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200 Cute Girly Instagram Bios


You want to make you Instagram profile stand out, so you need cute, girly Instagram bios. The following bios are short, sweet and to the point. They can help you show off different parts of your personality and get ideas for a more unique option. Use these cute, girly Instagram bios to help you begin brainstorming the right bios for your Instagram page.

1. Never let anyone dull your inner sparkle.

2. I don’t have an attitude problem. I have a personality that no one can handle!

3. And thus she decided to begin living the life she had dreamed of.

4. The only reason I’m fat is because I needed a body large enough to store my personality.

5. If there are people talking behind your back, at least that means you are out in front.

6. There is no force more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise up from any challenge.

7. Surround yourself with pretty makeup and not just negativity.

8. I am the girl who loves wearing black more than pink.

9. I might be a young girl, but behind every youthful girl is a powerful dad.

10. Keep your heels, mind and standards held high.

11. My only wish in life is that I could donate all of my body fat to people in need.

12. Being a girl might seem like fun and games, but it isn’t always.

13. If you show me just 1 percent goodness, I’ll give you 100 percent in return. But if you give me 1 percent of attitude, I’ll give you all 100 percent of it.

14. Nothing can keep you from climbing off a cliff. You just have to learn how to fall.

15. I want to be the girl who makes all of your terrible days better. I want to be that girl who makes you think, “My life has changed for the better since I met her.”

16. Think about it: you can’t spell awesome without a bit of ME.

17. She believed that she could do anything, so she did.

18. A woman is truly unstoppable once she realizes that she deserves better.

19. When life gets you down, say whatever and just keep going.

20. A truly strong woman is someone who can smile brightly in the morning when she was just crying last night.

21. 401 Error: Bio currently unavailable.

22. You may have seen a lot of pretty faces in life, but here’s a gorgeous soul waiting just for you.

23. Beauty might get all of the attention, but personality is what captures the heart.

24. If you keep obeying all of the rules, you’ll end up missing out on all the fun.

25. A girl should have just two things in life: a smile and a guy who inspires her happiness.

26. The most beautiful thing that a woman can ever wear is her confidence.

27. If at first you don’t succeed, fix up your ponytail and try again.

28. Love me or hate me, but I’ll still be this pretty.

29. I am not sure how many problems I have because math is just one of them.

30. The happier you are, the more beautiful your face becomes.

31. Check it out: I am totally trending now.

32. Bio Currently Under Construction: Come Back Soon!

33. Do not try to become someone who is different than the inner you.

34. Stay strong and make all your haters wonder why you are still smiling.

35. Always remember to be strong enough to let things go and smart enough to wait for the person you deserve.

36. The three most important words you can ever tell yourself are, “Yes, I can!”

37. She has grace in her heart and fire in her soul.

38. I want to be the girl who shops blindly, but uses only her own money.

39. When life hands you lemons, start making lemonade.

40. Unique and different are the new sexy.

41. I am only pretending to be me. Come back later.

42. A girl never needs anyone who doesn’t need her.

43. I am not lazy. I am just using my energy saving mode.

44. Being a girl is so unbelievably expensive.

45. I am not crazy. They call me mentally hilarious.

46. A smile is by far the prettiest thing you can ever wear.

47. Never lower your standards for some guy. Instead, make him raise his standards to be with you.

48. If life throws a rock at your face, throw back a brick.

49. In order to excel at doing anything, you have to start by actually enjoying it first.

50. Don’t be so quick to start judging me. Remember, you can only see what I choose to show you.

51. I am a crafty kind of girl, so I make things. Lots of things.

52. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

53. If you are going to act two-faced, then you better make one of them pretty.

54. Dream without having any fears. Love without giving yourself limits.

55. When others throw bricks at you, use them to lay down a firm foundation.

56. You’re never fully dressed without a smile. – Annie

57. The hardest thing I have ever tried in life was being normal.

58. I am not short. I’m just concentrated awesome.

59. I will never cry for you. My mascara is too expensive.

60. Be happy. Be crazy. Be weird. But most of all, be you.

61. My daily routine: Wake up, be amazing, go back to sleep, repeat!

62. When life seems confused and blurry, just adjust your focus.

63. I want to be the girl you fall in love with when everyone else is falling for you.

64. Sometimes, people are not just beautiful in looks, but in the way they are.

65. I am the girl you can never be.

66. Strong is the new beautiful.

67. Being born a girl is never a disadvantage.

68. Life is not measured by the number of breaths that we take, but by the experiences that take our breath away.

69. There is no limit to what a determined woman can accomplish in life.

70. You just have to fight through the bad days in order to earn the good days in life.

71. A mistake that makes you humble and modest is far better than an achievement that makes you arrogant and conceited.

72. I do not have time to hate all of the people who hate me because I am too busy loving everyone who loves me.

73. I am not fat. God just gave me airbags because he thinks I’m precious.

74. Never be the girl that needs to have a man. Be the girl that a man needs.

75. Positivity is the first step on the road to happiness.

76. It is an amazing thing when a passion and a career come together as one.

77. Never treat other people as bad as they are. Instead, treat them as good as you are.

78. You might see me struggle at times, but you will never see me quit.

79. They told me that I couldn’t do it, so that is why I did.

80. Life is too short to hide all of your feelings, so never be afraid to share how you feel.

81. Be the reason that someone else sees the goodness in people.

82. Nothing can ever be stronger than a woman who fights for what she believes in.

83. I am just a girl who is minding her own business . . . Literally!

84. A girl should always be two things: What and who she wants.

85. It is time to stop running away and start living.

86. Each day I smile and act like there is nothing wrong. It is the simple act of putting the bad things aside and being strong.

87. I didn’t want to steal my Instagram bio from someone else, but I’m too lazy to just write one on my own.

88. Never get too busy with your social life to forget living your own life.

89. I am beautiful, I am strong and I am enough.

90. Beauty begins in the moment that you finally decide to be yourself.

91. I am a person who is strong, brave and broken all at once.

92. Whenever you are stressed, just bust out the cake, ice cream, candy and chocolate.

93. You should always hang on to the things in life that cause you to smile. Let go of anything that makes you frown.

94. Girls are a lot like abstract paintings. You might not always understand them, but they still look beautiful.

95. It is a funny thing that when I am loud, people always tell me to quiet down. Whenever I am quiet though, people keep asking what is wrong.

96. Don’t worry! Whenever you are feeling downie, just reach out and eat a brownie.

97. Beauty means becoming the best possible version of yourself on both the inside and the out.

98. I am a girl. I am strong, smart and capable of doing just about anything.

99. This is the shortest Instagram bio that you’ll ever pretend to read.

100. I am only here to avoid friends on Facebook.

101. It is only strong women who can conquer the world.

102. A well-lived life is just a large collection of happy moments.

103. I love the woman who I have become because I had to fight to become her.

104. A girl should always be two things in life: classy and FABULOUS.

105. I am not actually crazy. My reality is just a lot different than yours.

106. I am a girl, so never touch my face, hair, phone or boyfriend.

107. By the kind of person who you would really like to meet

108. I might be a slow walker, but at least I will never walk back.

109. It is better to be a strong woman than pretty and useless.

110. I still don’t understand Instagram bios, but here I am.

111. I am going to update my Instagram bio someday, but you had better focus more on your own.

112. Having a soft heart within a cruel, mean world is a sign of courage, not weakness.

113. Whenever I go and wherever I choose to go, I just want to spread a bunch of sparkling happiness around the world.

114. A successful woman is able to build a firm foundation with all the bricks that others throw at her.

115. My only hobbies in life are breakfast, lunch and dinner.

116. I am never going to be a beauty queen. I can only be a beautiful me.

117. Sometimes, it is better to just be alone because then no one can hurt you.

118. Hey, you! Don’t copy my Instagram bio!

119. Be the woman who you would like your daughter to become.

120. Just spread your wings and FLY!

121. Some day, there will be an updated version of me.

122. You never really know what someone is like until you say “no” to them.

123. I am not lazy. Some thief just took my motivation.

124. The most attractive thing a girl can ever wear is her CONFIDENCE.

125. Just flowing along with life like a river.

126. My road to success always seems to be under constant construction.

127. Life is only 10 percent what you make it be. It is 90 percent how you take it. Perspective is everything.

128. I hate it when people say that I have changed when they clearly never knew me at all.

129. I am born to express, but not to impress.

130. A strong woman is someone who can look a challenge in the eye and give it a wink.

131. Beautiful things never have to ask for attention.

132. I am an odd blend of really cute and “don’t mess with me.”

133. If you cannot love yourself completely, how will you ever love someone else?

134. Being a girl is never easy. You have to learn shades of pink that no one has ever heard of.

135. I am not a second choice. You either pick me or lose me forever.

136. Every girl has two sides. You don’t even want to know my other side.

137. No matter how you feel in life, you have to get up, dress up and never give up.

138. There is an amazing beauty in simplicity.

139. Behind every successful woman in life is herself.

140. The smile on my face is not a sign my life is perfect. It just means that I appreciate everything that I have.

141. If you are always trying to be just normal, you will never discover how amazing you can truly be.

142. Hearts can break and get hurt. Then, they get fixed and the cycle repeats itself.

143. Be like a diamond: rare and precious. Never be a stone that can be found anywhere.

144. The hardest test in life is having the patience to wait for just the right moment.

145. If you can believe in yourself, you will truly be unstoppable.

146. A girl should always be like a butterfly: pretty to see, but hard to catch.

147. Only great minds can afford to have a simple style.

148. There is a real princess inside each of us.

149. I am not short. I am just a very down-to-earth person.

150. You have a smile that can light up the whole world.

151. Making mistakes is always better than just faking perfection.

152. You have to keep smiling. Life is a beautiful thing, so there is always something to smile about.

153. Long ago, I used to have a life. Then, someone said that I should create an Instagram account.

154. There. I joined Instagram finally. Are you happy now?

155. I am not beautiful like you or anyone else. I’m just beautiful like me.

156. Whenever I have a problem, I just sing. Then, I realize that my voice is worse than any problem could ever be.

157. It is hard to be a woman. You have to act like a lady, think like a man, look like you’re just a young girl and work as hard as a horse.

158. I am just learning to fall in love with the sound of my own feet walking away from people not meant for me.

159. My attitude depends entirely on who is in front of me.

160. Sometimes, you have to be both a beauty and a beast.

161. I smile only because I have no clue what is going on.

162. I am only a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.

163. She who dares in life, wins.

164. My only hobbies are eating and then complaining that I am getting fat.

165. If life is not smiling back at you, you have to give it a good tickling.

166. The future belongs to those people crazy enough to believe in the beauty of their dreams.

167. Lift your head up high, princess. Otherwise, your crown will fall.

168. I am not fat. It is just all of my awesomeness welling up inside of me.

169. Life is too short, so don’t waste time copying my Instagram bio.

170. Being yourself is always the prettiest thing that you can ever be.

171. Wake up with determination, and you will go to bed with satisfaction.

172. I love hearing rumors. I always find out interesting things about myself that I never knew before.

173. You wouldn’t be able to handle me if I gave you the instructions.

174. Don’t follow me anywhere because I have no clue where I am going.

175. It might be invisible, but never forget to wear your crown.

176. It is only strong women who rule the world.

177. I am not fat. I am just a little easier for you to see.

178. In order to be successful in life, you have to always focus on your mistakes instead of dwelling on your victories.

179. I collect smiles in abundance so then I can give them all away.

180. Always be happy! Even when you aren’t, pretend to be happy.

181. You were given this life because you alone are strong enough to live it.

182. Behind the favorite song of every girl is just another untold story.

183. I will never try to fit in because I was born to always stand out.

184. Behind every great man is a truly surprised woman.

185. Yes, I am a girl, but pink will never be my favorite color.

186. I am just a sweet, cute girl. If you make me mad though, remember that I have a pocketful of crazy that is just waiting to come out!

187. You are always more powerful than you know, but you are already beautiful just as you are.

188. Live your life where happiness is a precondition, not an option.

189. Girls just want attention, but women want respect.

190. She turned all of her can’ts into can’s before turning her dreams into plans.

191. Quit trying to fix me because I’m not broken.

192. I know that I am awesome, so I don’t need to hear about your opinion.

193. I don’t need a Prince Charming to achieve my own happy ending.

194. Whenever I am feeling a little down in life, I just put on my high heels and start dancing.

195. If you are reading this Instagram bio, then you must have nothing fun to do in your own life.

196. Here’s to the moment when you are crying inside, but have to keep on smiling.

197. Whenever a man treats his girlfriend like a true princess, it proves that he was raised by a queen.

198. You are judged, not for the mistakes you make, but how you rise up from them.

199. My Instagram bio is the coolest thing about me.

200. I may look as cute as a teddy bear, but I can be a grizzly if you cross me.


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