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What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks Where You Live?


You tend to wait until you know someone well before you share personal details. If someone suddenly asks where you live, it can leave you feeling shocked and confused. When you do not know someone really well, it can definitely feel weird and uncomfortable when a guy asks where you live. Does he like you? Is he trying to stalk you? What exactly does he mean by this question?

What does a mean when a man asks you where do you live

What Does It mean When a Guy Asks Where You Live?

Before you decide what he means by it, you need to think about your answer. If he is a good friend or someone you trust, you can just tell him where you live. If you just met the guy, it is better to give a vague answer. Say the neighborhood you live in or tell him you live by a certain store or cafe in the area. Until you know what his intentions are, there is no harm in playing it safe by being vague. You cannot know if a stranger has good or bad intentions, so make sure not to give out too much information until you know him a bit better.

1. He Just Wants to Make Conversation

You probably don’t have to worry too much. In many cases, the guy just wants to make conversation. When you first meet someone, it is hard to find shared topics to discuss. You ask someone where they are from, what they like doing for fun and where they work at. After that, the conversation ends or you struggle to find something else to talk about. If the conversation was dying down, he may have asked where you live just to keep the conversation going. He may like you, or he might just be polite. Either way, this question may just be his way to keep the conversation going between you two.

2. He Wants to Hook Up

If you met at a bar or a club, then there definitely might be an alternative motive to his question. He wants to know if you live close enough for you two to head back to your house for a hook-up. Most likely, he is just interested in a one-night stand with you.

3. He Wants to Mail You Something

This is definitely more common if you have been dating someone for a while, but it is still one of the less likely reasons on this list. If this is the reason though, you have definitely found a keeper. He might want to mail you flowers, a card or a romantic present. If this is the reason why a guy asks where you live, you have definitely found a thoughtful, romantic guy.

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4. He Likes You

It is always possible that a guy asks you this question because he likes you. He is just trying to get to know you better, and he may be struggling to think of things to say. When you have a crush on someone, it seems like every thought leaves your mind. You want to impress them by how smooth and witty you are, but you find all of your thoughts disappearing as soon as you see them. If the guy has a crush on you, he may be struggling to think of something to say to keep you interested in the conversation. When this is the case, he will probably ask other questions to get to know you better like questions about your childhood, your hobbies and your dreams in life.

5. He Plans on Stalking You

The guy might want to know where you live to find you later on. He might just lack the self-awareness to realize how creepy it is to show up near your home, but he also might have bad intentions. Either way, you should definitely avoid giving out your address to someone who seems like a stalker—you definitely do not want to put up with that type of behavior.

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What Should You Do?

What you do next depends on how you feel about the guy and his intentions. If he is someone you like, know pretty well and trust, you can always tell him where you live. If he seems like he just wants a one-night stand and you want that as well, you can bring him back to your place. To keep yourself safe though, it is better to go to a hotel or motel if you can afford it. There is no harm in being cautious—and if ends up becoming a stalker after the one-night stand, you don’t want him to know where you live.

If you want to avoid being rude, just tell him the general area where you live. You can tell him the neighborhood or just the city. If he wants a more specific answer, reference a shop or restaurant that is somewhere in the general area. You can always give him the actual address in the future if you change your mind, but you can’t un-give your address to him if you realize that he has negative intentions.


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