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15 Signs a Guy Likes You but Is Trying Not to Show It


He likes me, he likes me not. How can you know for sure if he’s the type of guy who wouldn’t directly tell you that he likes you? If you think there’s a shy guy who might like you but is trying his best not to show it, then these signs might help you know for sure.

He remembers your name even if you’ve only met in passing before. This might not be a dead giveaway, but it’s a start. When a guy remembers your name, it means you have made an impression on him the first time you met. While this can mean that he’s just good with names or he just has a good memory, remembering your name is enough to hint that you have taken up some space in his mind. Take this as a sign that he might be interested in being your friend, which is a great start if he wants to get to know you better.

He remembers little details about you. When you’re more than just a name to a guy, you already know that he thinks you’re special. It might not be a sure sign that he likes you, but it definitely confirms the fact that he has taken the time to remember some things about you. You might notice that he suddenly mentions something you spoke about a couple of days ago or he asks you about that party you told him about. These are signs that he has had his mind on you, but he’s still just testing the waters in terms of how you respond to him remembering these things about you.

He doesn’t look you in the eye. This is one of those sure giveaways that a guy has a crush on you but is trying to hide it. If a guy is willing to confidently tell you and the rest of the world that he’s into you, he’d definitely make eye contact (often in a flirty way). But not all guys are that bold and confident. So for the average guy who’s probably a little shy, it’s much easier for him to avert his gaze in case he suddenly gives himself away. This is actually pretty adorable if you think about it.

He tries to hide the fact that he’s looking at you. Not only is he not meeting your gaze, but he’s also pointedly looking at you while trying to hide it. When a guy is into a girl, it’s just his nature to want to look at her. He wouldn’t be so rude as to stare at you, but he’s so caught up in the fact that he likes you that he feels guilty whenever you catch him looking your way. This kind of behavior is so high school, but when you think about it, don’t guys often regress to their shy high school selves when faced with the girl they like?

He pretends to ignore you. Have you ever heard of the Japanese term tsundere? It’s when someone is trying to ignore you or be hostile to you when in fact, he actually likes you. You might think that this is something only TV characters would do, but people do this in real life pretty often. For some guys it’s a defense mechanism against being rejected. He tries to be as aloof to you as possible, so that he can say he never had feelings for you when you reject him. This behavior can also be their way of trying to get your attention. He doesn’t want to outright say that he likes you, so he tries to ignore you so that you’ll be the one to approach him.

He makes it look accidental when he sits next to you. If a guy likes you and is not afraid to show it, he’d be the first to save you a seat just to make sure that you sit together. If a guy is trying to hide his crush on you, he’ll still want to sit next to you, but he’ll try to hide the fact that he’s behind this seating arrangement. For instance, he might be out with a group of friends, but he hears that you’ll be showing up. When they all sit down, he’ll make sure to get the seat on the edge of the table so that it’s super likely that you’ll pull up a chair and sit next to him. Or maybe he’ll plop his bag down on the seat next to him so that he can conveniently put it on the floor when you show up.

He leans towards you when he talks to you. This is something he might not be able to avoid, especially when you’re in the middle of a great conversation. It’s human nature to lean towards something or someone we desire. So it just makes sense that when you’re already talking and having fun, he’ll gravitate towards you, often at a safe and friendly distance lest you be the one to back off. You might notice him backing away when he checks himself, but sooner or later, he’ll lean in again.

He asks you a lot of questions. He likes you and therefore would like to know more about you. Asking you things is a pretty safe thing to do, which makes it a great move for the guy who’s trying to hide his crush on you. At first, you might notice that he sticks to safe topics just to get you to feel at ease. But sooner or later, he’ll start asking you more in-depth questions to get to know you better. This can also be his way of showing that he’s a good listener who’s interested in anything you have to say.

He agrees with what you say. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Some guys want to agree with everything you say because they think that you’re more likely to like a guy who shares the same ideas as you. This is a good thing if he genuinely shares the same opinions. On the other hand, this can totally backfire on them because they sometimes want to show that you two have a lot in common, when in reality his opinions differ from yours. Even in knowing the bad side of doing this, some guys still agree with anything their crush says because they don’t want to antagonize her.

He laughs at your jokes or tries to make you laugh. Humor is something that you can’t fake effectively. When a guy tries to make you laugh or genuinely finds you funny, you can tell that there’s some chemistry going on. For a guy that’s trying not to show that he has a crush on you, this could be a great strategy for showing you that the two of you can have some awesome chemistry.

He tries to find out if you have a boyfriend. If he’s trying not to be obvious about his crush on you, he will never outright ask you if you have a boyfriend, so he’ll try other more indirect means. He might ask your friends or stalk your social media profiles. But if he can’t get any answers there, he’ll try to figure it out indirectly. For instance, he might ask you about how your day is going in the hope that you would mention your boyfriend (if you have one).

He doesn’t look pleased when you talk to other guys. A guy’s jealousy can be practically unperceivable if he tries to hide it well enough. If he sees you talking to another guy, he might seem unfazed at first, but it’s his actions afterwards that you have to look into. You might notice him being a little more aloof or impatient towards you. It’s his way of indirectly showing that he’s not happy that you’re talking to other guys, while also acknowledging the fact that he doesn’t really have any right to be jealous.

He has asked your common friends about you. Now this is a dead giveaway that a guy likes you. When he directly asks people about you, he’s trying to know as much about you as possible. Yes, he can ask you directly, but we’re talking about a guy who doesn’t want to make it obvious that he likes you. So his best bet would be asking people around him in the hope that they won’t tell you he asked.

He acts differently when he’s around you. When you know a guy well enough, you can have a pretty good idea about his usual behavior. But when you notice that he’s been acting strange only when you’re around, then this could mean one of two things: he might have this huge crush on you that he’s trying to hide or he abhors every minute he has to spend with you. If you haven’t done anything bad to him, it’s more likely that he has a crush on you.

He views your “My Day” on Facebook or “Stories” on Instagram but he doesn’t “like” or comment on your posts. In the age of social media, online behavior can be just as telling as behavior in real life. So when you see him consistently viewing your stories or posts without directly interacting with you, it’s very likely that he is interested in you but doesn’t want to show it.

Keep in mind that all these signs should be read in conjunction with each other. There is no one true sign that a guy likes you, so you have to read his behavior well in order to know the truth. But of course, the only surefire way to know is to ask him!


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