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60 Cute Contact Names for Your Boyfriend


Terms of endearment and pet names are an easy way to show how much you care for someone. Long ago, these pet names were used in romantic love letters between couples. Now, you can use those pet names as cute contact names for your boyfriend. Whether you have an online contact list or just want to update his name in your phone, the following pet name ideas are a good place to start. These contact names will help you personalize your contact list and show just how much you care for your boyfriend.

 Cute Names to save Your BF as in Your Phone

60 Cute Contact Names for Your Boyfriend

Before you use any of these cute contact names for your boyfriend, try testing it out first to make sure that he actually likes you. Nothing is worse than spending time finding and using the right name only to realize that you have horribly offended the man you love. Spend some time finding the right name so that you do not have to change it later.

1. Mi Corazón: In Spanish, this pretty pet name means “my heart,” which makes it perfect for the guy who has your whole heart.

2. Lover: If you love your boyfriend, why not give him this moniker?

3. Cariño: In Spanish, this name has a similar meaning to “my darling” or “my dear” in English.

4. Prince: This is a perfect option for the prince of your heart.

5. Drágám: In Hungarian, this unusual-sounding contact name means “precious.”

6. My World: If he means the entire world to you, then this would be an obvious contact name to choose.

7. Mo Cuisle: This means “my pulse” in Irish. You may remember hearing it in the film, Million Dollar Baby.

8. Sexpot: This certainly has a naughty ring to it!

9. A Cuisle Mo Chroi: This is a longer version of “Mo Chuisle.” In Irish, it is said to mean pulse of my heart.

10. Shorty: For some reason, this has remained a popular nickname for boyfriends and girlfriends for years.

Funny Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

11. Apple: This cute contact name comes from the popular English say, “the apple of my eye.”

12. Darling: This is perfect for the most darling person in your life.

13. Mi Tesero: In Spanish, this pretty contact name means my treasure.

14. My Everything: If your boyfriend means everything to you, this is a good contact name to choose.

15. Ojos de Angel: This is certainly a fun, sweet option to choose. In Spanish, this means “angel eyes.”

16. My Love: This is a simple, easy option to go with.

17. Cariad: You won’t hear this pet name every day! In Welsh, this name means “sweetheart.”

18. Sexy: A contact name like this is bound to give your boyfriend a bit of an ego boost!

19. Mi Rey: This Spanish term of endearment means “my king,” which makes it an excellent pet name for your boyfriend.

20. Main Squeeze: Hopefully, your boyfriend is actually your only squeeze and not just your main squeeze.

21. Buah Hatiku: In Indonesian, this unique name means “fruit of my heart.”

22. Sunshine: If your boyfriend always lights up your life, this would be a great term of endearment to choose as his contact name.

23. Schnuckiputzi: Good luck saying this one five times fast! This name is made out of two words that actually mean sweet and good.

24. Soulmate: This is certainly a sweet option.

25. Golubchik: In Russian, this means “my dove.” It is also commonly used in place of “dearie.” In Russia, the dove is a symbol of peace and love like it is in English-speaking countries. Because of this, it is a popular pet name for boyfriends and girlfriends. The feminine version of this pet name is Golubushka.

Know These Cutest Names You Can Call Your Man

26. Sweetcheeks: This pet name just sounds adorable.

27. Mo Chroi: This is another Irish pet name that is said to mean “my heart.”

28. Love Muffin: If you wanted a cute option, this would work well.

29. Mi Cielito: In Spanish, this term of endearment means “my little heaven.”

30. Angel Eyes: This is a sweet-sounding pet name.

31. Mi Vida: This Spanish pet name means “my life,” which makes it perfect for the love of your life. If you actually want to call your boyfriend the love of your life, you can use “amor de mi vida.”

32. My Stars: This is perfect for a guy who brightens even the darkest nights.

33. Mon Petit Chou: In French, this pet name actually means “my little cabbage.”

34. My Precious: This is certainly an obvious option if you want a cute contact name for your boyfriend.

35. Skat: In Danish, this name means treasure.

36. Honey Bunches: This is another sweet-sounding contact name for your boyfriend.

37. Mi Sol: This Spanish term of endearment can mean “my sunshine” or “my sun.”

38. Babe: This might be a popular option, but it is a bit overused.

39. Fraglina: This pet name sounds awesome and is a lot of fun to say. In Italian, it means “little strawberry.”

40. Boo: Cute!

41. Amor Mio: In Spanish, this term of endearment means “my love.”

42. My Treasure: This sounds like a sweet contact name.

43. Min Guldklump: This interesting-sounding pet name is said to mean “my gold nugget” in Danish.

44. Lovebug: Perfect for your lovebug!

45. Corazoncito: This Spanish term of endearment means “little heart.”

Cute Couple Nicknames For Him

46. Sugar Bunny: This pet name just sounds so sweet.

47. Love Bunches: You can’t go wrong with a contact name like this one.

48. Amorcito: In Spanish, this term actually means “little love.”

49. Hot Stuff: Your boyfriend is bound to like this option!

50. Trouble: If you like teasing your boyfriend about causing trouble, this would be a great choice.

51. My Heart: This is always a sweet choice.

52. Baby: This option works, but it is a bit overused.

53. Love Puppy: For the lovesick, puppy in your life.

54. Sweetheart: This is always a popular option.

55. Bae: You can’t go wrong with this option.

56. Lover: Perfect for the special lover in your life!

57. Baby Face: Be careful—your boyfriend might not like you teasing him about his baby face.

58. Hunk: This is certainly going to make your boyfriend feel attractive!

59. Sugar Lips: This is a cute, sweet-sounding contact name for your boyfriend.

60. Handsome: Your boyfriend will certainly like this option!


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