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200+ Captions for Your Profile Pictures


You want to make your profile picture truly shine. You have figured out the perfect image, but now you are struggling to find captions for your profile pictures. Luckily, we have you covered. If you cannot think of the perfect captions for your profile pictures, this list of more than 200 options can help. You can use these captions as they are written or modify them to match the profile picture that you are using.

Caption for Facebook Profile Picture

200+ Captions for Your Profile Pictures

1. I give you my heart—don’t break it!
2. Just living, loving and eating—then, repeating!
3. Love me or hate me, but I’m still going to shine bright.
4. Happy girls are always the prettiest.
5. I got a master’s degree from the University of Selfies.
6. Always collect memories, never things.
7. Smile because it makes you more gorgeous.
8. You just have to be yourself because everyone else is taken.
9. If you can dream it and believe, then you can achieve it.
10. When you are confident in yourself, you are beautiful.
11. Recently awarded as best picture of the decade.
12. Being different is truly one of the most beautiful things on earth.
13. I am proud to say that I have become perfectly imperfect.
14. Dreams never work unless you follow through with actions.
15. Today, I plan on being the best version of myself.
16. Be happy because someone could fall for that smile.
17. You are the only creator of your destiny.
18. I don’t take selfies all the time—only every day.
19. Always stay classy.
20. You have to love your haters because they are your biggest fans.
21. History is only made by people willing to break some rules.
22. There might be a million fish in the sea, but I am the only mermaid out there.
23. Silence speaks loudest when words can’t.
24. Life is a journey and only you get to hold the key.
25. You should dress like you are already famous.
26. OMG, check out my selfie.
27. Never forget to wear your invisible crown.
28. I call it “originality.” You should really try it sometime.
29. Personality begins when comparisons stop.
30. If opportunity doesn’t start knocking, you have to build a door.

Caption for Profile Picture What You Need Most
31. I am just going to be myself. If you can’t handle that, whatever.
32. Just keep calm and change your profile picture.
33. Inner beauty should be the first goal in improving yourself.
34. Not everyone likes me. Then again, not everyone matters.
35. I might not be perfect, but I’m (Age) and completely awesome.
36. Stop looking for happiness in the same places where you lost it.
37. Love is remembering to care for each other when you are still angry.
38. Class and elegance are the only beauty that never fade.
39. “Be strong” is a phrase that is so easy to say, but so hard to do when the world breaks you.
40. The only thing that you will regret in life is all of the risks that you were too afraid to take.
41. You should always be yourself because an original is more valuable than a copy.
42. Life is made of small moments just like this.
43. Confidence level: Selfies With No Filters.
44. Life might not be perfect, but your outfit can be.
45. When your heart is truly happy, your mind is set free.
46. Look in the mirror. What you see is your only competition.
47. I don’t like to follow people. I enjoy being followed.
48. Style is just a reflection of your personality and your attitude.
49. Never settle for “the sky’s the limit” because there are footprints on the moon.
50. A smile is the only style that is always in fashion.
51. The secret of getting ahead in life is in getting started.
52. You should always be yourself because there is no one better.
53. Different does not mean wrong.
54. Never let anyone dull your inner sparkle.
55. Think positive thoughts to live a positive life.
56. Life the life that you have imagined.
57. If you can dream something is possible, you can do it.
58. If the sky is the limit, start there.
59. Make life more fun because tomorrow is never guaranteed.
60. You love me!?!?! Cool—guess what? I love me, too.

short caption for profile picture
61. Yes, I might be a girl, but pink is decidedly not my favorite color.
62. If you plan on being two-faced, you had better make one of them pretty.
63. Whenever you get tired, learn how to rest and not how to quit.
64. Always hold your head up high.
65. Follow the direction of your hopes and not your fears.
66. I love my job . . . only when I go on vacation.
67. Great things only happen outside of your comfort zone.
68. After a long wait, I am now presenting my new profile picture . . .
69. I didn’t change. I just finally found myself.
70. Your life is a message out to the world. Make sure that it’s an inspiring one.
71. Never underestimate the simple power of a charming smile.
72. I want to be your favorite hello, but your hardest goodbye.
73. I will be alright some day, but not today.
74. My smile is because you are my sister. My laughter is because you can’t do anything about that.
75. Life is always better when you are smiling.
76. Surround yourself with pretty things and makeup; not negativity.
77. If you have eyes, it’s time to look at me now.
78. Hey! Don’t copy my style of selfies.
79. Love is just the beauty of the soul at work.
80. I am not the sum of all that has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.
81. Be unique because you were born to be different.
82. Be proud of who you are and never ashamed of how someone else views you.
83. I don’t want to have a picture-perfect life. I just want a happy life.
84. Feeling lonely? The sun is alone too, but it still shines out.
85. It is so cool being me.
86. The greatest beauty of all is in being yourself.
87. Seek respect and not attention. Respect lasts much longer.
88. The best thing about me is you.
89. Here’s proof that I can take selfies better than you.
90. Oh, me? I’m just a direct descendant of awesomeness.

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91. Life is so much better when you’re laughing.
92. It is not my attitude. It’s called style.
93. I’m sending my selfie to NASA because I’m a star.
94. If you like me, raise up your hand. If you don’t, try raising your standards.
95. Just hanging out with my best friends.
96. Life is too short to waste in finding answers. Just enjoy the questions!
97. Life life fully. Laugh loudly. Love forever.
98. The only purpose of our lives is to be happy.
99. Become a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.
100. I take a great deal of pride in just being myself. I’m happy with who I am.
101. No one is perfect, which is why every pencil has an eraser.
102. The only reason people try to bring you down is because you are so much above them.
103. Before you judge me, you had better make sure that you’re perfect first.
104. Have more than you ever show, and speak less than you actually know.
105. All you have to do is bloom wherever you are planted.
106. Never love someone who treats you like you’re just ordinary.
107. You were born as an original, so don’t die a copy.
108. Become someone’s ray of sunshine today.
109. The best way to keep your heart from being broken is to act like you don’t have one.
110. I only smile because I don’t know what’s going on.
111. Make peace with all of your broken pieces.
112. We are always better together.
113. I’m not lazy. I just turned on my energy saving mode.
114. Laziness is the mother of all habits. Since she’s the mother, we must all respect her.
115. You should always smile because it is the second best thing that you can do with your lips.
116. A smile is the only curve that can set everything straight.
117. Don’t try studying off of me because you won’t graduate.
118. Does this selfie make me seem fat?
119. Here’s to when you take a selfie so good, it doesn’t seem like you.
120. Surround yourself only with people who make you happy.

Captions and Photo quotes
121. Don’t bother judging me. You can know my name, but not my story.
122. No beauty is brighter than having a good heart.
123. Gravity is not responsible for falling in love.
124. You might hurt me, but I still love who I am.
125. I only wish you had said from the start that you were going to break my heart.
126. The only real way to predict the future is to create it.
127. You never have to feel ashamed about being different. Be proud that God made you an original.
128. You can hate me, but it won’t make you pretty.
129. Wait! But first! Let me take a selfie . . .
130. You know God has a sense of humor—just look at me.
131. You couldn’t deal with me if I cam with instructions.
132. Life is not a bunch of milestones in a goal, but moments made.
133. Break the rules and be different! Always follow your heart and not your head.
134. Not all girls come with sugar and spice and everything nice. Some things are made of wit, sarcasm, wine and everything fine.
135. I don’t actually take selfies all the time. Just once in a while and every day.
136. Stop wishing for your dreams and start working for them.
137. Take me as I am or be prepared to watch me go.
138. My choice is to make the rest of my life, the best of it.
139. When nothing seems to be going right, just go left instead.
140. Life for all of those moments that you can’t put into words.
141. Start caring less and smiling more.
142. Even if my path is different than yours, it does not mean that I’m lost.
143. I might not be beautiful like you. I can only be beautiful like me.
144. There is always a wild side behind every innocent face.
145. A happy woman is a truly beautiful woman.
146. If you can remain positive during a negative situation, then you win.
147. Every girl gets to be beautiful in her own unique way.
148. I am far more than what you see.
149. Don’t be afraid of being just a beginner because everyone has to start somewhere.
150. Fly high and reach for the sky. Never, ever give up!
151. Wherever hope is ale to grow, miracles will soon blossom.
152. No man can be a failure when he is enjoying life.
153. You hate me? That’s cool ’cause I hate me, too.
154. I am not afraid of the storms because they help me learn how to sail my ship.
155. It took me a long time to stop judging myself through someone else’s eyes.
156. I love anything that will make you smile.
157. I might have been quiet, but I wasn’t blind.
158. Technology will never impress me until it lets me download food.
159. I might be a bad girl, but I am a damn good woman.
160. Stay true to yourself and you will always end up happy.

Attractive Captions for Your Profile Pictures
161. Peace begins with just a smile.
162. If you treat me like a queen, then I’ll treat you like a king.
163. Start and end each day with a smile. 🙂
164. Just living my life in my own style.
165. Each person you meet always has something to teach you.
166. Life is not about waiting for each storm to pass. It’s all about learning to dance in the rain.
167. When life keeps getting blurry, you have to learn to adjust your focus.
168. Keep smiling because life is beautiful!
169. You have to deal with your problems before they start dealing with your happiness.
170. If you don’t have a smile to wear, I can loan you one of mine.
171. I choose to be happy, always.
172. Life is either a great adventure or nothing exciting.
173. Silence is a good answer for every question. Smiling is the best reaction for any situation.
174. Just out of the shower+ No Makeup= Win.
175. I am just a girl still looking for my heart.
176. Just be original and be you.
177. There is no competition because no one can ever be me.
178. Sometimes, you just have to listen to your brain if you want to save your heart.
179. A friend understands who you are, where you’ve been and what you have become while still allowing you to grow.
180. As soon as I met you, I knew that an adventure was bound to happen.
181. I just feel so alone without you.
182. Don’t look for miracles because you are already a miracle.
183. If your Facebook friend request has a profile pic of a car, I will assume that you’re a transformer.
184. Be silent and let your successes speak for you.
185. Stay close to whatever makes you feel alive.
186. Something magical happens when you fall in love and stop even caring about what day it is.
187. First, you came into my life. Then, you became it.
188. Grow old with me, and you’ll find that the best is yet to come.
189. Be your own kind of beautiful.
190. Keep smiling because life is amazing and there’s always so many things to smile about.
191. Live now and make the most of your precious time. Right now will never come again.
192. I just woke up like this. 🙂
193. Why fit in when you were born in the world to stand out?
194. You have two hands so that one can help yourself and the other can help out others.
195. The best selfies are always the ones that aren’t.
196. I love the sense of confidence that makeup gives me.
197. Turn your face to the sun—it makes the shadows fall behind you.
198. Many may have an image of me, but few people really get the picture.
199. I am nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I am perfect.
200. Beauty only begins in the moment that you decide to be yourself.
201. To become inspired is great. To inspire is truly incredible.
202. They said that I couldn’t, so that is why I did. 🙂
203. Always count the rainbows of life and not the thunderstorms.
204. You have every right to live a beautiful life.
205. Beautiful things don’t have to ask for attention.
206. One selfie a day keeps all of your friends away.
207. A smile is the shortest distance you can travel between two people.
208. The only remedy to falling in love is to love even more.
209. Morning time is always selfie time.
210. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to happen. Just take every moment and then make it perfect.
211. Whatever you choose to do in life, make sure that it’s something that makes you happy.
212. Smiling is always easier than explaining why you feel so sad.
213. Warning: You might just fall in love with my face.
214. A smile is the prettiest thing you can ever wear.
215. To truly enjoy the rainbow, you first have to learn to love the rain.
216. A true friend will always make you smile, even when you don’t want to.
217. Beauty can never be found in the face because it is the candle that lights the heart.
218. Capture the moment in a picture, and it lives on forever.
219. Fear might be able to keep you prisoner, but hope can set you free.
220. I might not be perfect, but at least I’m a limited edition.



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