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He Never Apologizes for Hurting Me


If you care about someone, the last thing that you want is to hurt them. Because of this, it can be extremely confusing when your boyfriend hurts you and never apologizes. You got into a terrible argument, and you were more than willing to apologize for your part in it. Now, you want to know why he never apologizes when he does something wrong. My Boyfriend Never Apologizes for His Mistakes

He Never Apologizes for Hurting Me

This type of behavior can definitely hurt. Having an argument is something you expect to happen from time to time. Now, you just want to know why he would act like nothing was wrong and that he did everything right. Is he a narcissist who doesn’t care about other people’s feelings? Does his ego get in the way? Does he not realize what he has done to you? In some cases, it can be all of these actors working together that keep him from apologizing.

The Reasons Why He Won’t Apologize to You

While every person is different, there are a few common reasons why a guy won’t apologize. We will cover some of the most common reasons why this might happen.

He Really Isn’t Sorry

This is an unfortunately common reason. After all, why would you apologize to someone if you think that you did everything right? While you know that he did not do the right thing and made a horrible mistake in hurting you, he might not realize it yet. Even if a part of him thinks that he did something wrong, he might not want to admit it to himself. There are also just some people who never feel remorse. They know that they can’t take back what they did and so they just move on. While there might be people like this in the world, that doesn’t mean that you have to date one of them.

He Expects to Do It Again

He might not apologize because he knows he plans on doing the same thing in the future. If he apologized, he would be admitting that he knows he did something wrong. Then, when he did it again, you would be even angrier at him.

His Ego Gets in the Way

Some people are just too proud to apologize to someone, even if they love them. His ego may get in the way of saying that he did the wrong thing. He thinks that he is an amazing, wonderful person and apologizing to you would show that he made a mistake and isn’t perfect. When someone has a lot of pride, they have a hard time saying that they were wrong. In this case, you should tell him calmly how what he has done affects you and see what he does.

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He Is Selfish

Pride might not be the problem at all. He might just be too selfish to see that he has hurt you. If he thinks only about himself, then he isn’t paying attention to your needs or how his actions affect. This is another case where you should just tell him how you feel and how what he has done affects you. If you explain your feelings to him, he will at least have a chance to learn how to be a better person.

He Has No Clue How to Apologize

He might not know how to apologize for two different reasons. One reason may be that he is too ashamed. He know what a terrible thing he did, and he also knows that no apology could ever make it better. In the other case, he really doesn’t know how to apologize. People learn how to apologize and accept responsibility over the course of their lives. If he never learned to apologize early on in life, he might just be unfamiliar with how to do it.

He Thought He Did Apologize

Some people try to apologize, but they just aren’t good at it. He may have accepted that he did something wrong and told you that he would do better. Unfortunately, he never said “I’m sorry,” so it doesn’t count as an apology. He may have just assumed that you knew he was apologetic by his tone or behavior.

What to Do If He Physically Hurts You

When People Are Mean and Refuse to Admit It Or Apologize

In all of the previous cases, the best option is to tell him how you feel and calmly talk about the matter. He can’t change unless he knows how you feel and that he needs to be better. If he has physically hurt you, then you should break up with him and move on. There is a huge difference between being emotionally and physically hurt. Domestic violence is not a problem that just goes away. In most cases, it only gets worse as time passes. If he has physically hurt you, break up with him or just leave. Find a safe place away from him and call the authorities if you are in danger in any way.


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