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15 Flirty Questions to Ask Your Guy Crush


Don’t be afraid to be just a little flirty with a guy you have a crush on. There’s no shame in being the more forward one after all.

These questions were carefully hand-picked because of two things:

First, these questions will get the point across that you have a crush on this guy. Some of the questions may be a pretty tame and subtle, but some of them are pretty much admissions of how much you like the guy.

And second, these questions allow you to get to know your crush better. This helps you gauge whether or not you’re still attracted to him based on his answers.

So without further ado, here are our 15 flirty questions to ask your guy crush:

What workout do you do to get that drop-dead gorgeous body? It’s a compliment disguised as a question. This question does two things: first, it lets him know that you’ve noticed how hard he works to get that awesome body, and two, you get to give him a thinly veiled compliment that sounds a lot like flirting.

How is it possible that a guy like you is single? You’re letting him know that you know he’s single and you’re wondering how so many women could pass him up. It’s a compliment as well, but it’s a little more than that. By asking him why he’s single, you might gain a little insight into his dating life. If he opens up to you, you can learn about his last relationship, what he looks for in a girl (and why he hasn’t found someone he would date yet), and what’s going through his head now that he knows you’re interested in his dating life.

How would you feel if a girl made the first move? This clues you in on whether or not you should make the first move. For some guys, a girl can be seen as being way too forward when she makes the first move. They might see her as desperate or just too out there for their tastes. However, in the modern age where women can make the first move as often as guys do, he might be a little more welcoming towards a girl who’s more forward. This is often the ideal scenario for a shy guy or a guy who’s just sick and tired of mustering up all that confidence only to be rejected. Remember to pay close attention to his answer to this one as it will let you know whether or not it’s okay with him if you make the first move.

Do you prefer to cuddle or make out with a girl? While you’re talking to each other, you can ask him this flirty question out of the blue. Naturally, he would consider this question, and while he’s doing that he’s very likely to be thinking of cuddling or making out with you since you’re the one he’s talking to. No matter what his answer is, you’ve already planted the image of you making out with him and there’s no way he can shake that!

What’s your all-time favorite movie quote? This might seem like a generic question to ask just about anyone, but it helps you know what his favorite movie is along with a glimpse of his philosophy in life. We all have that one favorite movie that resonates with us, and it’s very likely that we can recall at least one quote from that movie. When you know what his favorite movie is, you can keep a mental note on that for future Netflix and chill scenarios. But aside from that, you can learn about his outlook on life based on the quote he mentions.

Would you date a girl who (qualities you possess)? If you’re a sporty girl, ask him if he’s into sporty girls. If you’re more of a bookworm, ask him if he’s into that. Whatever trait you possess that he knows you possess, ask if it’s a turn on for him. It’s pretty obvious that you’re referring to yourself (unless he’s a bit dim), so it’s a sort of indirect way of asking if he would date you… at least hypothetically.

What is your ideal type of girl? You’re not asking this so that you can fit into the template of his ideal girl. You’re asking him this as a way to see if he might mention some traits you possess. If he answers by saying that his ideal girl is somewhat similar to you, then you know that he’s into you too.

What would be your ideal first date? This one is for future reference if you get that far. Like with the question about making out vs. cuddling, this question puts you into his mental image of what an ideal date is. And when he does tell you what his perfect first date would be like, you can pipe in by saying something like “Oh wow, I would love to go on that kind of date!” It’s a hint for him to ask you out already!

(Send him an OOTD photo) Do you like my outfit? Avoid sending anything to risqué as he might think you’re outright trying to seduce him. Instead, send him a cute photo of you in one of the outfits that make you feel super confident. Not only does it give him a glimpse of you in an outfit that you know is flattering, but it will also give him a chance to send a compliment your way. And when he does comment on your outfit, ask him to send over his OOTD so you can send him a compliment back.

What is it about you that I can’t get enough of? This one is pretty forward and it might catch him off-guard. However, it does get the point across that you’re really into him. If he responds favorably, you can continue on with flirty questions that are a little more forward. However, if his reaction is a little awkward, it might be time to tone things down a little bit and be more on the friendly side instead of the flirty side.

What is the worst date you’ve ever been on? If there’s one single folks have in common, it’s at least one bad date. It’s often a really funny story that people are quite willing to share because of how it gets a reaction out of people. So if you want to appeal to his funny side, ask him to tell you a story about his worst date and you can laugh about it. Guys love a girl with a sense of humor!

What is the best way to have your first kiss with a girl? Again, you’re giving him a mental image of your potential first kiss together. It will make him think of the perfect scenario to carry out that special first kiss. And if he does share it with you, it’s a sign that you both should do what you can to make sure that fantasy becomes a reality.

What is the sexiest thing a girl can wear to turn you on? If you’re not yet super close or even outright flirting yet, this question might catch him a little off guard. However, the mere fact that you asked this question is already a big, glaring sign that you want to know what turns him on. If he answers with something risqué like sexy lingerie or nothing at all, laugh about it and save that for another time when you’re a lot closer. However, if he says he likes girls who wear a certain kind of dress or blouse (items that you conveniently own), make sure that you wear those items the next time you see each other.

What would you do if you found out that someone close to you has a huge crush on you? This one is a big, glaring hint that only a complete numbskull would miss! There is no doubt that when a girl mentions her crush to a guy, she is most definitely talking about his crush on her. Now take note of how he answers. If he’s into you too, he might say that he’d be really happy about it and hope that she would make the first move or that she would agree to go out with him. On the other hand, you’ll know that he’s not too keen on the idea if he responds with a generic thumbs up or an awkward laugh.

Do you believe in love at first sight or do I need to walk by again? This one is a super cheesy pickup line that’s sure to get a laugh out of him. It’s short, it’s direct, and coming from the right person, it’s hilarious! And if he’s in a flirty mood, he might say something like “you don’t need to walk by again, I got it the first time” or “yes, walk by again so I can get another glimpse of your beauty.” That’s when you know that your crush is crushing pretty hard on you too!

It only takes a handful of these questions to get your crush to realize that you’re into him, so make sure you ask him these questions as soon as you can!


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