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Does He Miss Me? 10 Sure Signs He Still Thinks About You Often


It might hit you a few days after your breakup or a few months, but you will one day wonder if your ex ever thinks about you. You might think it’s a vain idea to assume that he does because who would he miss you when he doesn’t even show any signs that he so much as thinks about you. But that’s where you might be wrong.

When we’re so caught up with trying to get over a breakup or trying to start over, we might miss signs that the person we were once with still have lingering feelings for us. So if you’re wondering if your ex still thinks about you often, look for these sure signs.


1. He still talks to you. This might as well be the biggest sign that he still thinks about you. See, he thinks about you so much that he can’t help but want to talk to you. And even if your relationship has ended, he still goes the extra mile to try and talk to you. He wants to know how your day is going or what you’ve been up to. He wants to see if you’re okay or if maybe there’s the off chance that you miss him too. And since you’re reading this article, it’s pretty evident that you think about him as well. Admit it!

Your interactions probably don’t stop at just talking on the phone, chatting, or texting. He might also be active in your social media profiles. He could be liking your pics, commenting on your posts, or posting stuff on your wall. This is his way of saying that he misses you even if he doesn’t say it outright. It’s also his way of making sure other people know that even if you’ve broke up, he’s still around. It could be his way of telling other potential guys to back off.

2. He shows up where you hang out. You’re out for a fun night with your girlfriends. And as you check out all the people at the bar, you see him. He’s there with his friends, acting like they’ve been long-time patrons. But you know he’s there not because he’s a huge fan of the place, but because he wants to run into you.

If a guy doesn’t miss you, he probably won’t even consider hanging out where you hang out simply because it might make you think that he misses you when he doesn’t. But when a guy goes out of his way to hang out at bar that’s halfway across the city from where he lives, you know he’s just doing it to run into you.

And what does he do when he does see you? He acts like it’s some merry coincidence that you happen to be at the same place. He’ll talk to you and maybe try to blend your two groups together. A guy who doesn’t miss you wouldn’t so much as acknowledge you, much less drag his entire friend group just to see you.

3. He still talks to your friends. So let’s say you didn’t have a great breakup. Maybe words were said, and among those words were “I never want to talk to you ever again!” along with unfollowing and blocking each other online. But when he’s had some time to think things over, he might be regretting saying all those things to you. He might say that it was in the heat of the moment.

But now that he can’t talk to you online, what can he do? He’ll contact your friends in the hope that they would pass on the message that he misses you. But let’s say you’re a skeptic who thinks he’s only talking to your friends to hook up with them. If he is, your friend would definitely get that vibe. If he’s talking to them because he’s missing you, your friends would be the first to know because you’ll be the first thing he asks about.

4. His friends tease you about getting back together. Let’s say you’re in the same social circle and your friends know all about how you started dating and how it all ended. If he didn’t already hint to them that he misses you, they wouldn’t even mention it because of the potential awkwardness. However, if they do tease you two about getting back together, it could mean that he has already told them how he still has feelings for you. And because he has sworn your friends to a promise of secrecy, the next best thing they can do to push this re-emerging romance along is to tease you about it.

5. He is clearly not happy when he finds out you’re seeing someone. All this time, you might have thought that your relationship with him is over and done. So you go out and meet some people, and along the way you meet a new guy you get along well with. Considering your ex misses you and wants to know about you, this fact won’t be lost on him.

When he finds out you’re with someone new, he won’t be too happy about it. He might convince himself that it’s okay because you’re single anyway. But he won’t be able to help looking sad and dejected about it. He might vent to his friends or your friends or on social media. He might suddenly stop talking to you. He might even block you to avoid having to see the new guy. Either way, you’ll soon find out that he’s not a happy camper.

6. He dates a ton of women. This one’s a little ambiguous, but there’s a possibility he’s dating all these women in an attempt to get over you. He might think that there’s no chance for the two of you to be together again, so he starts looking around for a potential girlfriend – and he goes a little overboard with looking around. And the dead ringer that he’s doing it to get over missing you is that he’s trying to keep it on the down low in case you never give him another chance when you find out.

He could also be doing this because he wants to make you jealous. If he’s being inexplicably loud and public about his dating escapades, he could be doing that to make sure you see it. He might think that if you find out about him dating so many women, you might confront him and show him that you still have feelings for him.

Be careful about this sign, though. Because we can never really know why a person is dating around a lot unless they explicitly say why. There’s always that possibility that he’s dating around because he just wants to, and it has nothing to do with missing you.

7. He doesn’t date anyone at all. On the opposite side of the spectrum is the guy who just swears off dating simply because he can’t muster up the stamina to start over. He could be so wrapped up in you that the prospect of being with other women doesn’t sit right with him. It’s like he knows that out of all the women he could possibly date, no one could compare to you.

This could also be his way of showing you his devotion, even if you’re no longer together. He might be staying single in the hope that you would notice and realize that the two of you getting back together is better than the two of you being single.

8. He still holds onto your stuff. And might we add that he still keeps them where you would keep them. It’s like he’s keeping your stuff ready for you in case you come back to him. And if that’s not a sign that a guy has it bad for you, then we don’t know what is!

Usually, a guy who no longer thinks about you would box up all your stuff and throw it out, send it back, or donate it. But when it comes to a guy who still misses you and thinks about you a lot, he would keep your stuff in the hope that you would come back, miss what you used to have, and maybe get back together with him.

9. He drink dials you. A drunk mind speaks a sober heart, they say. And that wouldn’t be such a popular adage if it weren’t true! Imagine a person being so drunk he can hardly walk or function. All he can do is whip out his phone and make a call. And in all the drunken chaos that’s going on in his mind, there is only one clear thought – you. Sure, you can think it’s just him looking for a booty call because he’s thinking from below the belt, but that’s still a pretty good sign that he misses you a lot!

10. He hasn’t been doing so well. When you talk and ask him about how he is, he always has a somber tone to his voice when he tells you he’s “fine.” But since you know him well, you know that he’s not fine, not even close. When you ask his friends what he’s been up to, they tell you that he’s been a wreck ever since you broke up. And even he won’t tell you directly, you might already notice it from his online posts or from when you see him. It shows that he’s still holding onto what could have been between you, and that he can’t get back up ever since you left.

Now that you know the signs that he misses you, it’s time for you to decide if you want to give him another shot or just wait around and hope that he will finally get over you!


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