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What Does It Mean When a Guy Looks You Up and Down?


You were just walking along without paying any attention. Suddenly, you realize that a guy was just looking you up and down. You check your clothes to see if anything was off, but everything seemed normal. Was he just checking you out? What is going on in his mind?

what it means if a guy looks you up and down

What Does It Mean When a Guy Looks You Up and Down?

In the majority of cases, a guy who looks you up and down is checking you out. This might be a stereotype, but it is a stereotype that is generally true. He saw you, thought that you were attractive and wanted a second look. On rare occasions, there are other meanings behind this behavior. We will cover other reasons why a guy might look you up and down, but guys primarily do this as a way of checking a lady out if they think that she is attractive. It is also a fairly obvious way of showing you that you are interested and gauging your reaction to see if anything more could be possible.

He Is Looking at Your Clothes

While this is a less common reason, it does sometimes happen. If you are wearing particularly bright or unusual clothes, then he might just be looking at your outfit. Think about what you are wearing. If you are wearing a particularly awesome outfit or unusually awesome clothes, then it is entirely possible that he is just looking at your attire.

He Is Trying to Flirt and Make You Laugh

If he is over-exaggerating the way that he looks you up and down, it may be an attempt to make you laugh. He may be trying to look you up and down as obviously as possible so that you know that he is flirting with you. He hopes that you will smile back at him, laugh or flirt back. Depending on how you feel, you can try flirting with him to see where it goes.

He Thinks You Stole Something

This reason only makes sense if you are in some type of shop. If you are in a clothing store or some similar shop, then the guy may actually think that you stole from him. He may be looking you up and down to see if there are any unusual bulk behind your clothes. It is also entirely possible that he is trying to see if you are a threat or not. If you are in a rough part of town and you see a security guard or police officer look you up and down, he may just be assessing your threat level.

when a man looks a woman up and down

He Is Not Sure How to Talk to You

You can most likely sympathize with this feeling. You were just shopping at the mall or wandering down a hallway at school. All of a sudden, you saw an incredibly hot guy and had an instant crush on him. You want to talk to him, but you have no clue how to start a conversation without sounding ridiculous or awkward.

Guys experience the same feeling. He may be looking you up and down because he thinks that you are attractive, but he has no clue how to approach you. Because of this, he only looks but does nothing else. If the rest of his behavior seems to indicate shyness, then you can probably assume that he just feels too shy and uncomfortable to actually approach you.

He’s Judging Your Body Language

Guys are not the most subtle creatures ever. He might be interested in you, but he doesn’t understand if your small smile or frown means that you like him or not. He is trying to be obvious about his interest so that he can assess your body language. When he checks you out, he assumes that you think that he likes you. In the moments afterward, he looks at your face and your body language to see if he should make a move or if you are not interested in him at all.

He Likes Your Body

The guy might not have a romantic attraction to you, but it is definitely possible that he loves your body. When a guy looks you up and down, it is almost always because he is attracted to you. He might not know you well enough to like your personality, but he loves the way your body looks. If he is lewd about his glances though, you should forget about him and move on.

He Recognizes You

This occasionally happens. While the guy might not remember where he saw you, something about you seems familiar. He may have met you at a party or passed you in a shop earlier in the day. It is also possible that you just look like someone you know. For whatever reason, he feels like he recognizes you, so he is looking at you as he tries to remember where he knows you from.


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