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What Does It Mean When a Guy Plays With Your Hair?


Unfortunately, guys will not always say what they mean. Even if he understands how he feels, he may feel uncomfortable putting those feelings into words. Instead, he tries to hint at how he feels by acting in certain ways. If he likes you, he might give you affectionate touches or play with your hair. The problem is determining when a guy plays with your hair as just a friendly gesture and when he is trying to flirt with you.

He Touches Your Hair

What Does It Mean When a Guy Plays With Your Hair?

While playing with your hair is often done by a guy who likes you, this is not always the case. If he is a close friend, he might just be doing it as a friend without any other intention. He might also be a flirt who does things like this without even thinking about it. While it generally means he likes you, you have to look at all of his behavior and his general demeanor to figure out if that is really the case.

1. He Is Trying to Flirt With You

When a guy plays with your hair, it almost always means that he likes you and is trying to flirt. Body language is one of the most important ways of determining how someone feels. Think about how you interact with strangers. When you don’t know someone, you tend to stand far away from them. Other than an introductory handshake, you probably don’t touch them in any way.

For a friend, that personal bubble grows smaller. If someone likes you, they feel close to you like a friend. They will often stand close to you. They may touch your elbow or play with your hair as a sign of their affection. If a guy likes you, he wants to be physically close to you. Playing with your hair is just one of the things that he might do.

While he is most likely flirting with you, he might not actually want to do anything more than flirt. Some guys are just flirts. He might not even realize that he is flirting, so he may be playing with your hair for fun. To see what his intentions are, look at how he treats other ladies. Does he play with their hair and flirt with them as well? If he only flirts with you, then chances are good that he genuinely likes you. If he does flirt with everyone, at least you know that he is just having some fun. There is no harm in just flirting and enjoying yourself.

2. He Actually Likes You

In many cases, a guy plays with your hair because he actually likes you. He wants to be close to you, so he plays with your hair, compliments you and tries to be around you all the time. If he has not told you how he feels, he might just be shy. He may be waiting to see if you like him back before he makes another move.

When someone likes you, you can generally tell by the rest of their behavior. Does he try to sit close to you? Does he text you all the time? Do his eyes always seem to find yours in any room? If he always tries to be around you and flirts with you, then he might be interested in you. Most people are shy about sharing their feelings with someone because they are afraid of being rejected. Because of this, they show their feelings by how they act instead of risking rejection by just saying how they feel.

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3. He Is Attracted to You

There is always a possibility that he does not know how he feels quite yet. He is attracted to you, but he does not even realize it. Because of this, he is drawn to you and does things like play with your hair. In this case, your best bet is to wait and see what he does next. He has to figure out that he likes you before you can really take things to the next level.

It is also possible that he is attracted to you on a primarily sexual level. He might not want a relationship, but he thinks that you are hot or sexy. As long as you know that there won’t be a future in the relationship, there is no harm with dating him or having some fun. You just have to know what the relationship can become so that you are not disappointed.

4. He Is Just a Close Friend

Sometimes, a guy plays with your hair just because he views you as a friend. If you have been best friends for a long time, it makes sense that he would feel close to you. He might not mean anything by it, so be careful not to read too much into it when your best friend is the one playing with your hair. He might like you, but he also might just think of you as a friend.


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