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200 Best Wishes for Future


Building a better future starts today. Whether you have a friend graduating from high school or just want to send along a hopeful messages, these best wishes for future can help. They are designed to help inspire people to live life to the fullest and are short enough to send in a text message. You can also use these best wishes for future in a card or note if you are giving your loved one a gift as well.

1. The sweetest things we can find in life are happiness and love. Now that you have found that, the path ahead is clear. Good luck!

2. May God help you achieve all of your endeavors and allow you to meet with success in every venture.

3. Always remember to follow your dreams and never say never. Even the impossible can be made possible through a bit of luck and a lot of hard work.

4. Good luck as you start the next chapter in your life! May you have as much happiness in the future as you have today!

5. Here’s the best wishes, lots of laughter and sunshine to brighten your day today.

6. I find my heart singing a joyful chorus as I think about your happy news. Best of luck to you as you celebrate this joyous time!

7. May you do your best in everything and emerge with flying colors. All the best, my friend!

8. As you begin the latest journey in your life, may every day be filled with amazing, new experiences.

9. The best way to try predicting your future in life is to actively create it.

10. Yesterday was just the past, and today is the present. Tomorrow is your future. May all of your tomorrows be the brightest, happiest part of your life. Best wishes for your future!

11. May you find success in everything that you do—you deserve it. Here’s to wishing you the best of luck!

12. Here is to wishing you success and happiness in everything you do. Good luck!

13. It isn’t possible to change the past, so the best that you can do is work towards making a greater future.

14. May God shower you in good fortune and abundance. Best of luck!

15. Do whatever you can with whatever you have—no one can expect more than that.

16. I just hopped in a time machine and took a trip to look at your future. Everything is looking bright! Best wishes for your future!

17. Every sunset is a reminder that we have one less day to live. A new sunrise means we have hope for another day. Whenever you see the sun rise, hope for the best!

18. Luck is for lazy people. Success is only found by people who work hard.

19. Always keep your head up with a smile on your face. Start by giving the world happiness and good wishes, and the world will return the favor!

20. Dream Big, Shine Bright and Sparkle Always!

21. May you always follow along the amazing road to success. May you achieve greatness in all that you do and reach for your dreams. Here’s to wishing you all the best in life!

22. The future is looking beautiful and bright for you! Love it, want it and work for it!

23. The next chapter will never start until you are ready to turn the page.

24. I wish for nothing but the best for you!

25. Grand dreams and aspirations will be achieved wherever you go because you deserve it! Here’s to wishing you a bright future!

26. May you fly high in life and find success in everything that you do!

27. Good luck as you move onward to the next stage in your life. I have no doubt that you will find success in everything that you do!

28. To be a success, all you have to do is try a little harder and become a little better. Here’s to wishing you success in all that you do!

29. Your future depends entirely on the choices you make in the present. Make them good ones!

30. Life is always full of unexpected adventures. As you move forward to new challenges, adventures and experiences, we wish you the best of luck for your future.

31. I wish you peace, love and happiness in all that you do as you continue your journey through life.

32. Here’s to wishing for a happy life in front of you so that you never have to worry about anything that comes your way!

33. My heart was full of joy when I heard your amazing news. Best of luck to you, my dear friend!

34. Please accept our best wishes as you start the latest chapter in your life.

35. Here’s to wishing you a bright future filled with happiness and big smiles. Congratulations!

36. Success only comes to people who believe in themselves and are willing to work for it. Good luck!

37. Accept my best wishes as you overcome every mountain that life throws your way!

38. Don’t be afraid of anything as you move forward in life because your future is looking bright!

39. May the path to all of your goals and destinations be an easy one. Here’s to wishing you all of the best for your future endeavors.

40. Be strong as you strive toward your successes in life. The difficulties you face along the way are nothing in comparison to the joy of achieving your dreams.

41. I wish you all the success, joy and happiness that life has to offer. You deserve it!

42. It is always fun to make the impossible, possible. Best wishes for your future!

43. Best of luck and all of the best wishes for your future. May God bless you in everything that you want to do.

44. Fly on the plane of your dreams and land in the airport of success. The wishes are mine, the good fortune is yours. May your future shine as brightly as you do. Good luck!

45. Do not start by doing what is necessary. Start by finishing the possible. Before long, you are finishing the impossible. Never wait until the conditions are ideal to begin because you can make the conditions perfect.

46. Never doubt your talent and abilities for a single second. I wish you all of the best luck for the future.

47. If you can dream something, then you can do it. Best wishes for your future!

48. Just remember: whenever you think that everything has failed, you still have the future to dream about.

49. You have proven yourself to be an exceptionally intelligent, talented individual. You have the capacity to do amazing things in your life. Keep making us proud as we watch you face down new adventures and experiences!

50. Inhale the future and exhale your past.

51. Wherever you are, be willing to start small because you can always work your way up. Best of luck for your future!

52. Moving on to the next stage in life can be quite a challenge at times, but we know you can do it. We wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors, small and large.

53. The key to becoming happy is to have dreams for the future. The key to being successful is actually making those dreams come true. Congratulations on successfully living out your dreams in life!

54. Here’s to wishing you the very best in all of your new ventures. Take the bull by the horns and enjoy everything that life has in store for your future!

55. Life is whatever you make of it. Because of your great attitude, I know that your future will be filled with good luck. Here’s to wishing you the best in all of your future projects!

56. Here’s to the hope that all of your burdens start to feel a little brighter and all of your days feel a whole lot brighter. Good luck!

57. Keep all of your dearest wishes close to your heart and then work to make them a reality.

58. Always change your direction when the world is standing against you. No matter what happens, never lose faith in yourself. Face each problem with optimism and a smile on your face. Best of luck for your future and may all of your life be filled with happiness.

59. We just wanted to say how much we miss you! We love watching all of the things you have accomplished. All the best to you!

60. Wishing you a lot of good luck. Never worry about giving things your best shot. You can only do your best and leave the rest to fate.

61. You have worked so hard, and you finally get to reap the success of your hard work. We are so proud of you. Good luck!

62. Life is just a long journey. Sometimes, you have to forget the journey that you have already traveled along and focus on the roads you have yet to travel. Focus on your future and start living your dreams!

63. Never look back because a bright future awaits you!

64. Never worry about where the road ahead leads. Skip the road, make your own path and leave a trail for others to follow.

65. May you get all of your desires in life and meet with success at every step! I wish you the best of luck!

66. Here is to wishing you the best of luck in everything that you set your mind to!

67. May happiness always surround you wherever you go and fill your home with laughter. Best wishes for your future!

68. If life is a game, I hope that you are always a winner. All the best!

69. Sending you thoughtful wishes for your future endeavors. Good luck to you today and for always!

70. May you get everything that you want out of life! Best of luck to my dearest friend!

71. Winning might not be everything, but wanting to win is. It is your desire for success that urges you forward to better things. Best of luck!

72. Sending you best wishes so that you know just how much we love you! Good luck!

73. May your feet always take you wherever your heart wishes to go.

74. I am thrilled to know that luck has finally found you. Warmest wishes my friend.

75. Hurdles and challenges are just another part of life. Make each challenge just a part of your past and always think about what tomorrow brings. You can’t change the past, but you can always move toward the future!

76. Best wishes as you continue on to another stage in your life. We have do doubts that you will continue to be a success and to make us proud!

77. Go confidently toward your reams as you work to achieve the life that you have imagined.

78. The secret to living out the life of your dreams is to begin living the life of your dreams right way in every tiny way that you can.

79. Good luck in everything that comes your way in the future—I hope that everything works out for you.

80. You know that you are the best, so just leave aside all of the rest. Go out there and make us proud. Wishing you all the best!

81. Hope all of your plans end up turning out just right. Best of luck!

82. The good luck that you have made is such an inspiration in so many ways. May all of your hard work continue bringing you good luck for all of your life!

83. May the path you walk be bright as success follows you through your life.

84. You hold the key that unlocks your future. The decisions and actions you make today determine the shape of your future.

85. Life is just an open book with countless blank pages. You have to write the story as you go.

86. You are just unbelievably amazing. I hope that the future holds only good things for you!

87. Best wishes to you as you travel from one stage of life to another. While making changes can be hard, the results that you achieve will make everything worthwhile!

88. Remember to always hold your head high and keep a smile upon your face. Here’s to wishing you all of the happiness in the world!

89. May all your dreams come true! (Yes, ALL of them!)

90. Changing the face changes nothing, but facing the change can change everything. Best of luck, my friend!

91. May your greatest hopes and dreams always come true!

92. There will never be success without hardship, so don’t get down if you aren’t successful right away. We know you can do it!

93. May good fortune follow you wherever you go and whatever you do. May you achieve success as you walk through!

94. I am so overjoyed that your next stage in life is filled with such good luck. May it always remain that way!

95. A champion is only afraid of losing, while everyone else is afraid of winning.

96. You can never begin the next chapter in your life if you keep rereading the last one.

97. I was so happy to hear about your promotion! May your life always be filled with such great luck!

98. Life should not be spent finding yourself—it is all about creating yourself.

99. Never have doubts because I believe in you! Best wishes for your future!

100. Life is a game, so play it. When life is a challenge, meet it face on. Life has opportunities, so capture them.

101. The future is only as bright as you make it be.

102. Have firm faith in all of your talents. We wish you the est of luck for your future responsibilities!

103. Nothing we can do will ever change the past. All we can hope is that we can change the future.

104. The best time to make a new beginning is right now. Good luck!

105. Happiness is always a part of life when you have the right perspective. May God bring you prosperity, good fortune and wealth all the days of your life.

106. Shine like the brightest star in the universe. Here’s to wishing all the best for your future!

107. You are such a talented person—I know that you will go far in life!

108. In this latest journey of yours, may you get all of the success you seek!

109. Sending you good luck vibes and positive thoughts! Best wishes for your future!

110. Here’s to wishing your new profession brings you satisfaction and self-pride. Good luck!

111. Never tell people your dreams—show them! Good luck!

112. May you always get what you want out of life and be in the right place to capitalize on your dreams. I wish you the best of luck in the future and a wonderful, happy life.

113. With all of the effort you put into things, you are sure to win! Keep your spirits up!

114. Here’s to hoping you enjoy all of the changes in your new life!

115. From all of us to you, here’s to hoping your wildest dreams come true!

116. All you can do is your best—let fate take care of the rest!

117. Wishing you the very best because you deserve nothing less!

118. Always set your goals high and never stop until you reach them!

119. Here’s to hoping all of your dreams come true and that every tomorrow be happy for you!

120. Wish upon a star and may your wildest dreams come true!

121. Here’s to wishing you a future full of love and peace!

122. You are the greatest author of your future.

123. Here’s to wishing you all of the best for the bright future you have ahead of you.

124. Whenever you are down, hold your head up and smile because we’re all rooting for you!

125. You are the one person who can create your happiness and success in life. As long as you can keep a joyful perspective, you can face off against any difficulties.

126. No matter what joy or sadness life brings, I wish you all the best. With your talent and hard work, I know that you can take on any challenge.

127. I would wish you the best of luck, but I doubt that you’ll need it. You will definitely be a success!

128. It looks your future’s getting brighter, but that is probably just because you are in it!

129. Close your eyes and make a wish. May all of your wishes come true!

130. When you cannot see the bright side to life, try polishing up the dull side!

131. To accomplish truly great things in life, you cannot just act, but dream. You cannot just plan, but also believe.

132. I just wanted to send you a short note wishing you all the best in life!

133. I can only hope that we will meet again in life. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors!

134. May God shine all of his blessings down upon you today.

135. The luck is yours, but the best wishes are mine. May you get every success and let your future shine.

136. Because you have had a dark past does not mean that you cannot have a brighter future.

137. My heart overflows with joy now that I know what good fortune and joy has fallen down upon your doorstep.

138. Sending you best wishes and hoping you know just how much I love you.

139. The secret to having a rich, fulfilled life is to always have more beginnings than endings.

140. If you keep working this hard in the future, then nothing can ever stop you! All the best!

141. Never be afraid of moving on and starting a new chapter. Best wishes for your future!

142. All of life is an experiment. The more experiments you go through, the better your life will be.

143. Be brave enough to let go of the past and fight for the present that you deserve to have. If you do these two things, a better future will always be yours.

144. If all you can manage to do is crawl, then it is time to start crawling.

145. Never stress, just do your best. Forget about all the rest!

146. Best wishes for your education—your degree will bring you the success that you so richly deserve!

147. The future belongs to those people who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

148. Here’s to the best wishes for you! May you have a lifetime full of love, joy and happiness!

149. Even when things are bad, always remember to take time to smile. If you can keep a positive perspective, you can still make it to the top!

150. As you start a new life together, I just wanted to wish you a happy future!

151. Wishing you so much joy and happiness that your heart overflows as you start this new chapter in life!

152. May your future be as bright as the rising sun, and may you achieve all of the happiness you want out of life. Wishing you all the best!

153. Here’s to wishing you a bright, prosperous future!

154. Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

155. Don’t wait when you can start making amazing memories today. It’s time to start celebrating your life!

156. Here’s to wishing you a coming year that is as amazing as you are!

157. Good luck—I hope that everything turns out great for you!

158. Take the first step with just faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase of your dreams to take that first step.

159. I am predicting an awesome future for you!

160. We wish you all the best for your future—may all that you do make you happy!

161. You will never be able to truly win unless you begin.

162. As long as you stay confident and optimistic, you can have a truly bright future!

163. A brand new beginning and a fresh start—you have a change at a new life, so take advantage of it!

164. Remember: Only you can truly control your future!

165. Never be afraid to start over. It is just a fresh opportunity to build the life you have dreamed of.

166. May fortune smile upon you!

167. A good season starts with a good beginning.

168. Life is just a large canvas, so throw all of the paint at it you can.

169. We were happy to hear your amazing news. Good luck!

170. Smile knowing that fortune has finally found you!

171. New beginnings and fresh opportunities—congrats!

172. No one is more amazing than you are. You truly deserve to find success in life!

173. Stay positive, work your hardest and make it happen. Best wishes for your future!

174. May you follow your dreams and achieve them quickly!

175. Please accept our best wishes—you are truly an exceptional person!

176. Follow your dreams and believe in yourself if you want to find success.

177. If you believe you can, then you are already halfway there.

178. Learn from your last projects and excel in all of your future endeavors!

179. Never let your past limit your future!

180. You deserve the best, so never give up on your dreams! We know that you can do it!

181. An amazing person like you deserves success. Best of luck!

182. They say that life can only be understood backwards, but you are only able to live it forwards.

183. Wake up, smell the coffee and smile because your future starts right now.

184. Wake up and start making your dreams come true.

185. I wish you all of the best of luck in your future. May great success greet you at every step you take.

186. May you be showered with luck, love and blessings everywhere you go!

187. I just hope we will stay in touch—a friend like you is hard to find! Best of luck in all of your future endeavors!

188. True success only comes when you are ready for it. If you put in the work now, you will be ready for success later!

189. If I have yet to say good-bye, it’s only because I don’t want you to go. Best of luck and don’t forget about me!

190. Cherish your yesterdays, live fully today and dream about your tomorrows!

191. Always remember: the best is yet to come!

192. Sending you happy thoughts and good vibes as you take the next step in life!

193. May you find as much joy in life as you have brought to my life! Best of wishes for your future!

194. I just heard the good news and wanted to wish you the best of luck!

195. The future belongs to all of the people who are ready to prepare for it today.

196. I am certain you will be blessed no matter what you do—you are too talented not to be!

197. Never doubt yourself because you have all of us here to support you!

198. Prepare today and your tomorrows will always be a success!

199. Stop planning and start living. Best of luck, my friend!

200. Best wishes for future plans, new ideas and fresh beginnings!


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