100 Appreciation Quotes for Good Work


When you work with a superstar, it is important that you show how much you appreciate them. When people feel rewarded for putting in extra effort, they are more likely to keep up the good work. Whether you want appreciation quotes for good work for a co-worker, friend or employee, these options will help. For a more personalized touch, you can modify these appreciation quotes for good work so that they reflect exactly what the person did that made you so appreciative.

1. Less problems and more solutions. If you keep up this great work, then nothing will stand in your way of reaching the top. Amazing work!

2. Never be afraid to take on new challenges as you take on new projects and jobs. After seeing all of the amazing work that you put in, I know that you will always achieve success in everything. Congratulations!

3. Happiness is being able to work with someone as amazing as you.

4. Not everyone can be a creative thinker, but you truly are. I appreciate your ability to think critically and innovatively about every issue. Thanks!

5. Thank you so much for taking the initiative on this and getting the job done so fast.

6. You have truly gone above and beyond your job description. Keep up the amazing work!

7. Your work takes up such a large portion of your life. The only way to achieve satisfaction is to do something that you believe to be great work. The only way to do that is to love what you do. You not only do a great job, but you are clearly passionate about everything you do.

8. If they gave out Oscars for doing an amazing job, I would nominate you first. Thanks so much and congratulations on your achievement!

9. Even the tiniest of jobs is done well when you are doing it. This is the secret to your success and the reason why you will achieve all of your dreams. Keep it up!

10. You are so amazingly creative. I always love finding out your perspective on everything.

11. Thank you for being the one employee who is always hungry for a challenge. You achieve excellence in all that you do, and your hard work is appreciated.

12. You never stop when you are exhausted or tired. You only stop when your job is completely done. Amazing work!

13. You show that the pursuit of excellence is not a one-time thing. It is truly a way of life. Great work!

14. The world’s greatest achievers have always been people who are totally focused on their goals and persistent in their efforts, just like you!

15. We are so thrilled to have you on our team—your hard work has shown just why we needed you so much.

16. Many people have failed in trying to do what you have accomplished. While they only focused on finding problems, you were busy in finding solutions. Amazing work!

17. None of your efforts will ever be in pain. You will get a reward for all of your pain. Sooner or later, your work will bring you gain.

18. Doing a good job is not always about being amazingly creative or finding a new innovation. Sometimes, it is all about total dedication. Great work!

19. You spend less time thinking and more time doing—you are such an inspiration!

20. Alone, we can only do a little, but we can do so much together. Your service, talent and dedication are appreciated.

21. No matter how large the crowd may seem, someone like you always manages to stand out. There is no one here who has worked as hard as you or for as long. Now, your hard work is paying off. Congrats!

22. Congratulations on doing a great job! I always knew that you had the talent and ability to tackle any project or challenge that was thrown your way. You should be extremely proud of yourself.

23. My grandfather always said that there are people who work and people who take the credit. It looks like you are definitely a part of the first group!

24. Congratulations on your amazing victory—you deserved it so much! Always aim for the stars!

25. A great deal of dedication, honest, hard work and an amazing ethic has made you into a success. Well done.

26. Some of the people at our office talk well, and others dress well. Other people carry themselves well, but you are the only one who focuses on getting the job done well. Congrats!

27. Keep your hopes up because, with your work ethic, you can do anything that you set your mind to. All the best for your future success.

28. An employee like you is like a four-leaf clover: extremely hard to find, but so lucky to have.

29. I love having you as a part of the team. Thanks—I appreciate all that you do.

30. You have managed to survive 100% of the worst days, so you are definitely ahead of the game. Great work!

31. Thank you for doing such an amazing job at our company lately. Your dedication, talent and hard work have helped our company navigate a difficult time. We just wanted you to know how much we value you. You are truly appreciated by all of us.

32. We are so proud that an employee like you is a part of our team. Congratulations—here’s to many more successes!

33. You deserve a congratulations because of your amazing honesty, hard work and dedication. Congrats on your successes and best of luck in the future!

34. Your work speaks volumes about the type of person you are—organized, efficient, hard-working and result-oriented.

35. We are so proud that we can have an employee like you working with us. Here’s to your continued success!

36. You deserve to be congratulated over and over again for all of your hard work. We’ve found that hard work is the only key that will always unlock the doors of opportunity and success. You show just how true that saying really is.

37. You are never a loser until you quit trying, which is probably why you are always a success. Well done!

38. Luck has this truly funny way of showing up. If follows the hardest working people around everywhere, but never seems to show up for all of the slackers. Congrats—you truly deserved to be one of the lucky ones.

39. Talent means nothing, but experience, hard work and acquired humility mean everything. Great work!

40. Your hard work and efforts have really paid off. Your success was well-deserved and is definitely worth celebrating. Great job!

41. You have proven to everyone that a lack of experience does not matter when you work hard and have a strong drive toward excellence. Amazing work!

42. You have proven to be an exceptionally skilled individual. You have the capacity to do truly amazing things in your life. Keep making us proud as you encounter new adventures and challenges.

43. Today is the perfect day to tell you that no one could ever do a better job than you have—you are extremely appreciated.

44. The destiny of hard work always leads to success. You have done your hard work, so now you get to succeed at everything.

45. May success never elude you, and may you always get what you want. Congrats!

46. If our team were a car, you would definitely be the fuel that helps us accelerate past all limits.

47. Hey, co-worker! Amazing job! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate all of your work. I am so lucky to have someone as special as you on my team!

48. People like you are truly impossible to find. Thank you so much for all that you do.

49. Good things always come to people who work hard—keep up the amazing work!

50. Some people just dream about success. A select few, like you, do everything they can think of to achieve it. Great work!

51. Thank you so much for always working so hard for our team and our clients. Your hard work and dedication mean a lot to us!

52. While everyone else is talking about plans, plotting and discussing strategy, you are the only person who is busy doing. Great job!

53. We are the number 1 fans of your great work. You are extremely appreciated!

54. Amazing work! Congrats on a job well done—I am so proud of all that you do.

55. The highest reward for a man’s work is not what he gets from it, but what he becomes by it. Great job!

56. Just wanted to take this opportunity to say “Wow!” You do an amazing job!

57. With this success, you will get even more challenges and opportunities. If you face it with the same zeal, you will always come out on top. Great job!

58. Within you is the power to overcome any situation or struggle. Your talent and work ethic mean that you can turn any struggle into something bright and positive. Keep up the great work!

59. Once you have experienced true excellence, you can never be satisfied with mediocrity again. It looks like it’s too late for you—all you do is pursue excellence! Great work!

60. You are doing such a great job. I just wanted you to know that your work and presence are appreciated by everyone around you. Because of you, we are on track for our targets and goals.

61. A special thanks to a valued employee! Your hard work is appreciated.

62. You can never find out what you’re worth until you give it a try. Give it all you’ve got and you will find more success than you thought possible! Congrats!

63. Give the world your best, and the best will return to you! I appreciate your efforts!

64. May success always come your way and lead you on to even greater achievements!

65. We are so lucky to have a true innovator like you on our team!

66. Each time you do such a great job, you set yourself up for even more success. Great work!

67. I just wanted to say many thanks for all of your hard work—we appreciate all that you do!

68. Your dedication is a huge contribution to our success. You are a true rockstar!

69. You have been our go-to guy since day one. You are such an encouraging, supportive teammate. Thanks!

70. You have been such a valuable member of our team. Thank you for always being willing to share you knowledge, experience and talents with all of us!

71. I appreciate how quick you were able to respond and help out the new client!

72. Many people wait for opportunity to knock. You are the only one who goes out looking for it instead. No wonder you are always so successful!

73. The secret to finding success in any field is to take opportunities as a way to learn and explore instead of just doing the same boring chores. Congrats!

74. It is not the hours that you put into work that count the most, but the work you put into the hours. Great work!

75. Your achievements show how talented you are—persistence and hard work always make it to the top. Great work!

76. Your enthusiasm, dedication and insight inspire everyone around you. Thanks for a job well done and here’s wishing for even more great achievements.

77. Everyone can see a job well done, but not everyone remembers to say how much they appreciate it—thanks for all of the great work.

78. It has been such a pleasure to watch your creativity and enthusiasm at work. Here’s to hoping that you will keep inspiring us for many more years to come!

79. It’s time to rejoice and dedication—you are a success because of all your hard work and dedication. Congrats!

80. It is an honor for our company to have someone like you on our team. Thanks for all that you do!

81. Each job is like a self-portrait of the person who did it. Always autograph your own work with excellence.

82. In the end, you are not measured by what you undertook, but by what you accomplished.

83. It isn’t easy to face challenges with strength, courage and confidence, but you’ve done it. Great job!

84. Keep calm and keep up the amazing work!

85. We could never spell SUCCESS without you!

86. I love what you’ve been doing—keep up the great work!

87. I think you are a true superhero because you help people without having any personal interest in it.

88. You have a winner’s attitude—which makes sense because you are a true winner!

89. It has been a pleasure to work with someone so persistent, friendly and inspiring. I’m thankful that we were smart enough to bring you onto the team. Great work!

90. The reward for a job well done is getting the opportunity to do it again. Thanks for the hard work!

91. Others failed because they always had excuses. You were successful because you didn’t have any.

92. The first step on a journey toward success and perfection starts with doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

93. You have been the example of the hardest working person ever. I hope you continue to be so amazing to work with! Great job!

94. A job well done is just a benchmark that you can beat the next time. Congrats!

95. Never stop doing your best just because someone won’t give you credit—I appreciate all that you do.

96. Two thumbs way up! Your achievements are directly caused by your hard work and dedication. Great work!

97. Thank you for stepping up and getting this done for us—we could not have done it without you.

98. If you look up the definition of “hard work” in the dictionary, you will find your picture next to it. Congrats!

99. We are so grateful for your willingness to take on more work. This task required someone diligent and talented. Thankfully, we found the perfect person for the job—thanks for a job well done.

100. I always knew that you had what it takes to succeed. Thanks for going above and beyond!


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