One of the easiest ways to make someone’s birthday special is by wishing them a happy birthday. After your special day is over with, it is only natural to offer thanks for birthday wishes on Facebook. The hardest part is finding the right words to express your gratitude. If you feel blessed by so many well-wishers, these thanks for birthday wishes on Facebook can help you show it.

1. I feel so incredibly blessed. My world is bright and more beautiful because of all of your birthday wishes. Loads of love to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

2. This year reminded me of just how thankful I am for all of my friends and family members. So many people wished me a happy birthday on my Facebook wall that it would be impossible to list all of them. Thank all of you for your lovely birthday wishes!

3. I was feeling a bit blue about turning another year older. After I read all of your birthday messages, my blues were magically chased away. Thanks, everyone!

4. Why can’t Facebook have an “awesome” button instead of just a “like” button? You guys are truly awesome. Thank you for making my special day truly special.

5. Thanks to everyone who sent me such kind birthday messages. God has blessed me with so many amazing friends and wonderful family members. I am so grateful that I received so many kind birthday wishes. Thanks to everyone for making my day truly special—it was wonderful to hear from all of you!

6. Thank you all for the birthday wishes on Facebook! To everyone who forgot, I expect a belated birthday post shortly. 😉

7. A sprinkle of chocolate syrup makes coffee worth enjoying. Similarly, a sprinkling of your heartfelt wishes made my birthday worth celebrating. Thank you all for your birthday wishes on Facebook!

8. Reading everything that you wrote on my Facebook wall made me smile. I feel so thankful for having friends like you. Having your friendship is the greatest gift I could have been given. Thank you for all of your wonderful wishes.

9. Your wishes were all that I needed to have a truly special birthday. Thanks a lot, everyone!

10. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. Also, thanks to Facebook for reminding you guys!

11. I might get tired of getting older, but I never tire of hearing happy birthday from all of my friends on Facebook. Thanks so much, guys!

12. Money and gifts can buy you nearly anything, but they can never buy the love of friends like you. Thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes!

13. You guys make my Facebook wall look good! Thank you so much for all of the lovely birthday wishes. You transformed my day into something truly special.

14. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes on Facebook. You have made today the epitome of sweetness and completely priceless. Now, I know you all for the loving, caring people that you really are! Thanks!

15. Without all of your birthday wishes, my special day would have been lonely and decidedly not special. All of your sweet words mean so much to me. Thank you so much.

16. After reading all of the birthday posts on my Facebook wall, I think all of you guys deserve to start a new career at Hallmark. Thank you for all of your sweet words!

17. Birthdays might come and go, but true friends are always there. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

18. I don’t think of this as being just another year older. I think of it as another year that I got to enjoy having special friends like all of you. Thank you.

19. Thanks for birthday wishes on Facebook! I’m happy that all of you guys noticed the birthday notification on your page today. 🙂

20. Thanks to all of my Facebook friends and family who wished me a happy birthday. This has made my birthday extra special.

21. Special thanks to each person who took the time to wish me a great birthday. It was an amazing day that was perfect in all ways big and small!

22. I just wanted everyone to know how thankful I am for the blessings I received on my birthday. God has been so great to me—may God bless all of you, too!

23. The birthday message you guys posted made me feel totally special today, and that feeling will last throughout the year. Thanks!

24. Amazing friends like you are the only reason I don’t feel so old on my birthday. Thank you, lovelies.

25. Hey, buddy! Thanks so much for stopping by to wish me a great birthday. It made my special day that much more special. Thanks!

26. I haven’t been on Facebook recently, and I really need to thank all of you for your birthday wishes and blessings. I appreciate all of you who took extra time to wish me a happy birthday.

27. I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. It meant a lot to me that you took time out of your hectic lives to think of me. I am so blessed to call all of you my friends!

28. Knowing that my friends appreciate me and sent me such thoughtful wishes made my day great. You guys are so wonderful.

29. Thank all of you for making my Facebook wall so bright and cheery. Your messages made my birthday truly amazing!

30. All of your beautiful wishes did something that money could never buy. They showed me the value of good friends.

31. Thank you all for your special birthday wishes that Facebook told you and reminded you to send me.

32. Thanks for everyone who took the time to say happy birthday!

33. Gifts cannot be carried around forever, but I can carry your sweet birthday messages with me in my heart wherever I go in life. Thanks!

34. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everyone who sent me a birthday post. Thanks!

35. There is nothing in this world more beautiful as you, except for the birthday wish you sent to make my day more special. I loved it—thanks!

36. Thanks to all of my friends who stopped by my Facebook page to say happy birthday!

37. Thank you for the birthday wishes—I am so touched and incredibly blessed!

38. Growing old is worth every wrinkle as long as I share it with friends like you. Thanks, guys!

39. Your birthday messages were cuter than any kitty and sweeter than any puppy. They were more gorgeous than a beautiful sunrise. Thanks!

40. Hello, everyone—your birthday wishes made my time. Your words will echo in my heart for a long time.

41. Birthday gifts could get lost or broken, but your priceless wishes will remain within my heart for an eternity. Thank you, everyone!

42. I just wanted to take each person who took time to make me smile on my birthday. It is amazing how much a small message can mean!

43. I just need to thank all the people who sent me a birthday message. I really appreciate it. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends and family to celebrate with!

44. Wow! There were so many birthday messages on my Facebook wall this year. Thanks, everyone!

45. A party or gift might put a smile upon my face, but your birthday wishes deserve a special place. Thanks, guys!

46. Getting a birthday message from people who care about you is like God blessing you with a million dollar check. With these wishes, I can be satisfied for a long time.

47. Sometimes, it is the simplest gestures that mean the most. A hearty thanks to everyone who posted birthday wishes to my Facebook wall!

48. You are one of my favorite people ever. Thank you so much for sending such a nice message on my birthday.

49. I have enjoyed reading these birthday wishes on Facebook so much. Thanks to everyone who sent me a message! For those who have not messaged me yet, there is still time. I’m waiting!

50. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A million times over, thank you. I will never get tired of thanking all of you for your birthday wishes.

51. Thanks to one and all for the birthday messages. It is so encouraging to see so many people take time to just wish me well.

52. My birthday may have lasted for just a day, but the wishes from all of you will make me feel special for the entire year. Thank you so much!

53. Seeing all of these birthday wishes on Facebook made my heart start to smile. Thanks to everyone!

54. I am so grateful to get all of your kind birthday wishes. It was great to hear from everyone. You have all made my day truly special.

55. This is my official Facebook birthday thank you message. Thanks to all who posted on my Facebook well. I am so blessed to have all of you in my life.

56. Thank you all for sending me such wonderful birthday messages. Why can’t you all be this nice for the rest of the year?

57. I am so unbelievably humbled by the amount of love and kindness that flooded my inbox and Facebook wall yesterday. Thank you so much.

58. From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to tell you guys just how thankful I am for all the birthday love you showed me. You guys are truly awesome friends.

59. Wow! So many messages, and not one of them said “Have a crummy birthday!” I really have the greatest friends. Thanks!

60. Here’s a note to thank all of you who remembered my special day. It means so much of me that you all thought of me on my birthday and sent your love. Thanks!

61. It feels so amazing when someone does something so nice on your birthday. It makes me feel like I am on top of the world. Thanks to all of you who made me feel extra special today.

62. Thanks to all of you for making my birthday such a memorable one. You are all truly fabulous, wonderful friends, and I love all of you. Keep smiling!

63. Thank you for making my special day so special. All of your wonderful birthday wishes really warmed my heart. You guys mean so much to me.

64. I know that it might be my birthday today, but that does not mean that I cannot say thank you to everyone who wished me well. Thanks!

65. I just wanted to convey a sincere thanks to everyone who sent such lovely birthday wishes. And please remember—I am just at my sweet 16 with ___ years of experience. 😉

66. I feel so blessed to have all of you guys in my life. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes on Facebook!

67. My heart is full for love and appreciation for all of the people who took time to make my birthday special today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your birthday wishes!

68. It would never be a truly happy birthday if I did not have good friends like you. I appreciate all of the birthday wishes on my Facebook wall. Thanks!

69. Thank you for your messages, prayers and birthday wishes. I will keep all of them close to my heart.

70. Even if you combined the value of all of my birthday gifts, it would not match the true value of your birthday wishes. Thanks!

71. I cannot thank you guys enough for your heart-warming posts on my Facebook wall. You guys are truly great!

72. My birthday cake would have tasted bitter, my balloons would have popped and my birthday drinks would have fell flat if I had not gotten your birthday wishes. Thanks for adding the sparkle to my special day.

73. Your birthday wishes are like a keepsake that I can hold forever to remind me of each beautiful memory and happy thought.

74. To all of my Facebook friends and family out there, in case I missed you, I just wanted to thank you for all of the birthday wishes and gifts. Thank you and God bless you all!

75. Sweet words from a friend like you is what transforms my birthday into a truly beautiful memory. Thank you so much.

76. I am happy to see you avoided the stock greetings at the supermarket and took the time to write out a thoughtful birthday message. You’re the best!

77. Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes! Now, if we can all just forget this every happened, I can pretend like I am still in my early 20s.

78. Reading each birthday message is like reliving a beautiful memory with each of you, so thank you for that!

79. Thanks for birthday wishes on Facebook. It has been such an incredible year, and I am hoping that next year will be just as great. I am so thankful that all of you are a part of my life.

80. Thanks to all for all of the heartfelt wishes posted on my Facebook wall this year. You guys are truly wonderful!

81. Thank you to everyone who posted wishes on my Facebook wall. You guys made me look far more popular than I really am, and I appreciate it!

82. A million thanks to all of the Facebook friends who made my special day special. All of your kind words have made my big day truly wonderful. Thanks again, and I love you all!

83. I am feeling just overwhelmed by all of the birthday love and excitement. Thank you all so very much!

84. Your wishes touched my heart and made my special day even better. I am so lucky to have people as sweet as you in my life. Thank you so much!

85. Your words have made my birthday even better. Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am to have friends and family like all of you!

86. I am so blessed to get all of these birthday wishes on Facebook! Thank you all so much! I pray for a long, happy life for all of you and your families!

87. Thanks to all of you for your sweet, kind words. You have reminded me of how loved and blessed I truly am!

88. I wanted to thank all of my brothers, sisters, friends and others who sent such amazing birthday wishes on Facebook. I really enjoyed reading them throughout the day, and all of your messages made my day feel extra special.

89. Your words were the perfect accompaniment to my birthday, and they really blew me away. No matter how hard I try to write out a thank you message, it will never replicate the warmth or kindness in your words. Thanks so much!

90. Thanks to all of you who posted such kind, thoughtful birthday wishes—I am truly touched. To everyone else, you will be un-friended in the morning.

91. Thanks to my dear friends who remembered me on my birthday. Now, how about coming here to wish me a happy birthday in person?

92. Thanks to everyone for such wonderful birthday wishes. They really meant a lot to me!

93. Though Facebook may have had to remind you all of my birthday, you still had to take the time to post the birthday wishes. Thank you all for taking the time to think of me.

94. Thanks to all of my dear, old friends who wished me a happy birthday. Because of you guys, this was a truly special day to me. Keep in touch!

95. Food remains tasteless like salt, and birthdays lack flavor without your wishes. Thanks for bringing the salt and flavor into my life!

96. Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday greetings—same time next year!

97. As we age, birthdays can be less of a celebration and more of a grim reminder of our shorter longevity. Thanks to everyone who made me focus on the celebration instead of being another year older. You guys make each year worthwhile!

98. Thanks for all the superb birthday wishes. I have become the person I am today because of all of you!

99. Presents may fade away in the sands of time, but your words will echo in my heart forever. Thanks!

100. Thanks to all my Facebook friends who said happy birthday. For the rest of you, just wait.


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