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18 Sure Signs That He Doesn’t Like You


Figuring out if a guy doesn’t like you is just about as tough as knowing if he does like you. For those of you who aren’t so sure if he’s just shy or genuinely not into you, here’s our list of sure signs he doesn’t like you.

He doesn’t remember your name. You’ve met a couple of times before, and yet he still can’t recall your name. This is a sure sign that you don’t take up any space on his mind at all. And what’s worse is that his memory of you is so vague and negligible that he can’t even spare the extra memory to even remember your name!

He doesn’t have your number saved on his phone. You’ve spoken to him before because of that one project you worked on. But when you message him out of the blue to ask him what’s up, his response is “who’s this?” Now if a guy liked you at all, he would definitely save your number. But if he has zero interest in even being friends with you, he’ll leave your number unsaved.

He ignores you. When a guy likes you, he might try to pointedly ignore you in the hope that you will be the one to approach him. However, a guy ignoring you can also be a sign of him not being into you at all. So how can you tell the difference? If a guy doesn’t like you, he will ignore you completely or just notice you in passing. On the other hand, if a guy likes you, he will outwardly ignore you but you’ll notice him looking your way a lot in the hope that you would notice him.

He doesn’t sit anywhere near you. There’s no saving of seats or even attempting to sit next to you whenever you’re out with your group. If anything, he would even pull up a chair next to someone else rather than sit in the empty seat next to you!

He doesn’t lean towards you when you talk. Leaning towards someone denotes interest. But when his body language is closed (crossed arms, crossed legs, leaning away from you), it’s a pretty good sign that he’s not at all invested in your conversation.

He doesn’t make eye contact. Holding your gaze is one of the signs that he’s interested in either you or your conversation. However, when his eyes flit from side to side and hardly ever rests on you, it could be a sign that he’s hoping to get out of your conversation as soon as possible.

Your conversations are short or one-sided. You ask him how his day is going, and he’ll tell you it’s okay. You comment on his new shirt, and all he’ll say is “thanks.” You’ll wax poetic about the latest episode of Game of Thrones and all he can muster is a smirk and “yeah, it’s cool”. No matter how you try to coax him into a conversation, it’s evident that he’d rather not talk to anyone than be talking to you.

Your conversations are mostly small talk. If he does manage to start a conversation with you, all you end up talking about is inane or professional stuff. He might mention the weather or the new blend of coffee in the cafeteria or this challenging new project you’re all working on. For all intents and purposes, he avoids talking about anything personal or noteworthy.

You don’t have much in common and he seems to want to keep it that way. Just to be clear, there are many couples out there who have very little in common and yet still have a great relationship. In his case, whenever you bring up something you’re into, he seems to have no interest in even being curious about it. He might say generic responses like, “Oh, cool” or “okay” and end it at that.

He only wants to talk to you when he needs something. You might notice that the only time he talks to you is when he needs something from you. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because he might have nothing else to say to you other than needing your response to his email or needing you to RSVP to his event. But outside of that, you’ll get complete radio silence.

He doesn’t notice when you do anything new or different. You’re feeling pretty and confident in your new dress, you have on your best perfume, and you’ve done your best on your hair and makeup. And when you finally see him, what does he do? Smile and wave as he usually does with you or greet you as if you’re just another one of his pals. There’s no sparkle in his eye or even so much as a compliment from him.

He only wants to hang out when he has literally nothing else to do. So you finally get to hang out with him and it’s just the two of you. It could be a sign that he’s interested in you, right? But then you find out that he only agreed to your invitation for coffee because his Tinder date ditched him at the last minute. Or maybe he only agreed to meet up with you because it’s close to that pub he’s heading to, and yet he doesn’t invite you to go with him afterwards.

He treats you like one of his buddies. On the other side of the scheme, maybe he does hang out with you a lot. But the problem is he only hangs out with you to do friend stuff like watching a game or checking out this new band. There are no invitations to any dates because the only time he’ll hang out with you is when you’re doing stuff that friends would do together.

He flirts with other girls. This might just be one of the most obvious signs he doesn’t like you. If a guy liked you, he would have eyes only for you. Or if he’s just a known womanizer, he would at least try to hide the fact that he’s flirting with other girls.

You have no online interaction or it’s one-sided. When he has a new photo or post up, you’re usually one of the first to like or comment. But when you post that selfie of yourself when you’re feeling super confident, you get nothing from him,

He asks for your advice about other girls. Here’s another really obvious sign that he is not interested in you. If he asks you for advice about other girls, he sees you only as a female friend who might help him win over this other girl he’s into.

He outright says that he’s not into you. If there is one super sure way to know that he has no interest in you, it’s this. The moment he says that he only sees you as a friend/sister/mom figure/colleague, that’s when you know that (at least from his side of things) there is no hope of you guys even being more than friends.

Get to know the guy a little better and try to observe his behavior even more. If it seems like he’s fulfilling way too many of these signs, then it might be time for you to just let him go.


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