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100 Beautiful Last Names for Girls


You might not be able to pick your surname, but you can always change your last name legally as an adult. Some people also want to find beautiful last names for girls because they are writing a story and need to name their character. Whether you want a name for your video game character or for a girl in your novel, these beautiful last names for girls will help you brainstorm the perfect option.

1. Gryffon: This name comes from the mythological creature, the griffin, which makes it a truly magical last name.

2. Aquila: There was once a famous saint with this name, but it is also a beautiful last name for girls.

3. Winter: Seasons tend to be great last names.

4. Paris: You can name yourself after the city of Paris or the mythological character in the Odyssey.

5. Gamble: This is a great last name for a person or character who loves to take risks.

6. Crassus: This name is steeped in Roman history and was even used by a character in a Shakespeare play.

7. Blackwood: This is a spooky-sounding name!

8. Amherst: This just sounds fancy and elegant!

9. Granger: One of the most famous witches ever had this last name.

10. Pendleton: I absolutely love this beautiful last name.

11. Wolf: You could also use the word “Wolf” from other languages like “Lobos.”

12. Abernathy: This last name would work well for a man or a woman.

13. Savage: People will definitely watch out for someone who has a last name like this!

14. Underwood: This last name sounds extremely magical.

15. Bellemore: The word “belle” actually means beautiful, which makes this an appropriate choice.

16. Dillinger: This last name comes from the famous bank robber, John Dillinger.

17. Havanna: This Cuban city has a spicy, Latin ring to it.

18. Ingrid: This was once the first name of a Hollywood starlet.

19. Mayfair: This is one of the most beautiful last names for girls.

20. Salem: This name comes from the famed Salem witch trials.

21. Valerkie: For an avenging heroine, this name is sure to work well.

22. Wildflower: This would be an unusual last name choice.

23. Valencia: This beautiful name comes from a location in Spain.

24. Luna: In Spanish, this name means “moon.”

25. Bellamy: This is one of my favorite beautiful last names for girls.

26. Slade: This name sounds cutting-edge and dangerous.

27. Knight: You can’t go wrong with a last name like this one.

28. Gunn: This is perfect for a beautiful, dangerous woman.

29. Dalton: Classy!

30. Colt: For a wild, beautiful person.

31. Carmichael: This sounds like a family with old money.

32. Amor: In Spanish, this last name means “love.”

33. Boulder: This last name just sounds cool.

34. Davenport: This is another last name that makes you sound like you are a part of the upper crust of society.

35. Barringer: This sounds so pretty.

36. Aldaine: Unusual!

37. Danger: Because Danger is literally your name.

38. Halifax: This is an awesome British surname.

39. Lily: Pretty!

40. Kennicot: This unusual last name is a great choice.

41. Poe: This name comes from the noted writer and poet, Edgar Allen Poe.

42. Mayhem: Perfect for someone who is always getting into trouble.

43. Merry: Cute!

44. Hilton: This sounds like a regal last name.

45. Phoenix: For someone who can never be kept down for long.

46. Fawn: This last name will make you seem innocent and sweet.

47. Iris: Beautiful!

48. River: Nature-related names are always a pretty choice.

49. Holly: This reminds me of Holly GoLightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

50. Love: You can’t go wrong with this name.

51. Raven: Stunning!

52. Pearle: For someone who is as precious as a pearl.

53. Lorne: This is one of the best beautiful last names for girls.

54. Kingsley: Excellent.

55. Haven: A haven is a place of refuge or peace.

56. Elise: This is so simple and beautiful.

57. Ember: Even a dying ember leaves a lasting glow.

58. Everly: This is a beautiful, majestic surname.

59. Blair: Awesome.

60. Faye: This is an absolutely gorgeous last name.

61. Jules: Keep it simple with this name.

62. Mercier: Romantic!

63. Quinn: This is a simple first or last name.

64. Asher: This is a mystical-sounding name.

65. Chanelle: Pretty!

66. Giselle: This was the first name of a supermodel.

67. Jupiter: The planets can make for excellent last names.

68. Korin: Cute!

69. Riversong: This has an ethereal quality to it and comes from a Doctor Who character.

70. Star: Beautiful!

71. Victoria: This name comes from the legendary Queen Victoria.

72. Wynter: This alternative spelling of winter sounds beautiful.

73. Leighton: Perfect!

74. Kade: This is such a strong, pretty name.

75. Jasper: This is a beautiful last name for girls.

76. Mercury: This is another planet that would be an amazing last name.

77. Ivory: Pretty!

78. Desmond: This is such an exotic, beautiful last name.

79. Chante: This is an enchanted-sounding name.

80. Angeles: Definitely an angelic-sounding name!

81. Caldwell:This sounds like a name you would hear in an English boarding school.

82. Noble: This is definitely a regal-sounding option!

83. Annesley: This sounds feminine and soft.

84. Waldgrave: This is an old-fashioned surname.

85. Rose: Flower names are always pretty names to go with.

86. Creed: This is a sophisticated option to go with.

87. Bancroft: This is an excellent last name to choose.

88. Archer: This reminds me of the mythological huntress, Artemis.

89. Tremaine: This is such an elegant, sophisticated surname.

90. Autumn: The seasons are always a good option to go with.

91. Havoc: This is perfect for someone who leaves havoc in their wake.

92. Pevensie: This beautiful last name comes from the Chronicles of Narnia series.

93. Violet: This is another flower name that would also be an excellent last name as well.

94. Esperanza: In Spanish, this means hope.

95. Crescent: This name reminds me of the moon.

96. Badin: This is a dark-sounding surname.

97. Saran: This sounds pretty and exotic.

98. Castle: Who wouldn’t want this as a last name?

99. Ellanson: This is an elegant, pretty surname to choose.

100. Kenna: This would definitely be a beautiful last name for girls.


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