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40 Quotes From Fathers to Daughters


A father play an important role in his daughter’s life. It is through his example that she learns the type of person she should become and the type of husband she should marry some day. As a father, there are few things more rewarding than watching your daughter grow up. The following quotes from fathers to daughters encapsulate all of the feelings and emotions that happen when you become a father.

1. It is rare to see a father step up and say that he wants to host tea parties, braid hair and play dolls with his daughter. When a dad makes extra time for blowing bubbles on the back porch and teaching his daughter to dance, he becomes a true father.

2. A father is there to help his daughter balance the mother-daughter equation and to guide his daughter while she grows up. A father is a steadying influence on his daughter, so he has to do everything he can to help her grow up the right way.

3. Having a daughter makes you see the world in a different light. You realize that you will do everything you can to protect your daughter and to treat her like a princess.

4. A father might not be a perfect person, but he becomes perfect through his daughter’s eyes. Once she is born, a true father will do everything that he can to deserve her love and admiration.

5. I might seem like a quiet and reserved man, but that all changes if you mess with my daughter. I will bust out every level of crazy and make your nightmares a reality if you take away her happiness.

6. Many a man wishes that he could be strong enough to rip a telephone book in half—especially if he happens to have a teenage daughter.

7. When your daughter is born, it is like a line of of gold thread starts weaving through your life and brightening the world around you. By the time she is an adult, the simple thread has turned into a woven, gold cloth that feels like love itself.

8. Fathers should never be unapproachable or stiff when they are around their daughters. Fathers should be gentle, soft and willing to show their feelings. It is only then that their daughters can transform into real women.

9. How do you know if you are doing the right thing in life? You take a look in your daughter’s eyes. When you are doing the right thing, the admiration in your eyes will say it all. If you are making a mistake, you will know in an instant by her crestfallen disappointment.

10. A father might be quite strict with his sons. With a daughter, he is like a high-class hostage.

11. Every father’s deepest fear is the day when he has to give his daughter’s hand to another man.

12. Fathers can seem overwhelming, all-powerful and intimidating to their daughters. Because of this, it is important to show her your soft side. Show her how you feel, where you came from and how you got to this point in life. Let her see that you have fears, pain and failures just like her.

13. All daughters believe that their dad is all-powerful. When they start to grow up, that hypothesis never changes.

14. Even after a daughter has her own husband and sons, she will always remember her father.

15. A father is a true magician. He can transform his little daughter into a grown woman and transform an adult daughter into just a small girl.

16. Fathers, always be good to your daughter. You are like the god and all-powerful strength that rules her world. Each decision she makes in life stems from the morals that you once taught her.

17. From the moment she was born, I promised to be the kind of dad who would kill for his daughter.

18. A father’s greatest dreams are in his father’s eyes.

19. Warm hugs from a beloved daughter are better than an aspirin for a tired father.

20. A daughter needs a good father because he will be the standard by which she judges all other men.

21. One of the greatest things about daughters is how they adored you and rushed ecstatically into your arms when they were little. These memories help you through the teenage years when they start to feel annoyed or embarrassed. No matter what, you have to adore your daughter for every day of your life because she is the only one you’ve got.

22. You have to be a predictable, reliable, loving and available father for your daughter if you want her to have a happy childhood.

23. A man has the chance to live in sunshine that never casts shade by giving birth to a daughter.

24. Death is the only thing that can ever come between a father and his daughter.

25. Watching you grow up into an amazing, kind woman has been the greatest pleasure of my life and the only joy that will never fade away.

26. One of the greatest gifts I ever had in life was having a daughter. You have been the greatest blessing that I could have asked for.

27. Every daughter is proud to see his daughter fly free into the world like a bird as she goes forth to pursue all of her hopes and dreams.

28. Every father secretly hates the fact that his daughter has to grow up.

29. It takes an exceptionally rare man to resist the sweet hugs and kisses of a little daughter.

30. You can take away his TV, his car, his beer and his job, but a good father will only go mad when you take away his little girl.

31. A good father serves as his son’s first heroes and his daughter’s first love in life.

32. A father will change his daughter for the better, but a daughter has an even greater influence on her father.

33. Seeing the smile of his daughter is a father’s true purpose in life.

34. Every father ultimately chooses who his daughter marries; not by ordering her to be with someone, but by the example he sets for her.

35. The most important thing a father teaches his daughter in life is what she can expect from men.

36. A father is a man who always supports and believes in his daughter. A daughter is the only woman who ever follows his advice.

37. The best present a father can ever give his daughter is his time.

38. A father sets an example for his daughter, but a daughter serves as her father’s greatest inspiration. .

39. The greatest pain a father can ever feel is letting his daughter grow up and make her own mistakes.

40. If you want to make your daughter truly happy in life, always love her mother just as much as you love her.


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