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What Does It Mean When a Guy Writes XOXO?


You are in love. When you go to sleep, your crush is the last thing you think about. When you wake up, he is the first thought that crosses your mind. It feels like you cannot eat or sleep properly because you are always thinking about him. The only thing that drives you nuts is that you have no clue how he feels about you. You have been texting for a while, but you still can’t decide if he likes you or not. Then, he writes XOXO in a message. Does this actually mean hugs and kisses? Or was he not paying attention to what he wrote?

What does it mean when a guy writes XOXO at the end of something

What Does It Mean When a Guy Writes XOXO?

Figuring out what a guy is thinking is not always thinking. There are hormonal differences between men and women, and the way society raises each gender only increases these differences. When it comes to relationships, these differences can make understanding guys difficult. He might not even be thinking about what he is saying, but you read into each text or side comment. Now, you want to know exactly what he means when he writes XOXO.

1. He Is Just Really Affectionate

While this is probably not the most likely reason, it is a possibility. There are some guys who are just more affection with their friends and family members. He might just sign off every message with XOXO or other heartfelt sentiments. One way to find out what is going on is by playfully asking him about it. Asks if he knows what it means and if this is something he sends to everyone. If he says yes to both questions, then don’t read too much into it. He might be saying yes just because he is afraid of being too forward in hitting on you, but he also might be serious about just sending XOXO to everyone.

2. For When You Are Already Dating

Let’s be honest. If you are already dating him, it is fairly clear what this means. If he is dating you, he obviously likes you. It only makes sense that he would show his feelings from time to time. If he is texting you XOXO, you can safely assume that he legitimately means it. He might not be ready to say “I love you” yet, but he is definitely starting to fall for you.

3. He Thinks Its Cool

This is another potential option. It is quite normal to use acronyms in texts these days, so it is entirely possible that he just thinks that its cool. He might not read anything into signing off messages this way because it is just something that he does.

What does XOXO mean to you

4. He Is Trying to Flirt With You

By far, this is one of the most common reasons why a guy writes XOXO. Most guys aren’t that expressive about their feelings. They don’t just randomly sign off their messages with hugs and kisses. If a guy is doing this, it is often because he is trying to flirt with you. He might be afraid of being more direct about his feelings, so he drops little hints like XOXO. If this is the case, you might notice other small signs in his texts as well. He might add heart emojis or kisses to his messages to hint about his feelings.

Look at the rest of his behavior to figure out what he is trying to imply. If he adds romantic emojis to his texts, he might like you. If he does like you, then he probably responds quickly to your texts and tends to focus entirely on you when you talk. When he doesn’t focus on you or do any other flirting behavior, then he probably isn’t interested in anything serious.

5. He Is Just a Friend

When you have a good friend, you naturally want to show it. If he is your best friend, then he might message things like XOXO to you. He isn’t lying—he genuinely cares about you and meant what he sent you. The only difference is that he cares about you in a different, non-romantic way. He likes being friends with you and cares, but he doesn’t want more than that.

To figure out how he feels, the best thing that you can do is look at the entirety of his behavior. Does he flirt with you in other ways? Does he seem shy and bashful around you? In many cases, a guy likes you if he is writing XOXO. You can’t just assume he likes you just yet though because there are other possible reasons why he might right this. If he has not flirted with you in other ways yet, try flirting with him and see how he responds. Wait a bit before you ask him out and see if he does anything else to show his feelings for you.


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