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11 Secret Ways To Make A Man Deeply Obsessed With You Using Psychology


When you want someone to fall in love with you, it seems like an impossible task. You are already in love with them, so you do not understand why your love interest is not head over heels in love with you yet. While you can’t make someone attracted to you, there are some psychological tricks to make him obsessed with you that can work. These tricks only work if he already likes you or is attracted to you on some level. If you are certain that you already have a chance, these psychological tricks can help you seal the deal.

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Psychological Tricks to Make Him Obsessed With You

1. Go on Adventures

In a 1974 study by Arthur Aron and Donald Dutton, researchers found a link between anxiety and sexual arousal. One group of men was placed on a shaky, dangerous bridge, and another group was placed on a sturdy bridge. Then, a lovely woman asked each individual different questions. When the questions were finished, she gave the men her number just in case. It turns out that more of the men on the shaky bridges called her afterward.

You can capitalize on this trend by picking some type of adventure for your next date or hang out. Go hiking on a tall mountain near a cliff or go sky diving. If you are afraid of taking risks like sky diving, try hopping on a roller coaster at an amusement park. As long as it involves a little risk, his mind will release chemicals that make him even more attracted to you.

2. Add an Aura of Mystery

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When you don’t know what to expect from someone, you keep trying to be around them to understand what makes them tick and what they want out of life. A little mystery makes you intriguing, and he wants to discover everything about you. Take your time revealing the different layers of your personality so that he is constantly surprised and intrigued.

3. Keep Smiling

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This is an obvious thing to do, but it has to be included because it works so well. Research studies show that someone who smiles is perceived as more attractive. Plus, people just want to be around someone who seems happy and positive. It also shows that you like him and think well of him. If you are frowning all the time, he will be afraid that you don’t like. Since people naturally dislike anyone who dislikes him, he will quickly stop being interested in you. Make sure to smile all the time if you want to make him obsessed with you—just make sure all of your smiles are genuine ones.

4. Start Mirroring Him

Body language can be so powerful. When someone is interested in a conversation, they turn toward you and lean in. If they don’t like the conversation, dislike the person or just want to leave, they turn away and lead back. You will also notice that people tend to mirror the person who they are talking to. When they are interested in the conversation and like the person, their body language will mirror and mimic what the other person is doing. If you touch your face, the other person touches their face.

You can capitalize on psychological tricks like this by mimicking a guy’s actions. If he leans forward, you lean forward. If he grasps his elbow, you do the same. By mirroring him, you subconsciously show him that you are interested and are on the same wavelength.

You can also do this same trick when you are walking next to each other. Match his stride when he is walking next to you. If he slows his pace to match yours and subconsciously mimics your stride as well, then you know that he is starting to really like being around you.

5. Talk About Your Love of Cute Animals or Kids

Psychological Tricks to Make Him Obsessed With You

Be careful with this psychological trick because there is really a careful balance to it. If you talk constantly about how much you love children, you might end up seeming like you want an instant commitment, marriage and a bunch of kids. Also, you shouldn’t say how much you love puppies and children if you actually don’t. When he finds out someday, he will realize your lie and dislike you for it.

If you do like animals and children though, you can express this to him. It makes you seem more loving and nurturing. If he is a dog or animal lover, it will also seem weird that you could hate furry creatures. You don’t have to love every animal, but it definitely makes you look more appealing if you like at least a few cuddly creatures.

6. Look Into His Eyes

This is another one to be careful with because you don’t want to stare creepily or inappropriately into his eyes. If there is a reason to hold his gaze, then it will help him fall for you. In research studies, scientists found that gazing into someone’s eyes for an extended period of time brought about an increased level of attraction. It basically tricks your mind into feeling love for someone. If you can make it feel natural, then spend an extra few moments looking into his eyes and holding his gaze.

7. Try Wearing Red

Psychological Tricks to Make Him Obsessed With You

In studies, researchers found that men thought women who wore red were sexier than a woman in red. They were more likely to be interested in a date and more attracted to the woman. While you won’t kill your chances by wearing different colors, you might want to wear red on your first date.

8. Fill Voids in His Life

When someone searches for a partner, they definitely have a type. They might not realize it, but they look for someone who fills a void in their life. Research studies have shown this to be true, but it also makes sense. When you look for a mate, you obviously want someone who complements your problem areas and also shares interests with you. Guys are the same way. Even if they don’t realize it consciously, they look for a woman who fills a void in their life. If he lacks confidence, he might look for a woman who makes him feel confident and awesome. If he is afraid of large, social events, then he might want a partner who can easily handle all of the small talk so that he can relax. If you can complement his weaknesses and fill a void in his life, he is more likely to be attracted to you.

9. Having Mutual Friends Always Helps

Obviously, you can’t go back in time to make friends with all of his friends. If you already have mutual friends though, you are in luck. Human beings are wired to trust people who are already vouched for. When he has friends who know and like you, it definitely makes you seem better in his eyes. You don’t have to know all of his friends, but it definitely helps if one or two people in his friend group know and like you.

10. Have a Warm Date

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This is an interesting psychological trick. Apparently, your subconscious mind can be primed to feel in different ways through your environment. At Yale University, the psychologist John Bargh research priming to see how your memory could affect your feelings. In the studies, he found that you could prime people to think better of you by the temperature of their drink. When people were holding a warm beverage, they rated people as having warmer personalities. When the participants held cold beverages, they thought that others had cold, harsh personalities. If you are headed out on your first date with a guy, then you definitely want to consider getting hot food or drinks instead of ice cream!

11. Connect Yourself to Positive Things

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The first few encounters with someone you like are extremely important. During these encounters, you want to think of you positively. Each encounter is a chance for you to link yourself to positive, happy feelings in his mind. Everyone has negative qualities, but you need to start out by making him perceive all of your best, most positive traits. If you can swing it, try going on fun, exciting dates together so that he associates you with all of those feelings. If you make him feel happy and comfortable, then he will naturally want to be around you more often.


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