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Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy?


When a guy asks to be called daddy, it can definitely feel weird. You get that a guy might like dirty talk in the bedroom, but he is decidedly not your daddy and just the idea seems weird to you. While this might be a common request, it doesn’t make it feel any more normal if you are not used to it. Depending on the guy, there are a number of reasons why a guys like being called daddy that could be going on.


Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy?

1. Power

It turns out that some guys like being called daddy because it makes them feel powerful. He is not looking for an actual father-daughter relationship. He just likes the term because it makes him feel strong and powerful when he is in bed.

2. Masculinity

Some guys like being called daddy because it makes them feel more masculine. More importantly, it makes them feel like they are more masculine with you in the bedroom. While there are surely less odd ways to achieve this, some guys just like being called daddy.

3. It Fits an Archetype

Obviously, he does not actually want to be your father. The father role is dominant. It is considered protective, authoritative and nurturing in real life. Because of that, a guy feels like he has all of these archetypal qualities when you call him daddy in the bedroom. It makes him feel like you are opening up your vulnerabilities to him and that he is protecting you.

4. A Term of Endearment

There are many different terms of endearment that lovers use in bed. It might have nothing to do with seeing himself in a fatherly role or seeing you in a daughter-like role. Instead, it is just a term of endearment that he likes for some reason.

5. He Likes Role Play

Sometimes, guys like role playing in the bedroom. They like to play a character to spice things up. In some cases, the guy wasn’t the one who even thought of the character to start with. He may have had a girlfriend before who called him daddy, and he liked how it made him feel.

6. He Loves the Taboo

Other guys enjoy that being called daddy feels taboo. Some people like taboo sexual acts like bondage or role play. Being called daddy is just another option for breaking sexual norms and societal roles. For these guys, there might not be any more thought given to the term than that it turns him on and makes it feel like he is doing something unique or taboo in the bedroom.

7. He Watches Too Much Porn

What we see and encounter each day can shape who we are and what we want out of life. In the case of porn, sexual desires can be shaped and modified. He may not have thought of daddy as a desirable sexual term before, but he saw it used on porn movies a lot. Before long, he started to wonder how it would feel if you used the same term with him. Because it seemed so sexually charged and desirable in the movie, he imagines that he will get to enjoy the same feelings if you use it in the bedroom.

8. It Makes Him Feel Respected

In general, fathers are a fairly well-respected part of society. In some cases, a guy likes being called daddy because it makes him feel like he has the same respect that a father gets. He might not feel like he is respected in his daily life, so he seeks out that sense of empowerment and respect in the bedroom.

9. Ownership

Technically speaking, fathers do not own their daughters. There is a sense, however, that children are the responsibility of their parents. Some guys like being called daddy because it makes them feel as if you are entirely theirs. He may think of it as a sign of your commitment and dedication to him. He knows that he doesn’t actually own you, but the term makes him feel like you are entirely his.

10. It Is an Odd Quirk

There are definitely times when guys like being called daddy for no reason at all. He might have heard the term on a porn film and wondered what it would be like to hear in real life. He may have used it with a previous girlfriend. You may have said it jokingly during sex before, and he found that it turned him on. For whatever the reason, he just likes being called daddy. He might not even realize why he likes it, so he definitely can’t tell you the reason why he enjoys the term so much.

What Should You Do Now?

What you do next is entirely up to you. If you are comfortable with the term, then try it out and see if you like it. If you don’t like calling him daddy, then don’t do it. You should do whatever makes you feel comfortable in the bedroom. Since you are in a relationship with him, talk to him about how you feel. Make sure to set your boundaries about what you like and dislike. Safe words are also a good idea if you two are trying to push the boundaries in bed. There is no inherent harm in calling him daddy, so whether you do or not is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with saying.


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