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What Does It Mean When a Guy Says He Wants You?


When a guy says he wants you, it seems like the meaning is clear. Obviously, he wants you physically, mentally or emotionally. In most cases, a guy means that he wants your body when he says this. He might respect you and love you as well, but the focus of this statement is often sexual in nature.

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What Does It Mean When a Guy Says He Wants You?

When a guy says he wants you, it almost always means that he wants you in a sexual way. If he wanted you in a more romantic way, he would most likely say that he needs you or something different. This does not necessarily mean that he only wants you sexually, but it certainly means that he wants you sexually right now.

He might also be hoping that you respond by saying that you want him as well. Obviously, you would have to want him for his desires to be satisfied. Whether you respond in a similar way depends entirely on how you feel about him and what you are willing to do.

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Does He Just Want Sex?

You cannot judge if he just wants sex based on his statement that he wants you. He might want just a one-night stand, or he might want something more. To figure out what he wants, you need to look at the rest of his behavior. If you have gone out on a lot of dates and have developed a relationship, then he is probably not just interested in sex. He definitely wants a sexual relationship, but his actions show that he would like to have more from you than just sex.

If you have just met him and he says that he wants you, then there is a decent chance that he is looking for a one-night stand. There are very few cases where a guy says something like this right away and he actually wants more than just sex. If you heard “I want you” in the first few days of dating him or knowing him, then he is definitely looking for just a sexual relationship.

If you are uncertain what he is really interested, try looking at his texts and how he communicates with you. Does he send short, one-word texts? Does he forget to respond for hours or days? Do his texts only seem to happen at night? If his messages show that you are just an option and not a priority, then he probably just wants you in a sexual way. Likewise, you should look at the timing of the texts. If they are only sent late at night, he might be drunk texting or just texting you when he wants sex.

Is He Attracted to You?

You can definitely bet that he is attracted to you on some level. The attraction might only be physical, but it could also be an attraction to your personality or mind as well. Again, the best way to find out is to look at the entirety of his behavior. Does he talk to you about your interests? Does he ask about your family or introduce you to his family? Do you just meet up late at night for sex or do you go out on dates?

If you are only meeting up late at night, then he probably just wants to have sex with you. If he seems to genuinely care about your interests, takes you out on dates and introduces you to his family, then he cares about you in more ways than just sexually.

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What Should You Do Now?

Now that you know whether he wants you just sexually or not, the question is what you want to do about it. There is nothing wrong with having a one-night stand or a purely physical relationship, but you need to know what the relationship will be before you do anything. If you are interested in just having sex with him, then go for it.

If a part of you wants more than just sex, don’t sleep with him if you think that he only wants a sexual relationship. He is unlikely to change his mind and want a real relationship later, so make sure that you enter the relationship with your eyes open.

If his behavior shows that he likes you for your personality as well, then you have to decide if you want to have a real relationship. When his actions show that he wants you physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually, it would be unfair to him to just have sex with him and move on. Make sure that you are ready for a relationship before you do anything.

When a guy says he wants you, it almost always has a sexual component. He might want you for more than just sex, but you have to look at all of his actions and behaviors to figure out what he really wants. Once you know what he is interested in, you can decide if you want that as well.


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