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15 Ways to Attract the Guy You Have a Crush On


For all you hopefuls out there, let us be clear: there is no one singular formula for making a guy become more attracted to you. Guys have different preferences and different ways of perceiving things, which is why there is no tried and true tested way of making him fall for you.

However, with that said, there are a couple of tried and tested ways that can get him to think of you more or at least associate you with positive feelings. If you’re intent on getting your crush to become more attracted to you, try out these tips.


Make the first move. We’re not saying you should grab his head and give him the most passionate kiss of his life. We’re saying it’s a-okay to be the one to approach him first. In this day and age, it’s fine for women to be more forward. When you approach him, naturally you don’t want to come on to strong. Try to approach him in a friendly way, the way you would if you want to make friends with someone. Don’t worry as it won’t instantly give away the fact that you have a crush on him, but it will definitely get his attention.

Sit near him. The closer you are the better. And the more often you get to be in each other’s presence the better. So when you have a chance to sit beside him, whether during another boring office meeting or when you’re going out with friends, secure that spot. According to some psychologists, it’s best to sit on his left side as his left side is more connected to the emotional side of his brain. So if at all possible, save him a seat where you would be sitting to his left.

Lean in closer when you’re talking to him. Body language is such an important part of how we communicate with each other, and yet it can be so subtle. When you lean towards him when you’re talking, he will be able to feel like you’re interested in him. Add to this some other gestures of openness that will make him more comfortable talking to you. Gestures of openness include smiling, making eye contact, and having your feet point towards him.

Lightly touch him when you can. A light touch can be a great way to emphasize a point or to get his attention. When you touch a guy while you’re talking, you’re also harnessing the power of touch to make him feel at ease towards you. So the next time you’re talking to each other, lightly graze his fingertips as you hand him a piece of paper. Allow your thigh to press against his when you’re sitting on a bench. Lightly touch his arm when you want to drive home a point. All these touches won’t go unnoticed, and he might find himself more and more drawn to you.

Make eye contact and flirtatiously flutter your lashes at him. Eye contact is a must when it comes to good communication. You must make eye contact with the person you’re talking to whether it’s your boss, a friend, a colleague, or, of course, a potential romantic partner. When you make eye contact, it gives him the feeling that you’re really paying attention to him and what he’s saying. Pair that with subtly fluttering your lashes and he might find himself captivated by your gaze.

Laugh at his jokes even if they’re not super funny. Laughter releases endorphins that make you feel good, which is why it’s said to be the best medicine. When you’re talking to each other try to laugh when he’s trying to be funny, or at least smile to acknowledge his effort. Everyone looks so much better when they look happy. So one way to get him to see the best side of you is to laugh and look happy.

Compliment him on his appearance. Guys rarely get compliments on their appearance, but it’s not because they don’t deserve any. They absolutely do deserve compliments, but it’s just common for people to think that they won’t really care. So whenever you can, notice something new he has done to his hair or how nicely his beard is growing or how great he looks in a certain color. It will definitely make an impression on him and that can be enough to spark some attraction for you.

Give him little gifts. When you’re trying to get someone to like you, the key is to make them remember you. You want to make a great impression, one that will stick in his mind and won’t let go. One way to do this is by giving him little gifts that remind you of him. They don’t have to be lavish gifts that will leave a dent in your savings. You can give him little snacks that you made or shark-shaped post-its because you know he likes sharks. This will make him think of how thoughtful you are while also showing him just how well you know him because you know what he likes.

Check the lights. Did you know that a guy is more likely to be attracted to you if the lights are dim and romantic? He is more likely to find you attractive when your eyes are dilated, and this is why ladies of the olden days used to use the belladonna flower to dilate their pupils. Dim lighting also connotes a more intimate setup, which can help coax your friendship into something more romantic.

See him on sunny days. On the other hand, if you can’t get a hold of him in the evening when the lights are low, make sure you see each other on a bright sunny day. Our bodies naturally produce more endorphins when it’s sunny outside. Endorphins put people in a good mood, which is why you’ll want to get the chance to hang out with him when your body’s hormones are already putting you in an instant good mood. Later on, when you always see each other when you’re high on endorphins, he might associate the happiness he feels with your presence.

Mimic his movements. The more you hang out with a person, the more you copy some of their movements. Oftentimes this is unintentional. However, when you subtly but purposefully copy your crush’s movements, it can reinforce positive feelings towards you. Try to keep it subtle by only copying some of his movements. For instance, when leans in closer, do the same. When he takes a sip of his drink, take one as well. And when he adjusts his clothing, adjust yours too.

Wear some light perfume he might like. You know how there are some fragrances that we associate with a very specific memory? You can do the same with a guy. Wear a light spritz of your favorite perfume when he’s around and he’ll always associate the smell with you. By giving him a fragrant imprint of your presence, he’s more likely to remember you and thus more likely to become attracted to you.

Wear a bit of makeup or do your hair nicely. It never hurts to try to look pretty for a guy, but we’re not saying you should get a complete makeover for the sake of getting him to fall for you. Let’s save that for the movies! Instead, try to do a couple of things that will enhance your natural beauty. You can curl your lashes to make your eyes look brighter and more awake. You can do your hair in a nice bun that complements your face shape. These subtle moves that enhance your beauty might be enough to make your crush give you a little more attention.

Wear red. People are naturally drawn to the color red. It’s one of the colors that the human eye is instantly drawn to because of how bright it is. So when you want your crush to look your way more often, try to incorporate a bit of red in your attire. You can wear red lipstick when you know you’ll be seeing him. You can wear red accessories that will draw his eyes towards your face. Or when you’re feeling extra sexy and confident, you can wear a sexy red dress that makes you feel fabulous. No guy can resist a bright color worn by a woman who displays confidence!

Keep your pitch high. While it’s not a blanket statement for all men, men are generally attracted to women with a high-pitched voice. One explanation for this is that they tend to perceive a high-pitched voice as more feminine and girlish. You don’t have to sound like you’re reaching Mariah Carey’s high notes when you’re doing this. But you can raise your pitch by just a bit when you’re talking to him, and this can be enough to make him more drawn to the sound of your voice.

When you get his attention and hold it long enough to make an impression on him, you can say that you’re well on your way to attracting his desire!


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