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15 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore


When you love someone, it is only natural that you would want them to love you back. This is especially true if you are married. You promised that you would love and cherish each other forever. You have fulfilled your side of the bargain, but you are starting to suspect that your husband doesn’t love you anymore. While this might be a common experience, it does not mean that you have to live with it. If your husband does many of the following signs, there is always a chance that you can turn things around and get him to love you again.

Painful Signs Your Husband Doesn't Love You

15 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore

If your husband only does one or two of the signs on this list, it might not mean anything. He may just be busy or not realize how his actions are perceived. If you notice your husband doing three or more of the signs on the list, then it shows that there is a problem. Once you know that his love is starting to fade, you have to take action to try to earn his love again.

1. He Stops Showing His Love

This is a fairly obvious sign. Your husband can’t write love letters or send you flowers every day, but he could certainly give you a kiss on the cheek before he goes to work. If he suddenly stops messaging you during the day and no longer gives you a kiss good-bye, then you might be in trouble. Before you assume that there is a problem though, make sure to think about other reasons why he might suddenly be less affectionate. If he is under a lot of stress or a heavy workload at the office, then he might be focused on other things. If there is no obvious reason why he would stop showing his affection, then it is possible that your husband doesn’t love you anymore.

2. You Think He Might Be Cheating

This is definitely one of the signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore that stands out. Perhaps he suddenly comes home late and smells like another lady’s perfume. He might tell you that he is going out for drinks with co-workers, but he strongly discourages you from coming when you ask to join him. If you are pretty certain that he is cheating on you, then it is a red flag that his feelings are starting to fade. At the very least, it is a sign that your relationship is headed for trouble.

3. He Criticizes You Constantly

When you love someone greatly, you just want them to be happy. You might criticize the way they leave hair in the shower drain, but your critiques are generally kept to a minimum. Suddenly, your husband complains about how loud you talk, your friends, your clothes or even the way you cook. It seems like nothing you do can ever make him happy. If you are dealing with this problem, then it seems like you can never do anything right. Someone who loves you wants you to be happy, and they would not criticize you constantly.

4. He Stops Caring About Your Problems

This is another red flag to watch out for. When you care for someone, their happiness is your happiness. If you stop caring about the person, then you naturally stop caring about their problems. He may ignore you when you share how terrible your day was. Instead of hugging you or massaging your shoulders, he plays video games or just ignores you. No matter what you do, it seems like you cannot get through to him.

5. He No Longer Wants to Work on the Relationship

If you noticed some of the signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore, then you may have already told your husband that you wanted to work on the relationship. When he loves you and wants the relationship to work, he will listen to you and try to find a way to make things work. If he has already fallen out of love, then he won’t see the point of putting effort into the relationship. No matter what you do, he will tell you that the relationship doesn’t need work or make excuses for why he can’t do anything about it.

6. You Stop Having Sex

Unfortunate Signs Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore

While stereotypes are not always true, it is generally accurate to say that guys (and ladies) love sex. When someone loves you and is attracted to you, it is only natural that they would want to sleep with you. Obviously, sex may happen less often if he is extremely busy or stressed out. If there is no sex at all, then something is going on. He could be cheating, or he might just no longer care to sleep with you. You can sleep with someone you have neutral feelings about, but not someone you actively dislike. When people start to pull away in a relationship, it becomes harder to fake feelings of love or attraction during sex. This is definitely a sign that he might not feel the same way about you.

7. He Blames You

Worrying Signs Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore

When a guy starts deflecting his problems onto you, it means he is not willing to see his issues or work on the relationship. Some of the problems might be all or partially your fault, but it is impossible that all of them are. It takes two people to make a relationship work, and it also takes both partners to make it fail. You have recognized the ways that you can change, and now you want him to take responsibility for his side of the problems. If he is completely unwilling to do this and blames you instead, then it is certainly a sign of more problems to come.

8. He Complains Constantly About You to His Friends

This sign really depends on the situation. After all, you have probably complained about your husband at least once to your friends. When you have a problem or don’t know what to do, it is only natural that you might ask your friends about it. If this is the only sign that you notice, it might not mean anything. He may just be trying to blow off steam and figure out a way to handle marital problems. If he constantly complains about you to his friends and you notice other signs on this list, then there is definitely a larger issue going on. When all of his conversations about you are negative, then it shows that his thoughts are generally negative and he may be debating if he wants to really stay in the marriage.

9. He Stops Talking to You

Faking feelings of love isn’t easy. When you talk to someone, they can gauge your body language and comments to see your true feelings. Your husband may have stopped talking to you because he is afraid you will see that his feelings have changed. It is also possible that he stopped talking because he just doesn’t care. He doesn’t care if the marriage works or how you feel anymore, so he sees no point in talking things out with you. For the relationship to work, you have to be able to talk together honestly and openly. Communication is key to a good marriage, and it is one of the first signs that there is a problem going on.

10. He Forgets Major Dates

 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore

In fairness, many, many spouses forget important dates from time to time. If he forgot just one birthday or anniversary, don’t read too much into it. To see if this is a sign your husband doesn’t love you anymore, look at his general pattern of behavior. If he used to remember every major date and suddenly stopped, there is definitely a problem. He also might forget less important dates like meeting for dinner or going to your family’s house on the weekend. If he never remembered these dates very well, it might not be a cause for concern just yet.

11. He Stopped Sharing His Dreams, Problems and Goals With You

When you are in a relationship, it is only natural that you would want to share your dreams and issues with the person you love. You want someone to give you moral support and to help you achieve your dreams. If your husband suddenly stopped telling you how he feels about life, then it is definitely a sign of a problem. Before, he thought of you as a part of his dreams and desires. If he stopped sharing these goals with you, then it might be because he no longer sees you as a part of them.

12. He Starts Flirting Around

This is a pretty obvious sign that he no longer feels the same way. When someone starts flirting with other women, it shows that they are no longer as committed to the relationship. Normally, you would avoid flirting because you don’t want to hurt your spouse or the relationship. If you no longer care about the relationship’s future, then taking the risk is worth it. He is trying to get a sense of passion and excitement from flirting because he no longer wants the same passion at home.

13. He Is Rude to You

This is definitely a sign that your husband doesn’t love you anymore. Obviously, you are two different people with different ideas, beliefs and goals. It is unlikely that you would agree on everything. The way you disagree can say a lot about the relationship. If he suddenly starts being rude, dismissive or disrespectful to your opinions, then there is definitely a problem. When you care about someone, you normally try to avoid hurting their feelings as much as possible.

14. He Stops Trying to Fight With You

This seems like a good thing at first. After all, no one enjoys getting into a fight with their spouse. Unfortunately, it can also be a sign of a problem. Your arguments are a way for you to work on your relationship and chart a shared course in life. If he suddenly stops arguing entirely, he may no longer care. He doesn’t feel the need to sway your viewpoint because he doesn’t expect to be around for long. He doesn’t care if you agree with him or not because he doesn’t care about the relationship itself.

15. He Stops Trying to Impress You

Heartbreaking Signs Your Husband Doesn't Care About You

When you first started dating, he tried to impress you by taking you out to nice places and wearing stunning clothes. Now, it seems like he doesn’t care what you think about him. This could be a sign that he just doesn’t care anymore, but you can’t assume how he feels based on just this sign. When you get more comfortable with someone, you are able to be yourself and relax. If this is the only sign that you noticed on the list, then it is possible that he just feels relaxed and comfortable around you. If he also did the other signs on this list, then there might be a problem.


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