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What Does It Mean When A Guy Blocks You?


So, you’ve been texting with this guy when all of a sudden, he ends up blocking you. Now, of course, your ego is a little bruised and you’re asking yourself a bunch of questions like why would he do that? And what did I say wrong? It’s completely normal to ask yourself these kinda things because, well, it feels like you’ve just been rejected. But there are a couple reasons why he did it because let’s face it, this isn’t some magical mystery. So, before you freak out, try to see if it could be one of these reasons.

He doesn’t need you anymore

This is a bit harsh but you need to hear it. Maybe you hooked up with him, talked a little bit afterwards and now he’s blocked you. Why? Well, sadly he got what he wanted and doesn’t see a point in talking to you. Did he have to block you? No. But it was easier for him to block you then to keep talking to you when he’s not interested anymore. He may, one day, unblock you, and start a conversation but that’s only because he’s trying to see if he can still get something from you.

He’s not interested in you

You two may not have hooked up, but you’ve been chatting to him and he’s not feeling it. He could have told you he’s not interested in you, but if he isn’t able to tell you honestly how he feels, he’ll just block you – it’s easier. Maybe you two had a disagreement or you said something that made it an easy trigger for him to cut you off. But the point is, he did it. He blocked you without telling you why.

This is all a game

Maybe he’s blocked you before and then unblocked you, but if he’s been doing this more than one, he’s playing a game. He’s trying to emotionally manipulate you. Maybe you two had a disagreement or you did something that he saw as wrong. But the point is, rather than talking to you about it, he blocked you to “teach you a lesson”. You don’t need to be taught anything if he has a problem he should talk to you about it. But instead, he’s playing games.

He’s tired of seeing you

He blocked you on Instagram or Facebook, whichever platform it is, he doesn’t want to see you. Now, maybe he has feelings for you and is trying to pull himself away or maybe he’s just tired of seeing your statuses and photos. He just simply doesn’t want to see them on his social media, he just doesn’t like it. Don’t take it personally, everyone has their own preferences.

He has feelings for you

Now, this could also be a reason as to why he blocked you, but, this one should be taken lightly. If you know he likes you and has told you a couple times, then, of course, you shouldn’t be surprised if he decides to block you. He doesn’t want to see you because he’s trying to move on. He can’t do that if he sees your face everywhere. So, blocking you is the easiest way to erase you from his mind. He just needs his own space.

He’s removing the temptation

Maybe you two broke up and he’s trying to move on, but how can he when you are constantly posting photos of yourself? Exactly. It’s impossible and honestly, it’s probably hurting him. So, he decided instead to block you. Yes, it may sound harsh to you but look at it from his position. He cannot emotionally handle see you online, so he had to take the drastic step in order to break free.

He doesn’t want you to know the truth

Ah yes, the truth. Maybe he has a girlfriend or wife, you don’t know that. And if he didn’t block you, eventually, you would have found out. Many people who live these double lives are very good at creating two separate lives via social media. But, regardless of how careful they are, the truth will come out. He’s worried that you’re going to see that and act upon it, so it’s easier for him to just block you. He’s trying to save his own butt.

He wants to give you the finger.

There’s no bigger non-verbal “f-you” than blocking someone on social media. This is his own passive-aggressive way of telling you what he truly thinks about you. Now, it’s much easier to do this than to write you hurtful text messages or t-pee your house in the middle of the night. I don’t know what you did to get this reaction. Maybe you didn’t do anything, but if he’s trying to give you the finger, you probably did something that he saw as mean and cruel. So, are you really surprised this happened?

Now that you know the reasons why it’s time to look at your own situation and see what the possible reasons could be. Everyone is different, however, if you notice he’s doing this to get a reaction from you, then you need to do the opposite and move on. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


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