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What Does It Mean When a Guy Talks to Everyone But You?


You were hoping that your crush would notice you, but it seems like he talks to everyone other than you. You are surrounded by a group of people, but it seems like he never turns to you to say anything. Previously, you had thought that he might be interested in you. Now, you are starting to become less sure. Is he deliberately ignoring you? Is he just busy? Is he not interested in you at all? What exactly is going on?

Will a guy talk to other girls comfortably but not talk to the one he likes

What Does It Mean When a Guy Talks to Everyone But You?

While it can be infuriating, there are a variety of different reasons why a guy talks to everyone but you. It is possible that he is not interested in you, but there could be other reasons why as well.

1. He Could Just Be Nervous

This is an extremely common reasons why a guy talks to everyone but you. He might have feelings for you and think that you are attractive, but he is too afraid to approach you. Since he is nervous, he tries to make it seem like he is busy talking to other people. Because of that, he talks to everyone else in the room except you.

For some people, it is extremely intimidating to talk to a crush. There is always a fear that you will be laughed at or rejected by your crush. He feels the same way. While he tries to gather the courage to talk to you, he may talk to your friends and his friends to find out more information about you. He may be trying to see if you are as amazing as he thinks, or he may be trying to see what your interests are so that he can try to talk to you.

If this is the reason why he doesn’t talk to you, just be patient. It can take some people time to work up the courage to talk to a crush. If you think that he likes you and it takes him too long to make a move, you could always try making a move yourself.

2. He Is Playing Hard to Get

This is by far the worst reason for ignoring someone. It is easier to understand that a guy ignores you because he doesn’t like you or because he is nervous. Why would someone deliberately ignore you just to play hard to get? This is a manipulative, frustrating thing to do, and it does not bode well for any future relationship. If he is already trying to play mind games with you before he even tries to date you, then he is definitely not worth it.

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3. He Doesn’t Like You

Unfortunately, this can be a reason why a guy talks to everyone but you. It is entirely possible that he does not have any romantic feelings for you. Because of that, he doesn’t even think about how you might feel when he talks to everyone else. He thinks about his friend or his crush, but he doesn’t realize how you might feel because it never dawned on him that you might like him.

If this is the case, then there is nothing that you can really do about it. You can’t make someone like you, and there is no reason to wait around forever to see if he changes his mind. Instead, you just have to be patient and find someone who likes you back.

4. He Has a Girlfriend

If he has a girlfriend, then there is no reason to feel offended if he doesn’t talk to you. He is doing the right thing by being true to his girlfriend. Even if a part of him is attracted to you, it is a good idea to stay away from that temptation. It might be frustrating to see a great guy taken by someone else, but this is another case where all you can do is just

5. He Is Hoping You Make the First Move

This is probably the least likely reason, but it is a possibility. If he is naturally shy or is just uncertain about how you feel, he may want to wait for you to make a move. He might be afraid that flirting with you will only bother or annoy you. While he might not expect you to ask him out, he may be waiting to see if you flirt with him or smile at him to show your interest.

The only way you can tell what a guy is thinking is by waiting and reading his body language. If he normally talks to you, then he might not mean anything by ignoring you one day. One of his friends may have exciting news, or he may not have realized that it seemed as if he was ignoring you.


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