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25 Things That You Can Do Once You Turn 18


When you turn 18, the entire world opens up to you. You are suddenly an adult, which means there are new, fun things that you can do. At the same time, you also get added responsibilities. You can now get car loans, an apartment and other grown-up things. While there are plenty of fun new things that you can do as an adult, there are responsibilities as well. As you become an adult, make sure to check out the following 25 things that you can do once you turn 18.

Things That You Can Do Once You Turn 18

25 Things That You Can Do Once You Turn 18

1. Donate Blood

Things That You Can Do Once You Turn 18

This is a fun, positive thing that you can do. Hospitals always need people to donate blood. When you give blood, you could be potentially saving three human lives. You can’t donate blood until you turn 18, so this is one of the first things that you can do. If you are a socially conscious individual, this should definitely be put on your list of things to do once you turn 18.

2. Buy Porn

For the less socially conscious, there are other options that open up once you turn 18. Porn is one of the options that some people tend to go with. Now that you are 18, you can subscribe to a porn site or buy porn. If you are not interested in porn, you can also check out adult shops for sex toys. These shops have to ID everyone who goes in, so your 18th birthday is the first time that you can check out all of these forbidden materials.

3. Buy a Car

Exciting Things That You Can do Once You Turn 18

When your turned 16, the world opened up to you. You suddenly had the freedom of driving wherever you wanted to go. Now that you are 18, you can actually own that car. Instead of putting it in your parents’ names, you can put it in your own name. You can pick the car that you really want, although you will also be responsible for taking care of it now.

4. Check Out Extreme Sports

Because of the inherent danger, many companies will not allow minors to take part in extreme sports. If you love roller coasters and exciting, new things, extreme sports could be the perfect option once you turn 18. From bungee jumping to skydiving, there are so many new things that you can try out.

5. Serve on a Jury

This is one adult activity that I am still waiting for. You can only be on a jury if they call you to serve and then choose you, but it is a fun option. Some people think of being on the jury as a legal responsibility and try to avoid it. While it is a responsibility for adults, it can also be exciting. Think of every courtroom drama that you have ever watched. You could now be a part of a real-life drama as you decide the fate of a case.

6. Change Your Name

This is not something that everyone wants to do once you turn 18, but it is an option. If you are sick of your name or were teased for it, you might want to change it to something else. Think your name change through first because it takes quite a bit of work to change a name on all your documents—you definitely will not want to do it twice.

7. Be Independence

What are things to do when you turn 18

When you turn 18, you get to be more independent in so many ways. You can finally rent (or buy!) a place of your own, do what you want and decide your own fate. If you are still living under your parents’ roof though, your independence could still be limited for a while.

8. Work More

When you are under 18, you are limited by how much you can work. Especially during the school year, you can only work so any hours and so late at night. Once you turn 18, you could do 100-hour work weeks if you wanted to. This means you can get more hours and start earning overtime pay if your boss lets you!

9. Buy Tobacco

While some people might see this as good news, it is not the healthiest thing to do once you turn 18. Minors are not allowed to buy tobacco or cigarettes, so you can now buy these products without a problem. No matter what your age is though, tobacco can hurt your health and be extremely addictive, so watch out.

10. Skip Your Curfew

If you still live at home, you obviously have to listen to your parents. Now that you are 18 though, you can always move out on your own. You can go on a road trip with your friends without worrying about daytime driving. Some states keep minors from driving with their friends or at night, so you can now enjoy driving at any time. In other areas, minors are not even allowed to be walking outside late at night, so your options and independence could really be opening up right now.

11. Sue People

Hopefully, you will never need to do this, but it is now an option. Once you are 18, you are able to file a lawsuit in court without needing an adult’s signature. Before, you had to have an adult sign all of the documents. Now, you can hire your own lawyer and file a lawsuit. The only downside is that being 18 means that it is entirely possible that you could get sued as well.

12. Open a Bank Account

Depending on your bank, you may have already been allowed to do this. Some banks let minors get accounts under their own names because they can afford to take the risk that the minor will overdraft the account. Since minors cannot legally enter into contracts alone, many smaller banks will not give a bank account to a minor without having an adult on the account as well. Now that you are 18, you can finally open your own bank account. You can also get a credit card, but be careful—many new adults end up getting into debt quickly and then they spend the next decade struggling to pay it off.

13. Get Married

Grownup Things You Can Do Once You Turn 18

Now that you are 18, you can marry someone if you want to. Like many of the things that you can do once you turn 18, you should be cautious about doing this just because you can. The paperwork to get married and divorced can be pretty intense, so hold off on marrying anyone until you know that they are absolutely perfect for you. Plus, if you wait until you are 21 to get married, you can actually drink at your own wedding.

14. Adopt Children

Grownup Things You Can Do Once You Turn 18

While you can get pregnant at nearly any age, you are not allowed to adopt children until you are at least 18. This is probably not the biggest priority for most new 18-year-olds, but it is definitely an option now.

15. Write a Check

If you want to feel like you have truly grown up, try writing your first check. While most bills can be paid online with a debit card, there are still a few companies that prefer a check. Plus, property taxes are often paid with a check. As soon as you get that first checkbook and start writing checks, you instantly begin to feel like an adult.

16. Become a Stripper

This is another one that probably isn’t a top priority for everyone. Now that you are 18, you are your own boss. If you want to make money by working as a stripper, then you can do so. For most 18-year-olds, the more important step is being able to go to a strip club. You can’t get into one of these clubs until you turn 18, so aging up means that you can head out for your first lap dance.

17. Get a Piercing or Tattoo

Things You Can Do Now That You're 18

Depending on your state, you could get piercings and tattoos earlier with parental permission. Once you turn 18, every state lets you get a piercing or tattoo on your own. You are now responsible for your body and life, so you can do what you want. Just make sure you think through the decision beforehand so that you know for sure you will still like the tattoo in 20 years. If you are unsure, go for a piercing because piercings will actually heal up fairly well if you decide that you hate it later on.

18. Buy Spray Paint

Can you believe that you need to be 18 to buy spray paint? Since some people think that “huffing” is a good idea, some areas have restricted spray paint sales to 18-year-olds. When you were in school, this was probably quite annoying. All you wanted was spray paint for a school project, but you had to get your parents to buy it for you. Whether you want to learn more about graffiti art or just like crafting, you can now buy spray paint without any problems.

19. Vote

All the Fun And Wonderful Things You Can Do At 18

Your civic duty extends to more than just serving on a jury. Now that you are 18, you have the right to vote. The government has decided that you are old enough to make intelligent decisions, so you get to choose who is elected to office. When it comes to civic duty, voting is one of the most important, and easiest, things that you can do.

20. Get Your Own Credit Card

things you can do at 18 in the us

Minors cannot legally enter into a contract, so they can’t get a home loan or a credit card. If the bank gave a minor a credit card, they wouldn’t be able to legally get that debt back if the minor defaults. Now that you are 18, many banks are quite happy to give you a credit card. Be careful though—credit cards are far too easy to swipe, and far too difficult to pay off. Right now, you are about to start building a credit record that lasts a lifetime, so be careful about any debts that you take on.

21. Get Drafted or Enlist

You have spent years watching war dramas, so now is your chance to serve your country. Now that you are 18, you can finally sign up for the Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard or Navy. If you are a guy, you also have to register for the Selective Service. If there is a major war, you could potentially be drafted into the military.

22. Buy Fireworks

When the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve rolls around, you can finally take part in all of the fun. Before, you were limited to the fireworks that your parents were willing to buy. Now, you can buy all of the fun stuff and wait until nightfall to set it off.

23. Go to Adult Jail

This is probably the least fun aspect of being 18. Once you turn 18, you legally have to be tried as an adult. If you get into trouble for something, you are not going to juvenile detention any more. Now, you would be sent to an adult jail or prison. The state considers you legally responsible for all of your decisions, so make sure that you choose your actions wisely.

24. Pawn Things

Once you turn 18, you suddenly get more options for bringing in money. You can buy and sell your car, get a credit card and work as many hours as you want. If you are running short on cash, you are now able to pawn your items. You can either sell the item directly or get a loan that you have to pay back before the item is returned to you. Either way, this is a new option for paying off all of those adult bills that you are about to get.

25. Lottery Time!

what can you do at 18 that you couldn't do before

Before now, you were not technically allowed to play the lottery without an adult. Even if someone bought you a ticket and you won, they would have to cash it and could keep all of the money. Now, you are able to legally buy lottery tickets. You probably not able to go to the casino for a few years yet, but you can at least try your luck at the lottery!


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