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10 Romantic Letters That Make Your Boyfriend Cry


You love your boyfriend, so you want to do everything you can to make him happy. These romantic letters that make your boyfriend cry will bring tears of happiness, love and joy to his eyes. They are a great way to show your boyfriend just what he means to you. They are designed for a variety of situations, so you can pick the letter that makes the most sense for your relationship and your current situation. Before long, these romantic letters that make your boyfriend cry will have him swooning with happiness.

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10 Romantic Letters That Make Your Boyfriend Cry

These romantic letters can be used in a text message or an email. If you really want to show your boyfriend how much you care, write them in a card or a love letter. Then, place the letter on his pillow so that he sees it as soon as he wakes up in the morning. You could also leave the romantic letters on the seat of his car or in his backpack so that he will have a wonderful surprise waiting for him as he goes through the day.

1. To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Great About Himself

You can use this romantic letter to make your boyfriend feel awesome. This letter will help him feel confident in his looks and personality, so it is a great way to give your boyfriend an ego boost during a difficult time.

“Hey there, gorgeous. Do you have any clue just how sexy you are? You have a smile that lights up any room you walk into and the charm to get anyone’s attention. When I look into your eyes, it feels like I could drown in your soulful, deep pupils. You are so strong and confident that I feel completely safe whenever I am around you. It never seemed possible that I would be lucky enough to date a Greek god, but then you appeared in human form. It is impossible for me to say just how wonderful you really are, but I will spend my life trying to tell you. Have an amazing day, my love!”

2. As He Wakes Up in the Morning

Mornings are often the hardest part of the day. Waking up is hard enough. As soon as you wake up, you realize that you have to rush to get dressed and ready if you are going to be on time. The entire day stretches before you, and there is always so much work to do. This romantic letter for your boyfriend is a way to brighten his morning. Even if he has a long day ahead, this message will remind him of your love and be a bright spot in his morning.

“Each morning, I wake up to a brighter and more amazing world just because you are in it. Knowing that a person like you could exist made my entire life change for the better. Having you actually love me was a blessing that I never expected. You are the sunshine that lights up my day and the cool moon’s glow as I sleep at night. You are more than I could ever ask for and everything that I want in life. I could not be happier than I am in the morning because I wake up to the knowledge that you are mine. I love you.”

3. To Show How Much You Love Him

You don’t have to wait for a birthday or anniversary to send a love letter. Some of the best love letters are written just because you love the person. These romantic letters are a great way to show your boyfriend just how much you care and that you will always be there for him.

“You are by far the most handsome, funny, wonderful and amazing guy that I have ever met. I have no clue what I did in life to deserve you—I wish I did because I would do it again. I feel like the universe must have aligned to bring a man like you into my life. I may have things I regret in life, but I know that you are by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. As soon as I wake up in the morning, you are the first thought on my mind. At night, you are the last thought before I fall into blissful slumber. You are the happy song that is stuck in my head and the reason why there is always a smile on my face. You give me all of the hope and strength I need to face the world each day.

I love each thing about you. From the way you smile to the feeling of your arms around me, I fall more in love with each part of you every day. I never thought it was possible to fall this deeply in love with someone, but it is. I am head over heels in love with you and only find myself falling more in love with each passing day. You are my tower of strength, my dearest friend and my beacon of hope. You are more than I ever thought to ask for in a partner, and I love you.”

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4. For When He Is at Work

Let’s face it: going to work isn’t fun. While he is at work, all he can do is count down the minutes until he can be with you again. If your boyfriend is stuck at the office, this romantic letter will make him think about you and know just how much you appreciate him.

“Every hour you spend at work seems like an eternity to me. While I wish that you were at my side, I know that you are striving to build a future for the two of us. You are such a hard-working man. As I watch how hard you work, I know that you could one day be a father that our children will look up to. Your perseverance, strength and work ethic will always be an example of what someone should be in life. Even when you have problems with your boss or a hard day at work, I hope you remember that I appreciate all of the things that you do and love you greatly.”

5. For Giving Him Reassurance

When you have someone who is unbelievably amazing, it is only natural that you would be afraid of losing them. From time to time, you may need to give your boyfriend reassurances about how much you love him. If he is feeling doubtful about your love or just thinks that he is not good enough, this romantic letter is a good option to choose.

“You can never understand all the ways that you have changed my life. Before, I always felt along and afraid. It seemed impossible that I could ever find someone to love me in all of the ways that you do. You have revived my faith in the world and reminded me that good people do exist. No matter how difficult my day is, you are my pillar of strength and my beacon of hope. You are like the lighthouse that guides me out of the storm and toward a safe harbor. In so many ways, you have made an enormous, unforgettable impact on my life. I can never repay you, but I will always try to be the same strength, hope and support for you. I want to be the person you turn to during a difficult day and the reason why you smile. I love you so much and will keep working to earn your love until you are the happiest man in the world.”

6. For When He Is Tired

After a long day at work, nothing beats coming home to a sweet, loving letter from your partner.

“Sweetheart, I wish that I could be here right now to help you relax and unwind. I wish that I could wipe away the fatigue in your mind and replace it with all the happiness and joy in the world. I wish that I could soothe your heart and mind. Until I can be at your side, all I can do is write this letter to life your spirits. Remember that you are always on my mind. All I am thinking about is how to make you happy and feel more energized. I love you!”

7. For When You Are Lonely

Having a boyfriend can actually make you feel more alone at times. Since you know how amazing you feel in his company, it feels dark and depressing to be away from him. If you are feeling lonely, writing a romantic letter to your boyfriend is bound to cheer you up.

“Sweetheart, I was feeling down and lonely today, but then I thought of you. Just the thought of you brightened my outlook immediately. I know that I cannot be at your side right now, but I feel better knowing that I will get to see you again. As I write, it feels like I am talking to you and hearing your response. If you were here, you would kiss my forehead and tell me that everything will be alright. All I want is to lie in your arms and know that life will turn out okay. I love you.”

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8. When You Are About to Be Apart

If you have to be apart for work or travel, then this message is a good option to send to your boyfriend.

“Sweetheart, I hate how awful it is when we feel apart. It feels like part of my soul is ripped away and my heart feels empty. As soon as we first met, I knew I found my soulmate and wanted to spend ever minute with you. While I hate being away from you, the distance will only make our relationship stronger. Until I can be in your arms, I will treasure each kiss, smile or laugh in my memory. I love you.

9. For When You Are Fighting

If you just had an argument, use this love letter to try to make up with him.

“Nothing feels worse for me than knowing that you are angry. I know that we have both done the wrong thing in letting this argument become worse than it should have been. I am sorry for being impulsive and immature. I wish I could take back what I said, but it is impossible. All I can do is apologize and try to show you that you are truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. Instead of wasting our time on a fight, I would rather spend the time loving you instead.

10. When He Is Jealous

When you love someone greatly, it is natural to feel jealous sometimes. You can use this romantic letter to remind your boyfriend that he has no reason to feel jealous about your love.

“The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew instantly that you would change my entire life. Now that we are together, I am certain of it. There might be other guys in the world that you worry about, but my heart is eternally connected to yours. No one can ever hold a candle to the bright fire of your love. No one could ever steal my love and affection as completely as you have. You are my everything.”



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