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He Never Texts First But Always Replies. What Does It Mean?


When you like someone, you want to talk to them all the time. If he never texts first but always replies, you may start to wonder how interested in you he actually is. Does he just hate texting in general? Is he just being polite? What is really going on in his mind?

If he never texts first but always replies there is a reason for it and we

He Never Texts First But Always Replies. What Does It Mean?

It can be very irritating to text someone you like and never have them initiate the texts. Even worse, you start to wonder if you are just bothering your crush. If you are constantly texting him and only get short replies in return, you may worry about seeming clingy or needy. You need to know if he likes you and what is going on in his mind so that you know how you should act.

1. He Is Afraid of Bothering You

You know how you are worried about bothering him or seeming clingy? There is a decent chance that he is afraid of exactly the same thing. If he really likes you, he is probably over-thinking every single thing that he does. He is afraid that he will look desperate if he reaches out first, so he is waiting to see what you do. In his mind, he is doing the right thing by avoiding messing up his chances. If he texted you too much, you might think that he was annoying. In his mind, this way is the best option for talking to you without annoying you.

2. He Wants to Play Hard to Get

This is the worst reason for when he never texts first but always replies. Some guys heard from friends or read articles about playing hard to get. They mistakenly think that this will make you like them. While some guys do this because they are just misguided, other guys are deliberately trying to manipulate you and play with your mind. If he is just trying to manipulate you, the best thing that you can do is move on and forget about him.

he never texts first but always replies fast

3. He Is Unsure About Your Feelings

Guys are not always good about reading emotions and body language. Plus, it is always hard to talk to a crush. When you like someone a lot, it seems impossible that they would ever like you back. Even if you have flirted and been fairly clear about your feelings, he may still be in doubt. He is avoiding texting you first because he wants to wait and see if you are interested. This is more likely to be the case if he seems interested and engaged in the conversation. If he asks questions and does his best to keep the conversation going, then there is an excellent chance that he wants to talk to you.

4. He Is Just Busy

We all have goals that we want to accomplish. From classes to work schedules, life can get in the way of doing fun things like texting your crush. It is entirely possible that the reason he does not initiate texts is that he doesn’t have the time. He responds to your texts because he likes you and doesn’t want you to misinterpret his actions. At the same time, he is too busy to actually initiate the conversation for the moment.

5. He Is Not Interested in a Relationship

It is entirely possible that the problem is not you at all. He might be attracted to you and have feelings for you, but he knows that he is not ready for a relationship right now and doesn’t want to encourage you too much. If this is the case, then it sounds like you are texting a good guy. He replies to be kind, but he avoids breaking your heart or using you when he knows that he is not interested in more—it is just too bad he doesn’t want a relationship yet!

6. You Beat Him to the Punch

The problem could also be how often you text him. If you are texting each other all the time, he might not have a chance to initiate anything. When he does think about sending you a text first, he realizes that you have already texted him.

7. He’s Not That Interested

This is an unfortunate possibility. He might text you back to be nice or because he sees you as a friend, but he might want to keep your relationship at just friends. He texts back because he doesn’t want to be rude or hurt you, but he just isn’t interested in a romance.

8. He Dislikes Texting

There is always the possibility that he dislikes texting. Some people prefer talking in person, or he might not have the time to text. If he is constantly working, driving or studying, texting might be impossible for most of his day. If everything else he does in person makes it seem like he is interested, don’t panic just because he doesn’t text first.


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