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He Doesn’t Call or Text for Days. What Does It Mean?


You thought that you found Mr. Right, but then it seems like he just disappeared from your life. You had texted and called each other constantly, but know you have not gotten any messages from him for days. Should you be worried when he doesn’t call or text for days? What does it mean? Is he no longer interested in you?

 What does it mean when your boyfriend doesn't text you all day

He Doesn’t Call or Text for Days. What Does It Mean?

Before you start worrying too much, look at his overall behavior. If he was never particularly good at texting and calling, then his lack of contact might not mean too much. He may just be a bit busier than normal and did not think about it a lot. If he was texting you constantly and suddenly stopped, then you might have a reason to start worrying about what is going on with him.

1. He Lost or Broke His Phone

This probably is not the most common reason, but it can happen. If he broke or lost his phone, then he can’t actually get in touch with you. He might have also forgotten to charge it and been too busy to remember. If this is the case though, he will eventually reach out to you again and tell you why he suddenly disappeared on you.

2. He Is Just Busy Right Now

If he was never that good at texting anyway, then this is definitely a possible reason. It is entirely possibly that he is just extremely busy with work and his friends. He may have seen your message while he was busy and mentally reminded himself that he needed to get back to you. When he finally had free time, he may have forgotten about your message. Once he has more time, he will most likely get in touch with you again.

3. He Thought Playing Hard to Get Was a Good Idea

For some reason, there is still an ongoing myth that playing hard to get will get you a date. In the majority of cases, mind games like this will only set your relationship up for failure. If he took advice from a poorly informed friend or a bad dating book, then he might think that playing hard to get is the best way to make you like him. He did not realize that what it actually does is make you annoyed with him.

4. He Wants You to Message Him

Think back to the last few days. Have you actually messaged him at all? If he doesn’t call or text for days, he might be waiting to see if you message him first. After all, he doesn’t want to be annoying or needy by always messaging you. If you have not called or messaged him at all in the last few days, send him a single message to see how he is doing and wait to see if he responds.

5. He Is Not Into You

Some guys are flirtatious without realizing it. He may have thought of you as just a friend and realized too late that you thought he wanted more from the friendship. Instead of just telling you how he felt, he went radio silent instead. While another reason on this list is also possible, it is definitely a possibility that he just isn’t interested.

Exactly What To Do If He Hasn't Texted You In Two Days

6. He Has a Girlfriend

If he has a girlfriend and was trying to start a fling or affair with you, then he may have stopped calling because she was around. He also may have stopped calling because he had second thoughts about it. If he is doing anything else that seems shady, then you may want to consider this possibility.

7. Phones Aren’t His Thing

Some people just dislike texting and calling on the phone. They like the way people can communicate in person, so they reserve their talks for face-to-face conversations. If this is the reason why he doesn’t call or text for days, then you can tell by the fact that he rarely likes texting or calling anyway.

8. He Left Town

He might stop texting or calling if he traveled somewhere that has terrible service. If he is out of town, it is also possible that he forgot his phone or his charger at home. Either way, he will eventually get in touch with you again and you will find out why.

Tips On What To Do If He Doesn't Call or Text You Back

What Should You Do?

If you already messaged him once, stop and don’t do anything. A stream of messages will only seem clingy or annoying. If you have not messaged him at all, send him one message to see how he is doing and then stop. If he likes you, he will definitely get in touch. Most likely, he will tell you the reason why he was out of touch for so long. If he doesn’t like you, then messaging him constantly won’t change anything.


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