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The Different Colors of Ghost Orbs and Their Meanings


Ghost orbs are said to be a sign from the spiritual realm. While skeptics think that ghost orbs are just specks of dust on the camera’s lens, paranormal experts believe that they come from the spirit realm. Each color is said to be associated with different, unique meanings. The spirits are typically tied to a specific location, and they send out these colorful orbs to convey specific messages.

The Different Colors of Ghost Orbs and Their Meanings

Like many paranormal occurrences, there are many different theories behind ghost orbs. While there may be disagreements about the exact meanings, there are some common interpretations that are generally agreed upon.

To date, there are no scientific studies or research results that show what ghost orbs actually are. Paranormal experts believe that these orbs are just an attempt by spirits to manifest in the best way that they possibly can. They think that the spirits are trying to communicate with the earthly realm, and certain colors are thought to show what the spirit is trying to say. We will cover the following colors and what they are thought to mean.

Brown or Black Orbs

A brown or black ghost orb is said to be from a lower level of spirit. Some people even think that these colors are a sign of evil. In reality, these orbs are often not a negative sign. Some spirits vibrate at a lower frequency because they exist at a lower level than humans or the angels. They may also have a heavy energy. To tell whether the spirits are beneficial or maleficent, pay attention to how you feel at the location. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, leave the location immediately.

Clear Orbs

Clear ghost orbs are said to be a sign that the spirit just wants to communicate with you. Often, the spirit wants to convey some important event that happened during its life. It may also want to share something that occurred at that specific location. The spirit may need to share what occurred so that it can move on, so it is trying to reach out to you.

Smoky or Gray Orbs

When you see a smoky ghost orb, it can be a reflection of trouble. This does not generally mean that the spirit wants to cause trouble. Rather, the spirit feels troubled and confused. Gray is said to be a sign of depression or fear. It could also represent ambivalence or spiritual lack. When you see a smoky or gray ghost orb, it is said to be a sign that the spirit lacks spiritual awareness or is depressed in some way.

Green Orbs

In ancient spiritual traditions, green is said to be connected to the heart. This is especially true for the heart chakra. Green is also typically considered a sign of nature and the natural world. When green appears as a ghost orb, it is said to show a spirit that feels oneness with nature. It may represent a spirit full of love. Because of its connection to the natural world, green is often considered a sign of a non-human spirit.

Silver or White Orbs

White or silver orbs are one of the most common colors to see. In spiritual circles, white is often considered a sign of the divine or the angels. It is often used to represent purity or innocence in Western cultures. In Eastern cultures, white is actually used for funerals, so the meaning can really vary based on the culture the spirit once lived within.

Paranormal experts believe that white orbs are a sign of a connection with a higher source. It is thought to be a sign that the spirit is there to protect the people. When a white orb appears, it is said that the spirit is trying to protect everyone who dwells or passes through that area. In some cases, white or silver orbs are sent by a spirit who is trapped on this earthly plane. It may be an indication that the spirit needs help so that it can move on to the next realm.

Blue Orbs

Blue is a color that is naturally quite calming. For many people, blue is the color of serenity and tranquility. This color is said to be closely connected to psychic energy. When you see a blue ghost orb, it is a sign that a calming energy is present. The spirit does not mean you any harm. It is only trying to let you know of its presence in a gentle, calming way.

Orange or Red Orbs

Many people seem to think that red is the color of rage and anger. This association makes sense because fire is generally red and orange in color. While red and orange may be the color of fire, it is rarely a sign of rage. When a spirit sends you a red orb, it is generally something positive.

A red or orange orb is generally connected to security. It imparts a sense of belonging and safety. When you see red or orange orbs, you can relax because the spirit is not angry or upset. It is just trying to protect you. In life, the spirit may have been a caretaker, parent, guard or police officer. Because of the spirit’s strong focus on security and protecting others in life, it has continued to do this after it transitioned to the spiritual realm.

Purple Orbs

Long ago, purple was only allowed to be worn by royalty. During the Roman Empire, only emperors were allowed to be dressed in purple. The dye was exceptionally rare and expensive, so purple developed a reputation as a color of magnificence, royalty and luxury.

When you see purple orbs in your photos, there are several different meanings that may be carried within it. It is said that purple orbs are orbs of information. This typically means that the spirit is trying to convey some important information about their life or the world around them. If this is the case, try sitting and spending some time in meditation. If the ghost is trying to convey something important, it will do so during this time.

In other cases, the purple orb is a sign of a more spiritual message. The spirit may be trying to gain your spiritual guidance and help. It is also possible that the spirit is trying to give you guidance instead. If you have been having a difficult time in life or cannot find the right path forward, the spirit may be trying to give you the spiritual guidance and support that you need.

Yellow Orbs

When you see a yellow ghost orb, you should always exercise caution. While the spirit might not mean any harm, yellow is considered a sign of caution. There may be a hidden danger in the location, or the spirit may be warning you about a danger in your life. It is possible that someone you trusted is not worthy of that trust. In some cases, yellow orbs are a sign from your angels. The divine or your guardian angels may be trying to convey you a message of caution. You may not be in danger yet, but you must be cautious to avoid any problems.


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