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My Crush Knows I Like Him and He Keeps Staring at Me


You’d think that his gaze would be welcome since you have a crush on him. But when all he does is stare at you while doing nothing else, you might start to wonder what’s taking the guy so long to acknowledge your crush on him. If you’re at your wit’s end and you just want something definitive to seal the deal on your crush, then the following actions might jolt him into doing something progress (or halt) your budding potential romance!

Stare right back. Give him a taste of his own medicine by staring right back at him. He already knows that you like him, so what have you got to lose? By staring right back at him, you’re able to do two things. One, you’re telling him that you’re confident about the fact that you like him. It’s like you’re telling him that you don’t care that he knows you like him, and you’re now just taking your chances. And two, it shows your more flirtatious side. He might think that some girls would play coy when they’ve been found out, but you can play against the type by being the straightforward type of girl.

Play coy and smile. The first item might be a little too forward for some, so we’ve got this option for those who are quite shy. If he keeps looking your way, acknowledge it by smiling and looking away. This is something a coquettish Southern Belle might do, and who knows, that might just be his type. If this is absolutely the type of reaction he’s hoping for, you’ll soon see your crush looking at you more often or even approaching you!

Make a funny face. The first item is a little forward, and the second might be too simpering for your taste. So if you’re more of the type who likes a touch of humor with their romance, try making a funny face and see how he reacts. There’s nothing quite like a little humor to strengthen the bond between two people. So if you make a funny face and he reacts by laughing (with you, not at you), then your crush could see you as a fun-loving type of gal that he might consider dating.

Ask him what’s up. Okay, so this is the scenario: The guy knows that you have a crush on him. He hasn’t made a move, but he keeps looking your way. But when you try to meet his gaze, he looks away. What do you do? Break the tension and open up a conversation. The guy might just be staring at you because he’s waiting for the right time to approach you, so why not cut the chase short by asking him what’s up. This is a great way to break the ice and just get him to finally talk to you after staring at you a lot. Also, with a conversation, you might be able to gauge if your crush on him is headed anywhere. And since he already knows that you like him, it’s very likely that he’ll address the issue by confessing that he feels the same way or telling you (hopefully nicely!) that he’s not interested in pursuing anything with you.

Ask him outright why he’s staring at you. We all know he’s trying to be sneaky by looking your way when he thinks you’re not looking. But you know better. The next time you catch him in the act, ask him this super direct and disarming question. It will jolt him into reality, and who knows, it might even jolt him into addressing the elephant in the room – the fact that you like him and you want to know if he likes you too.

Give him something he’ll really want to look at. You have a crush on this guy anyway, so why not show him that his glances are welcome by trying to look extra pretty for him? By being a little more put together in your clothes, hair, and makeup, it’s like you’re rewarding his attention. In a way, it’s also a subtle way of securing his attention, so it should do you both some good. Just remember that when you try to look pretty for him, don’t go out of your way to change your look entirely. Just be exactly the way you usually are but with an added bonus like a little spritz of perfume, a coat of mascara, or maybe that dress that always makes you feel super confident.

Just ask him out. He’s staring at you, and that’s reason enough to believe that he has some interest in you. When a guy stares at you for some time after knowing that you have crush on him, it could just be him studying you and wondering if he’d consider dating you. Either that or he’s got really bad eyesight and he’s just staring because he can’t recognize you. But when he’s done with the whole consideration phase and he’s still staring at you a lot, then it’s safe to say that he has some interest in you. If that’s the case, then take the reins and just ask him out!

When you snap your crush out of his little staring spell, you’re moving your potential relationship forward. So if your crush keeps looking your way and you have no idea what to do, refer to this list and act accordingly!


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