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50 Cute Ways to Say Goodnight


When you are in a relationship, you need simple, easy ways to show how much you care. The following short, cute ways to say goodnight are a good way for you to show your special someone just how much you care about them. These range from sweet options to playful goodnight messages. Pick a few of your favorites and start using them on your partner.

1. Never forget how much you mean to me. Good night, dearest love.

2. As the days continue to tick by, I just want you to know that you really mean the world to me. From the moment I first say you, you became my entire world. Now, it is impossible to fall asleep without thinking of you and wishing you a good night.

3. It does not matter how rich, influential or famous I become in life. I will always be your number 1 fan. You are more than just my companion in life—you are also my best friend. Good night!

4. We might only be a short distance away, but it feels like we are thousands of miles apart. Having to be away from you for the night is the hardest thing that I could ever do. I just want this night to pass quickly so that I can be back in your arms again. Sweet dreams, my love.

5. Good night, my love, and sleep peacefully. Let the angels guide you as you sleep. When you dream, tell them to bring me into your dreams so that I can create the heavens in your imagination. Good night!

6. When you believe that life is worth living, your reality will change to match your belief. Being with you has made me realize just how amazing life is. Sweet dreams, my love!

7. Did you know that you are the brightest star in my night sky? You light up my daytime life and warm the night. I love you and miss you so much. Good night!

8. Sweet dreams to the queen (king) of my heart. Wishing you sweet dreams of me—sleep well!

9. Each day, you give me another reason to love you even more. All of your amazing qualities continue to amaze me and bring beauty to my life. I just want to be the partner that you deserve in life. Good night, my love!

10. I know that I was busy all day and did not have time to see you and call you. Now, I can’t go to sleep without at least getting to tell you good night. No matter how busy the day may be, I cannot fall asleep without thoughts of you coming to my mind. Good night!

11. From the moment I open my eyes to the second I fall asleep, I just want to be holding you in my arms. Throughout the entire day, my one goal is to be with you. Sweet dreams, my dear!

12. I have a feeling that tonight will be very peaceful and happy. You know why? Because I just ended the day with a message to you. Sweet dreams!

13. When your reality is better than your dreams, falling asleep is so impossibly hard. I just hope that I have dreams about you as I sleep. Good night, my love!

14. I just wanted you to know that you are the last thought on my mind as I fall asleep and the first thought when I wake up again. Good night, gorgeous!

15. Do you know my number one reason for losing sleep? You! I just love you so much that I can’t get you off of my mind and go to sleep. Good night!

16. Do you know why I send you goodnight messages every day? It isn’t (just) because I want you to have sweet dreams. I just want you to know that you are the last thought on my mind as I fall asleep at night. I love you.

17. Each day, I end up loving you more than the day before. I have no clue how you do that—you must be magic. I just can’t wait for the sun to rise again and let me bathe again in your love. Good night, my sweet!

18. Each night, I fall asleep with a smile on my face because I now that I have found a love that lasts forever. Good night, my love!

19. You rule the kingdom of my heart, now and forever. Sweet dreams, my heart!

20. I just can’t sleep tonight. Can you? It would be wonderful if we could just sleep together.

21. I never want to sleep without you at my side. Being around you still gives me butterflies in my stomach, and I never want to be without you again. Sweet dreams, my dear!

22. It doesn’t matter whether we are near or far apart, my love for you will always be here. Sweet dreams to the love of my life!

23. You know why I don’t dream about you at night? I just cannot stop thinking about you to fall asleep! The threads of my thoughts keep going on forever and ever. Good night, my love!

24. Each time I think that my love cannot become deeper or stronger, you surprise me. I love you more and more every day. You are like the magic witch who enchanted and enthralled my heart. Good night, my dear magician!

25. If I lived to be 100, I’d want you to live to 101 so that I never have to spend a moment without you. Good night, my love!

26. “Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night ’till it be morrow.” The only pleasure in parting is knowing that I will get to see you again. Good night!

27. I was just thinking and became quite amazed. I was wanting to try new things in life and make changes, but I realized that the one thing that I can’t change is your love. I think that I’m addicted to it! Good night, my angel!

28. I do not deserve to find such love in love, so it is impossible to describe how I feel. Thank you for always giving me so much. I am truly blessed. Good night!

29. I wish that you could fall asleep at my side every night so that I could whisper “Sweet dreams” into your ears. Sweet dreams!

30. I cannot find the words to tell you how I feel about you right now. Without you at my side, it is like someone pulled away the sun and left me in darkness. I just wish that I could fall asleep in your arms again. Good night, sunshine!

31. I just wanted to wish you an amazing night and pleasant dreams. Sweet dreams, my love! May tomorrow be as bright as the sun and bring us closer together!

32. I talk to my pillow. I hug my pillow. To anyone watching, I look insane. I guess I am. I am crazy for you and just cannot wait to see you again.

33. Before I can fall asleep, I had to say good night to you. May we meet up in our dreams tonight!

34. I can’t fall asleep without thinking of you. Please tell me you love me so that I can finally go to sleep.

35. Whether I am asleep or awake, you are always on my mind. Good night, my love!

36. Rather than saying only good night, I want to be next to your side to hold you tight.

37. I never felt so alone in my entire life until I met you. Now, it is like the sunshine disappears whenever you are gone. I miss you every second that we are apart. Good night, my dear!

38. Home is whenever I am in your arms. I miss being home right now and cannot wait to see you again. Good night!

39. Thinking about you is the moment when all of my nightmares truly end and all of my sweetest dreams begin. Good night—I love you!

40. How could I possibly have a good night without you at my side?

41. Dreams with you are beautiful. I just wish I could hold you again tonight and see you in my dreams. Good night!

42. My pillow still smells of you. You might be gone, but your presence and scent still surround me. Sweet dreams, my love!

43. I hope that all of your wildest dreams come true. Sweet dreams, my heart!

44. Look at the sky and the countless stars. Every star is another infinite reason why I love you. Good night!

45. I might not be the best person in the world, but I can promise to be your best friend forever. Sweet dreams, my dear!

46. May tonight wipe away all of your fears and sadness for a bright, happy day tomorrow. Good night!

47. The day passes quickly because I am busy, but nights are so tediously slow because I am not at your side. Good night, my darling!

48. It is hard to find the words to say how I feel. All I can say is that you are a wonderful person who brought true magic into my life. I love you!

49. The only happiness in life is to love and be loved. Thankfully, I have found someone who I love very much!

50. Can I come to your place and sit at your window? I just want to see what an angel looks like while she sleeps. Sweet dreams, my angel.


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