an easy matter. Sometimes, all you can do is flirt and try to drop hints that you are interested in someone. Your guy may be trying to give you the hint that he likes you. He may be afraid of making a move and showing you exactly how he feels, so he is using a term of endearment instead. Telling you “I love you” could scare you off, and he could be afraid of getting rejected. It is far easier to hint about his feelings by just using pet names like “my love.” If you are unsure of how he feels, look at how he treats everyone else. If you are the only person that he uses that pet name with, then he probably has special, unique feelings for you.

It Is Just a Pet Name

If you are already in a relationship, then there is an obvious reason why he might call you “my love.” This could be your pet name, and his way of showing just how much he loves you. This term of endearment is definitely a good sign. Often, terms like “hot stuff” or “babe” are more commonly heard when the guy’s first interest is how you look. If he calls you “my love,” then there is an excellent chance that he likes you for more than just your good looks.

If you are already dating, your guy may also be nervous about saying “I love you.” He may be trying to express his feelings without saying those three words quite yet. You can be fairly certain that he is starting to fall for you though!

No matter what the case, you can be pretty certain that the guy views you as a close friend, a love interest or a lover. Being called “my love” is always a good thing. Now that you have a hint about his feelings, your next step is to figure out what to do about it. You can try to make a move or think about a term of endearment for him. If you like him, you could also just tell him how you feel and see where it goes from there.


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