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180 Quotes to Describe Yourself in Facebook Profile


You want to make a Facebook profile that truly shines. The only problem is that you have no clue how to describe yourself in a way that isn’t boring or already taken. These quotes to describe yourself in Facebook profile can help you get started. With these quotes, you can start brainstorming new ideas for your Facebook profile. You can use them as they are written or just as inspiration for your own ideas. With so many quotes to describe yourself in Facebook profile to choose from, the options are truly endless. 

1. Yes, I might be weird, but being weird is a good thing. Being normal is just so overrated.

2. To be beautiful only means to be yourself. You never have to be accepted by others because the only thing that matters is being accepted by yourself.

3. Being a male is just the way you were born. Being considered a man is all a matter of age. To be a gentleman though, it takes making a choice.

4. Coins clatter and make a lot of sounds, but dollar bills are always silent. This is why I always keep calm and silent.

5. Life is too short, so I won’t make you waste precious time by reading a long Facebook profile.

6. A rose can never become a sunflower, but it doesn’t have to. Every flower is beautiful in its own way. Women are just the same.

7. I live my life according to one simple rule: to always look on the bright side.

8. I am who I am, and I’m not going to change. Your approval isn’t necessary.

9. I am not perfect, and I always seem to make mistakes. Sometimes, I even hurt people. When I say I’m sorry, I mean it.

10. I hate studying for exams. Is there a Facebook app to take care of that?

11. My daily routine: Wake up, be awesome, go to sleep, repeat.

12. Beauty seems to be the only thing that gets attention, but it is personality that catches the heart.

13. Your time on this earth is limited, so never waste precious time by living someone else’s life.

14. I am just a girl who is still looking for my heart.

15. I love the sense of confidence that makeup always gives me.

16. Maddest of all is to see the world as it is and not as it should be. – Don Quixote.

17. I was born naturally intelligent, but getting an education ruined me.

18. Whenever life gets you down and it seems impossible to move forward, do you know what you need to do? Just keep swimming!

19. Living my life in my style and on my terms.

20. I am not lazy—I’m just exceptionally relaxed.

21. I don’t care what other people think about me because I never think about them.

22. The best of me is still yet to come.

23. Some people always grumble because roses have thorns, but they’ve got it all wrong. I am just so grateful that all those thorns have roses.

24. Even some of the greatest people that ever existed started out as nothing.

25. My style is the only unique thing about me, so please don’t copy it.

26. Life is too pointless and short already, so don’t waste it on hating other people.

27. Life is not about waiting patiently for each storm to pass. It is all about learning to dance in the rain.

28. Admit it. Without me, life would be terribly boring.

29. I don’t describe myself as a Christian, Muslim or anyone particularly religious. I just try to live my life in an honest way.

30. I want to be your favorite person to say hello to and your hardest goodbye.

31. I will discover new habits, rules and thoughts. Before long, I will become something else.

32. My life is played by my rules. Love or reject me—I just don’t care.

33. Challenges are what it takes to make life truly interesting. By overcoming challenges, you can make life meaningful.

34. Be good in life. Always work to see the good in everyone and everything—even within yourself.

35. One hand, I extend toward myself. The other hand is extended toward others.

36. Life life and laugh loudly. Love forever.

37. I could be so unbelievably skinny if I didn’t possess taste buds.

38. Don’t ever try to fix me because I am not broken.

39. I believe that the only way to eventually find success is to allow failure to be an option.

40. I think that it is finally time to be happy again.

41. God must be extremely creative. I mean, just look at me!

42. I am not saying that I am the best that there is. I only know that I am doing my best to become my best.

43. I am a direct descendant of a long line of awesome ancestors.

44. There is an old Buddhist saying that I live by. “ You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy. Then, you should sit for an hour.”

45. Sometimes, you succeed at your goals. Other times, you just learn from them.

46. I am not lazy. Some thief decided to steal my motivation.

47. The biggest challenge that you will have in life is to be yourself. Especially when we life in a world that forces you to be like everyone else.

48. Don’t follow my lead because I have no clue where I am going.

49. I am not weird. This is just what being awesome looks like.

50. I put myself in the way of the action, and that is what made things happen in life.

51. I want to hit delete and restart my life.

52. Don’t judge me because you do not know my story.

53. If a genie appeared right now, I would wish to donate all of my body fat to those in need.

54. Always be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

55. Be silent and let your successes speak for themselves.

56. It is not about who has hurt you or broken you down. It only matters who has been there to make you smile.

57. Be yourself because there is no one better to be.

58. I would not describe myself as the master of anything.

59. I have been born to be true and to seek the truth in everything, but not to be perfect.

60. If you just keep smiling, life will get tired of upsetting you someday.

61. I might not be perfect, but I am definitely a limited edition.

62. Love yourself before all else because you are the one person that you will spend a lifetime with.

63. You can’t erase the past. All you can do is avoid living life in the past lane.

64. Behind every deleted Facebook profile or WhatsApp account is another untold story about my life.

65. I am a girl. Do not touch my boyfriend, my face, my phone or my hair.

66. Sometimes, people are more beautiful in their personality than in their looks. These are the right type of people to be around.

67. If you can dream that something is possible, you can make it possible.

68. You have two hands. One hand is to help yourself, and the other is to help everyone else.

69. I might not know the key to success, but I know that the key to failure is trying to please everyone but yourself.

70. Make life as fun as possible because tomorrow isn’t a guarantee.

71. I am not perfect, but neither is anyone else.

72. Tell me what I can’t do, and I’ll show you that I can.

73. There are two ways of spreading light to the world. You can be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.

74. Behind every successful woman, you will find herself.

75. Even when I change my mind about something, it doesn’t always help me out.

76. No one is perfect. That is why every pencil has an eraser.

77. The moment that you give up in life is the second you let someone else win.

78. My life, my rules. My choices, my mistakes. Who are you to judge me?

79. Die with memories, not with your dreams.

80. I have learned so much from all of my mistakes that I think that I’ll have to make some more.

81. If time is money, then I am definitely running out of time.

82. Have more than you show off and speak less than you actually know.

83. Never look for miracles because you, yourself, are already a miracle.

84. Just dip me in chocolate and call me dessert.

85. I am not what has happened to me. I am everything that I have chosen to become.

86. Pay attention to your inner voice. That inner voice is who you really are.

87. Not every likes me. Then again, not everyone matters.

88. I speak less than others because I know very few want to listen.

89. Giving up is always a possible option, but it’s never my first choice.

90. You couldn’t handle me if I gave you instructions.

91. You are only confined by the walls that you have built for yourself.

92. A smile is not the same as being happy.

93. I choose to be happy because happiness is a choice and a perspective.

94. Life is always better when you smile.

95. Who am I? That is my hidden secret.

96. You can let your smile change others, but never let others change your smile.

97. I am not lazy. I just switched to my energy saving mode.

98. I am only a human being. I have weaknesses, mistakes and moments of sadness. Life might not be easy, but everything helps me learn how to be a better person.

99. Before you try to judge me, you had better make sure that you are perfect.

100. It’s not your job to love me or like me. That’s my job.

101. Running away from your problems is a race that you can never win.

102. My goal is to make the rest of my life, the best of my life.

103. Don’t bother studying off of me because you won’t graduate.

104. Believe in yourself, and you will be able to do unbelievable things.

105. What other people think of me is none of my business.

106. The best way to predict your future is to create it.

107. Fall seven times, but stand up eight.

108. Warning: I have an attitude and I am ready to use it!

109. I am not trying to create some perfect image of a fairy tale. I am just being myself.

110. If I had to describe my personality in one word, I’d say good-looking.

111. I respect those people who respect me, and forget people who forget me. It is all as simple as that.

112. I feel that I must point out that “awesome” ends in a “ME.”

113. Say whatever you feel around me. I don’t think it’s rude, it is just being real.

114. I am nobody and nobody is perfect. Thus, I am perfect.

115. When I am myself, I always feel happy about the result.

116. My attitude in life depends entirely on the people around me.

117. Care about what others think and you will always be a prisoner.

118. Someday, I am going to release an updated version of me.

119. My one goal is to improve my selfie game.

120. I have no special talent. I just go where my curiosity leads me.

121. I hate following others, but you’re welcome to follow me.

122. Surround yourself with beautiful flowers and makeup, not negativity.

123. I am truly a king because I have learned the secret to ruling myself.

124. Life is not about finding yourself—you are not lost. It is entirely about creating yourself.

125. I never dreamed about finding success. I worked for it.

126. We are all the great authors of our life. Unfortunately, we choose to write in pen, so we can never erase our mistakes.

127. This is who I am. No one said that you had to like it.

128. I am tired of today. I think I’ll get a new one.

129. Follow the stirrings of your heart and not your mind.

130. I am not afraid—I was born for this life.

131. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you’ll always land among the stars.

132. I am too busy working on my own grass to see if yours is greener.

133. I take a great deal of pride in being myself. That is why I am so comfortable with who I am.

134. Be like sandalwood. Even when it is chopped, it imparts its fragrance upon the ax.

135. The person you truly are is who you are when no one is watching.

136. Enjoy your own life without having to compare it to others.

137. I believe in true romance. My greatest desire is to love and be loved.

138. Sometimes, it takes me the entire day to get nothing done.

139. I don’t have an attitude; I’m just that good.

140. Care less, but always smile more.

141. The story of my life: an ongoing search for perfection that always evades me.

142. I have not failed yet. My success is just postponed indefinitely.

143. I like to reinvent myself continually.

144. Behind my smile is all of the things that you will never understand.

145. I find myself content with the simple things in life, and I appreciate the many blessings that God has given me.

146. Just because my path is different than yours, doesn’t mean I’m lost.

147. The true purpose of our lives is to be happy.

148. Only do what your heart directs you to do.

149. When they say the sky’s the limit, I think that they are narrowing our dreams too much.

150. Be yourself because an original is always worth more than just a copy.

151. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take this moment and make it perfect.

152. I’m not actually that funny. I’m just rather mean, and then people think I’m kidding.

153. Don’t say that the sky is the limit when there are footprints walking on the moon.

154. Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion.

155. Keep spreading those rumors about me—you’re bound to make me famous at some point!

156. I am unique and special, but most of all, I am me.

157. The most attractive thing a girl can wear is confidence.

158. There is an exceptional beauty in being yourself.

159. Yesterday, I thought I was clever and tried to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I only try to change myself.

160. What I would rather have is a blessing not in disguise.

161. Your judgments about a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.

162. Your attitude might hurt me, but mine could kill you.

163. Smell the roses and dance in the rain because you only live once.

164. You were born as an original. Don’t let yourself die as a copy.

165. I am so open-minded that I worry about my brain falling out.

166. When nothing in life seems to go right, try to go left.

167. Live life, love and learn from your mistakes.

168. When I am good, I’m the best. When I am bad, I’m the worst.

169. I might not be rich, pretty or popular, but I’m a good person. Isn’t that all that really matters?

170. I may forgive, but I will never forget.

171. I am a talented enough artist to draw freely on my imagination.

172. Enjoy the little things in life. Someday, you will look back and realize that those were the big things.

173. I will never be a second option. You either choose me now or lose me forever.

174. They make laws for people like me.

175. The person who said that, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself,” has obviously never encountered a tiger.

176. There’s so many nuts in my family that you’d think we were a bunch of squirrels.

177. When in doubt, ask someone else. I give terrible advice.

178. Work in progress. Proceed with caution.

179. The only thing that matters in life is loving others and being loved. When it comes time to die, that will be all that you really remember.

180. Destination: Unknown. But I’ll have a lot of fun along the way. 🙂


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